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How To Get Rid Of Upper Lip And Chin Hair Permanently?

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how to remove upper lip and chin hair

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    Once we enter puberty, the growth of unwanted hair on different parts of our body becomes a regular part of our lives. On our face, unwanted hairs predominantly grow in the areas above the upper lip and on the chin. There are many causes of an increase in the hair growth on the upper lip area and chin including various physiological conditions like- hirsutism, congenital adrenal hyperplasia, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), Cushing’s syndrome, genetics, hormonal changes and more.

    Based on the cause of excess unwanted upper lip and chin hair, and the resources available to the individual, a dermatologist will be able to recommend a method of hair removal that works best for her.

    How To Remove Hair From Upper Lip And Chin?

    While searching for how to remove upper lip hair or chin hair, you will come across many options. However, not every method may be suitable for you. Here are some of the most effective ways you can remove facial hair:

    1. Laser Treatment
    2. Electrolysis
    3. IPL
    4. Hair Removal Cream
    5. Hair Removal Wax
    6. Threading
    7. Epilating
    8. Tweezers
    9. Shaving
    10. Home Remedies

    Go ahead and learn more about the pros and cons each method involves to make an informed decision.

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    Laser Treatment For Upper Lip & Chin Hair

    • Method: If you are looking for a long-lasting solution to get rid of your hair on the upper lip area and chin, then a laser treatment would be ideal. A dermatologist would usually perform this treatment in a clinic with the use of a laser device to target areas with unwanted hair and destroy hair follicles. Destroying the hair roots minimises hair growth eventually.
    • Pros: It is a simple, quick and painless process and offers a long-lasting solution for the reduction of body hair.
    • Cons: You may need to undergo multiple sessions to get desirable results. It is a more effective option for reducing the growth of darker hair. It is an expensive treatment. However, in the long run, it is a cost-effective option.
    • Cost: The average price for starting each session is Rs. 2,000 and it can go up to Rs. 3,500.
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    Electrolysis For Upper Lip And Chin Hair Removal

    • Method: Electrolysis is a clinical procedure that uses a device for targeting every hair follicle individually and destroying it. Though it is a useful method and provides a permanent solution, it is an outdated technology.
    • Pros: It is a procedure that suits all types of skin and hair colour. It also eliminates the risk of ingrown hair.
    • Cons: It is a very painful, time-consuming and expensive option for the removal of the hair on the chin and upper lip area. It may cause redness, swelling and sometimes scarring.
    • Cost: The average price for each session is Rs. 2,500

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    IPL For Removal Of Upper Lip And Chin Hair

    • Method: The IPL treatment or Intense Pulsed Light treatment is a form of light therapy that damages the unwanted hair follicles. One can either get this treatment done at a clinic or use home IPL machines.
    • Pros: This easy and quick procedure requires hardly any downtime as it does not damage the top layers of the skin. It is a less painful option in comparison to other hair removal methods like electrolysis.
    • Cons: Unlike laser treatment it is not a quick and effective option and therefore may require more than one session. It may cause redness of the skin and swelling. It does not suit darker skin and lighter hair.
    • Cost: The average price for each session is Rs. 1,600.

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    Upper Lip And Chin Hair Removal Cream

    • Method: The hair removal creams contain different chemicals that are effective in removing unwanted facial fuzz.
    • Pros: It is a painless method that you can use without any professional help. The risk of ingrown hairs is marginal if you opt for this hair removal procedure.
    • Cons: The hair removal creams contain harsh chemicals that have a strong odour and are harmful to the skin as they may cause an allergic reaction. This method removes hair only at the skin surface and therefore the results last just for 2-3 weeks. It is an expensive hair removal option in the long run.
    • Cost: The average price of some of the best chin and upper lip hair removal cream is Rs. 100.

    Do a patch test before applying the hair removal cream on the target area to minimise the risk of suffering from irritation and allergy.

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    Wax For Upper Lip And Chin Hair Removal

    • Method: Wax effectively removes hair from the upper lip and chin in one or two swift motions. Apply a layer of hot/cold wax on the unwanted facial hair and remove it using wax strips.
    • Pros: You can use this simple and popular method of hair removal both at home and salon. It is a useful option as the results last for 3-4 weeks.
    • Cons: It may cause side effects like painful burning, irritation, redness and even bleeding. It may also aggravate the problem of ingrown hair. One major limitation of this method is that you can opt for waxing only if the hair length is at least ¼”.
    • Cost: The average price for upper lip or chin waxing is Rs. 100.

    Doing a patch test is a must to find out whether the wax is suitable for your skin or not.

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    Threading Upper Lip And Chin Hair:

    • Method: Threading is the most popular method for removing upper lip and chin hair. A salon professional will twist and roll a cotton thread in a particular style to pluck out unwanted hair.
    • Pros: It is a simple, quick and effective procedure. You can opt for it both at home or in a salon.
    • Cons: It offers temporary results that last only for 2-3 weeks and therefore it is an expensive method in the long run. Threading is not a pain-free option. It is not a precise procedure if done independently.
    • Cost: The average price for threading upper lip and chin hair is Rs. 100.

    Avoid using any cream or cosmetic product for two hours after the procedure to prevent any bacterial infection in the affected area.

    Epilation Of Upper Lip And Chin Hair

    • Method: It involves the use of an epilator, a hand-held device with many tweezers attached to it, to pluck out all the unwanted hair.
    • Pros: This method of hair removal does not cause any cuts and nicks or razor burns. It offers results that are longer lasting than threading. It can effectively remove hair with a length of 0.02mm, yet it does not cause any damage to the skin.
    • Cons: It is a painful and time-consuming procedure. This method of hair removal may cause red bumps and skin irritation. It may aggravate the risk of ingrown hair. It does not effectively reduce hair growth as the follicles have the same thickness and texture after regrowth.
    • Cost: The average price of an epilator is Rs. 1,500.

    Please remember to hold your skin taut while using the epilator to get best results.

    Tweezing Upper Lip And Chin Hair

    • Method: It involves the use of tweezer to pluck out the unwanted hair individually from your chin and upper lip area.
    • Pros: It is a cheap and effective option. You can independently use this method to remove hard to reach hairs easily.
    • Cons: It is a tiring and slow procedure. This method of hair removal is painful and may cause ingrown hair, cuts, and nicks. It is difficult to achieve symmetry using this method.
    • Cost: The average price of a good quality tweezer is Rs. 100.

     Avoid over-tweezing to prevent any damage to the skin.

    Shaving Upper Lip And Chin Hair

    • Method: A pain-free method of removing hair by applying a thick coat of shaving cream on the upper lip area and chin and then scraping it away with a razor.
    • Pros: It is a simple, painless and quick procedure. It is suitable for all skin types and hair colours. You can use this method independently. It is a cheaper option in comparison with laser or IPL.
    • Cons: It may cause razor burns, skin irritation, redness, cuts and nicks. It is expensive to replace blades regularly.
    • Cost: The average price of a shaving kit is Rs. 500.

     Always remember to shave in the direction of hair growth.

    Home Remedies For Removal Of Upper Lip & Chin Hair

    • Method: It involves the use of different home ingredients such as vegetables, fruits, dairy products, etc. to remove the unwanted hair above the upper lip and on the chin.
    • Pros: Some of the natural products may be effectively reducing hair growth.
    • Cons: It can be a risky option as no there is no medical research to validate its efficacy. This method of hair removal has limited scope as it may be unsuitable for certain types of hair colour and skin.
    • Cost: The average price for any home remedy will be Rs. 300.

     It is advisable to avoid using home remedies as you might end up worsening your skin condition instead of making it better. 

    Ensure that you opt for long-lasting hair removal treatments, as they are not only more effective but are also cost-effective in the end. If you are looking for laser hair removal options, call us today to consult a leading dermatologist.

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