Habits That Are Bad For Your Skin

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    All of us have a deep desire of flaunting and maintaining a smooth and glowing skin and we go to great lengths in order to achieve this desire. From practicing an ideal skin care routine to consulting with a dermatologist to understand your skin tone and texture to opting for skin care treatments, there is a lot that we do to keep our skin healthy and glowing.
    But did you know that adopting a good skin care routine and regular check-ups with your dermatologist is not sufficient to maintain your skin? It is not only the dust, pollution, harmful UV rays, etc., that spoil our skin; rather there are a number of day-to-day habits which are bad for our skin. Whether you follow these habits intentionally or unintentionally, the bottom line is that they have a negative impact on the skin.
    So what are these habits? Below are some of the habits which spoil the health of your skin.
    • Not washing your face – We all feel dead tired at the end of the day and all we want to do is hit the bed without even bothering to wash our face. You may not notice any visible dirt or grime on your face, but it is very important to wash your face before you sleep. If not, all the oil and dirt will build up and start clogging the pores. You should use a gentle cleanser or a facial wipe to remove all the dirt and grime.
    • Skipping the sunscreen – We have all been enlightened time and again on the importance of applying a sunscreen. However, we still tend to skip on this most-important part of our skin care, allowing the harmful UV rays of the sun to cause havoc on our skin. You should cultivate the habit of always carrying a good sunscreen with you.
    • Smoking – You might indulge in smoking without realizing its harmful effects on your skin. The nicotine present in cigarettes affect the flow of blood to your skin because of which there is a lack of sufficient nutrients and oxygen.
    • Picking and popping pimples – Pimples, acne, zits, etc., are a common occurrence and not easy to deal with. In our urge to immediately getting rid of them, we often end up popping or picking them, without realizing that this would actually harm our skin by scarring and worsen the condition.
    • Diet – Your sugar indulgence will definitely show up on your skin as you age. Excluding fruits and vegetables from your daily diet will not only affect your overall health but will also deteriorate the health and condition of your skin.
    • Chemicals – Our skin is exposed to various chemicals during the course of a day which are in reality harmful for the skin. For example, all the chlorine in the swimming pool, chemicals in various skin products, hairsprays, etc.
    • Leaving makeup on – We love to pamper our skin and enhance our looks with the help of cosmetics. But most of the time we do not take proper care in removing all that makeup and there are some people who even hit their beds without removing the makeup completely. When the makeup is left on your skin overnight, it traps all the bacteria and clogs up the pores resulting in various skin problems.
    • Hot Showers – A hot shower is definitely one of the best ways to relax after a stressful day. However, it might relieve you from all the stress but will harm your skin in the process. This is one of the main reasons why taking long hot showers is not advised.

    These are just few of the habits that are bad for your skin. A healthy, glowing and youthful skin cannot be achieved only with the help of skin care products. You need to pay attention to your daily habits and get rid of those which impact your skin negatively. Kicking these habits will not only improve your skin but also your overall health.


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    Kushneet Kukreja

    Kushneet Kukreja

    A postgraduate in Biotechnology from Kingston University and an ISSA Certified Specialist in Fitness & Nutrition, Kushneet Kukreja is a passionate writer who works in close association with the dermatologists at our head office to generate valuable and scientifically accurate content for our blog.

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