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How To Remove Ear Hair Permanently With Laser Hair Removal?

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Hair growth is only appreciated when it happens on the scalp area. But unwanted hair on the ear is not a great sight. Instead of adding to personality, it becomes a source of concern. Ear hair removal thus becomes extremely important, and with laser hair removal gaining popularity thankfully we have a safe and permanent resolution for getting rid of ear hair.

What Causes Unwanted Hair Growth On Ears?

The anatomy of our ear is such that tiny hair are present in the inner canal and also on the outer ear to keep dust out of the ear passage. But, it is seen that some people develop thick and coarse hair on the outer ear. The incidence of this increases with age as seen ear hair is often conspicuous in older men and women. While the exact cause of unwanted hair growth on ear in not known, aging and hormonal imbalance are considered critical factors that partake in this type of hair growth.

How To Remove Ear Hair Permanently?

To remove ear hair, there are many conventional methods that do not work towards stopping the hair growth completely rather they just cut the visible hair for some time. Technological advances have led to the emergence of permanent ear hair removal methods such as electrolysis, IPL and laser hair removal. These methods provide long lasting results that will give you relief from repeated procedures for removing ear hair, month on month.

Laser For Ear Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is considered the best way to remove ear hair because of the minimal side effects it possesses and its flexibility to suit different skin tones and hair types. Diode laser, Nd:Yag laser, soprano ice and many others are used to perform laser hair removal treatment and provide permanent hair removal for men’s ears (and women’s too).

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How Does Laser Ear Hair Removal Work?

The principle behind laser ear hair removal is that narrow and focused laser light targets the melanin (dark pigment) in the hair roots and destroys the stem cells that are responsible for producing the hair strand. The laser light is focused on the ear skin to be treated and when this light comes in contact with the skin’ surface, it transforms into heat energy. This heat energy in turn destroys the hair follicles completely and presents to us the expected results of hair free skin on the ears. Outer ear hair removal is most common type of treatment that is performed using laser therapy.

Will Laser Remove Hair From Inner Ear?

When it comes to inner ear hair removal, the parts of the ear close to the ear canal and pinna are too sensitive to be treated. Laser hair removal cannot be performed for all inner ear hair, but those that are present beyond the pinna can be treated and removed permanently. The decision to perform inner ear hair removal rests with the dermatologist. He/she will decide based on various factors such as your ear shape, the gap at the beginning of the ear canal, and the type of laser being used for the treatment.

How Much Does Laser Ear Hair Removal Cost In India?

The estimated cost of laser-based ear hair removal is around Rs.1,000 per session. This cost can go up to Rs.1,500 or even Rs.2,000 per session depending on the type of laser equipment used and the complexity of the case. The overall cost of laser ear hair removal becomes economical because a few sessions are required to achieve the desired results and this brings down the cost of the treatment per session making is cost effective when compared with other traditional methods.

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Why Laser Hair Removal Is Better Than IPL For Ear Hair Removal?

• LHR uses narrow beams of light that are concentrated and focused at the target area thus it would not widen around at nearby areas. But IPL uses lights which are more widespread and cater to larger area and heats the hair follicles to render them ineffective.
• LHR is more specific and thus needs lesser sessions than IPL to give desired results
• LHR has minimal side effects and does not damage the surrounding pores or skin while chances of side effects around the skin targeted, stay with IPL
• IPL requires more frequent maintenance sessions than LHR, and thus data suggests IPL has comparatively lower effectiveness rate than LHR
• Lasers can be adjusted to suit your skin type, skin tone, etc. LHR is safe for all skin tones especially very effective on Indian skin types but IPL is believed to cause burns on darker skin tones.

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Why Laser Hair Removal Is Better Than Electrolysis For Ear Hair Removal?

• LHR is quicker as it targets a number of hair follicles in their growth phase in one session, but electrolysis only targets one hair follicle at a time
• LHR can be done in 15 minutes but electrolysis would require around 4-hour session for the same area
• LHR is cheaper and more effective than electrolysis
• Electrolysis is comparatively invasive as it inserts an epilator device into the skin and uses short wave radio frequency to stop new hair growth. Thus it may be painful, while LHR is painless.

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Other Methods To Remove Ear Hair Temporarily

Here are some methods that are used often to remove ear hair but they only offer a temporary solution to the problem. Also they may cause a series of side effects and reactions –
(1) Tweezers – This instrument is popular for removing a few hair at a time, but the results do not last long. Ingrown hair are likely if the hair is not pulled out properly.
(2) Waxing – Waxing is suited for larger surface areas like hands, underarms, and legs for temporarily achieving hair free skin. When it comes to ear hair removal, waxing may or may not work. In the cases it does, the hair will grow back in a matter of a few days.
(3) Shaving – Using this method to remove ear hair is not recommended at all, because the shaving blade can easily cause cuts and bleeds at the tiny nooks and corners of the ear.
(4) Electric Trimmer – Men often use an electric trimmer to keep the ear hair under control. While this a safer method to use compared to the other temporary methods, the results are extremely short-lived. The need to trim will continue every few days.
(5) Depilatory Creams – A preferred option by many women to remove unwanted hair, depilatory creams are at times used to remove ear hair too. However, the skin here is sensitive and the chemicals in the cream can easily cause an allergic reaction or a burn.

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Which Is The Best Way To Remove Ear Hair – Laser or Others?

Temporary ear hair removal is limiting when it comes to the life of the results it provides. Also, there are considerable side effects and risks attached with many of these temporary treatments. On the other hand, Laser ear hair removal will provide you with lifelong results. The skin is left hair free and smooth in the long run, thus eliminating all chances of social embarrassment because of your ear hair. Pick the treatment method based of the kind of results you are looking for. In an emergency, using an electric trimmer might be a fair way but for ongoing results, laser ear hair removal is a better option.

It is time to not anticipate the embarrassment attached with ear hair or be anxious about an easy way to get rid of it for good. Temporary ear hair removal methods are a thing of the past with revolutionary technology like laser hair removal in the market. If you are constantly bothered by your ear hair, then speak to a dermatologist to see if laser ear hair removal can work for you and give you the results you wish to see.

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