Laser Hair Removal At Home Vs Laser Clinics – Which Is Better?

hair removal home vs laser hair removal

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    Visiting a laser clinic might not be a good idea to many. They prefer to buy home-based laser machines. These machines are available over the counter without any prescription. While these home-based lasers are advertised to be a perfect replacement to laser hair removal done at the dermatologist, the safety and efficacy of the equipment is always questionable. This post will help you seek answers to some of the valid questions about laser hair removal at home.

    Do Home Laser Hair Removal Systems Work?

    Generally, a home-based laser machine gives moderate hair removal. It may still be more effective compared to other hair removal products, but you will never get precise hair removal like a medical grade machine. For safety purpose, it’s advisable to use these machines only in non-sensitive areas, like lower parts of face, hands, neck and legs etc. Laser machines should not be used on sensitive parts of the body like gentials, bikini areas or area near eyes. One should carefully buy a home laser removal machine by considering factors, such as the type of hair, colour of hair, an area to be targeted.

    The Mechanism Of At-Home Laser Machine

    Laser hair removal is technically permanent, but as you all know that hair growth for each hair happens in a different cycle, which is why one would need to do multiple treatments to get rid of unwanted and unsightly hair. Simply put, you can’t get rid of them all at once! The laser removal machines are designed to break the cycle of hair growth. The heat energy from the laser disables the root of the hair until it falls out.

    Before the procedure –
    1. Cleanse your skin
    2. Shave it

    During the procedure –
    1. Point the device wherever you would like to banish hair
    2. Allow the laser to target your hair follicle
    3. Track the number of pulses with the pulse counter (if available with your device)

    After the procedure –
    1. Keep a close watch on your skin that you have treated
    2. Be aware that the hair won’t immediately fall out after the first treatment; it will be a gradual process.

    Important Considerations About The Device 

    Talking about home laser machines, they are generally smaller and portable as compared to ones that professionals use. Laser equipment used at home can be classified according to the below factors:

    1. Technology On Which They Operate: Researchers confirm that diode lasers are considered as the gold standard preference for hair removal due to the deep penetration and effective targeting of the hair follicle. There is an array of diode lasers available in the market, which can differ in terms of their parameters, such as fluence, pulse duration, repetition rate, scanner and cooling.
    2. Power Of Hair-Eliminating Light Energy: Higher the power, better are the results.
    3. Design And Run Time: This includes factors like whether the machine offers replacement cartridges, corded or wireless, warranty, weight etc.
    4. FDA Approval – FDA has approved some home-based laser machines suitable for hair removal. However, these don’t pass through stringent protocols of safety and efficacy. So due caution should be exercised before buying any such system.

    How To Choose The Best Laser Hair Removal Device?

    Before you opt to buy a DIY home laser hair removal equipment, you need to keep in mind a few important points listed below –

    1. Is it good for your skin tone?
      One should always pick a laser removal machine that works on their skin tone as most of the laser machines provide optimal results on lighter skin tones. Unfortunately, the choice list is narrowed down when it comes to dark skin tone.
    2. Do you have dark hair or blond ones?
      If you have dark hair and you want to get rid of them using your DIY laser machine, you are going to get good results with almost all of the LHR devices. On the other hand, you would need to carefully research and find a decent laser hair removal machine if the targeted area has light or blonde hair.
    3. What are its features?
      Always look for top five laser hair removal at home devices and then narrow down your choice to one after comparing the features and benefits of one machine to other. There are features like digital interface, different strength settings, and an automatic sensor that locks the pulses if the skin is too dark (on which the laser will not work).
    4. Does it require cartridge replacement?
      A cartridge is an important component of the laser hair removal machine. Maximum laser hair removal equipment requires cartridge replacement after a few months. You can choose one laser hair removal machine over other by comparing this factor.
    5. Is it cost-worthy and offer enough warranty time?
      Do not fall for low-priced, cheap quality products when it comes to a home laser hair machine. Buying a quality product in a go will give you benefits in a long run. You should do a cost-value analysis of the equipment. Also, do check for the warranty period, as some good machines will offer a longer warranty than other ones.

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    What Is The Cost Of At Home Laser Machines?

    As per dermatologists, most home-based laser machines use Intense Pulse Light(IPL) technology in place of the laser beams. The price of top laser hair removal machine in India for home use is roughly $175 to $455 (Rs. 12,000 to Rs.35,000). Price can vary based on the following factors –
    1. Ability to use on different skin types and colours
    2. FDA approval
    3. Ease of use
    4. Ability to use the device of different body parts

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    #Hair removal at home may sound simple and convenient, but there are some key points that you should know. Watch this video to know more.

    Hair Removal At Home Vs. Laser Hair Removal Clinics

    When you compare the laser hair removal procedure done at home versus one done by a professional, there are some key points that you should know. As laser hair removal experts hold immense practice and a good amount of experience in the subject, they would make a careful review and conduct testing before jumping into the procedure. Unlike home hair removal procedure, they may use different equipment for different areas to be targeted.

    An expert would treat your skin differently or may not perform LHR at all in case of the following conditions –

    1. If your skin is sensitive to light
    2. If your skin is damaged or sensitive
    3. If your skin is tanned
    4. If a woman is pregnant or at the breastfeeding stage
    5. If you have a history of cancer
    6. If you have tattoos or black spots
    7. If you have skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, acne, herpes, active infections or wounds

    Undoubtedly, professionals know many intricacies about the laser hair removal method and take enough precautions to give the customer a smooth experience.

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    Safety Precautions While Using Laser Machines At Home

    1. Wear appropriate safety glasses.
    2. Follow safety precautions for electrical devices and do not get the machine or the charger wet.
    3. Keep the cord away from heated surfaces like towel rails to avoid electric shocks.
    4. Notice first signs of abnormalities and immediately seek professional help in such case.
    5. Do not bring laser in contact with sensitive body parts.

    The at-home hair removal procedure is strictly not for sensitive areas (like bikini line) that can only be treat by a professional. Experts suggest that not all beauty and wellness tasks should be performed as DIY, as they can have an adverse impact on your beauty and may give your beauty a permanent damage.

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