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Guide To Remove Unwanted Hair For Women

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    Does unwanted body hair curtail your wardrobe choices? Do you feel your weekly salon trips to get rid of your facial fuzz and coarse body hair is a sheer waste of time and money? Well, then, you are not alone. While there is a host of options available that can help you get rid of unwanted hair, the real struggle is choosing the right method! Find out the best hair removal method that works for all areas of the body and offers silky soft hair-free skin minus the rashes, nicks and cuts right here. Keep reading to break-free from the cycle of lifelong inconvenience, effort and expenditure!

    The Evolved Grooming Practices Of Modern Women

    The modern woman is more confident than before, and she has gone bold with her grooming routine. Her grooming need is no more about basic hygiene limited to hair removal from underarms, arms and legs alone. Bikini and Brazilian hair removal are topping the popularity charts among the new-age divas!

    The woman of today is ready to experiment with various hair removal methods suitable for the different areas of her body as long as they are safe, precise and effective and do not cause any damage to her delicate skin. Nowadays, she chooses to go hair-free in the following areas:

    • Underarms: This remains a constant grooming need across women of all age groups to date. Removing unwanted hair enhances your hygiene and gives your underarms a smooth and neat look.
    • Arms And Legs: As the fashion choices of women these days have undergone a sea change, hair removal from the arms and legs has become a quintessential grooming norm.
    • Face: The slightest stubble on the chin, cheek, upper and lower lip area or stray strands on the forehead is a strict no-no for most ladies. However, those of us struggling with hormonal issues may find it more challenging to keep their facial fuzz at bay.
    • Genital Area: While the skin in the genital area is delicate, the hair tuft is dense and coarse. Removal of pubic hair using age-old methods is synonymous with excruciating pain. However, advanced laser clinics now offer revolutionary services to get rid of unwanted hair from the private areas painlessly and safely. Women today can opt for a classic, mini-Brazilian, full stripe, butt-stripe to normal, extended and Hollywood laser hair removal to manage their pubic hair as per their style.

    Women Body Hair Removal

    Apart from the above areas few women also opt for hair removal from the chest, abdomen, back and butts. However, this is a niche grooming practice as excess hair growth in these areas is not so common among ladies. Keep reading to explore the different hair removal methods before picking one that suits your grooming needs.

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    Different Hair Removal Options Available For Women

    There are two broad categories of hair removal methods for women. The primary difference between them is that they either remove the body hair from the surface of the skin or the root. Root hair removal offers longer-lasting results. However, surface hair removal options are a quick-fix solution that requires frequent repetitions. Check out the methods that offer hair removal from just the surface:

    • Shaving Razors
    • Electric Trimmers
    • Depilatory Creams

    Here are the methods that target hair removal from the roots:

    • Tweezing
    • Waxing
    • Epilator
    • IPL
    • Lasers

    surface vs root hair removalRead the next section to learn about the pros and cons of each hair removal method to make an informed decision.

    The Complete Hair Removal Guide For Women

    Here is a comprehensive guide about the benefits, limitations, results and cost of each hair removal method available in the market.

    • Razors:

      Shaving is a quick and convenient hair removal method for women on the go. Razors for women are sleek, pocket and travel-friendly tools that are a must-have in your grooming kit. They are readily available both online and offline. Some of them come with a moisturising gel formula, flexible handle for a no-slip grip, replaceable cartridges, fine blades and a rounded- or pivoted head for easy use across different areas of the body. However, the results they offer do not last too long.

      Factors Details
      Apt For Underarms, arms, legs and bikini line
      Results Up to 3 days
      Cost Rs 60 – Rs 500
      Advantages Quick, easy, affordable, chemical-free
      Disadvantages Causes razor burns, cuts ingrown hair, prickly hair growth and scaly skin, offers short-lived results, requires frequent repetitions

      Expert Advice: Exfoliate your skin and use soapy water to soften your body hair and minimise razor burns. Rinse the blades frequently to unclog them while shaving. Shave in the direction of hair growth and apply a moisturiser immediately after using a razor. Replace the blade every two weeks for optimal safety and results.

    • Electric Trimmers:

      This battery-operated cordless device comes with rich features and more attachments than a regular razor and offers dry and easy shaving. Although this grooming gadget for women is affordable and super-convenient to use, it works with less precision than your age-old blade.

      Factors Details
      Apt For Underarms, arms, legs and bikini line
      Results Up to 2 days
      Cost Rs 1,000 – Rs 3,000
      Advantages Quick, easy and safe for sensitive skin
      Disadvantages An ineffective method, works with poor precision and offers short-lived results, causes prickly hair growth and requires frequent repetitions

      Expert Advice:Use daily to maintain smooth, hair-free skin. Avoid opting for it if you are having rashes.

    • Hair Removal Creams:

      This method enjoys massive popularity among women as it offers pain-free hair removal and is apt for use in smaller areas of the body, including the private parts. Depilatory creams have a chemical-based formula that helps eliminate the unwanted hair in a matter of minutes! The hair regrowth is also softer than before! A word of caution, though, the safety of your skin may be at stake with prolonged use of depilatory creams.

      Factors Details
      Apt For Underarms, upper lip area and bikini area
      Results Up to 3 weeks
      Cost Rs 100 – Rs 500
      Advantages easy, pain-free and affordable
      Disadvantages Messy method, harsh chemical formula with a pungent odour, causes skin irritation and allergic reactions

      Expert Advice: A patch test 24 hours before use is advisable. Strictly follow the directions for use.

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    • Tweezing:

      It involves the use of tweezers to pull the whole hair shaft out of its root one at a time. This self-use method of hair removal is ideal for removing stray strands from smaller areas of the body with precision. It is a pocket-friendly option that offers quick maintenance of hair-free facial skin in between your regular salon trips. However, any breakage of hair while tweezing can increase the risk of ingrowth.

      Factors Details
      Apt For Eyebrows and upper lip area
      Results Up to 2-6 weeks
      Cost Rs 100 – Rs 250
      Advantages Affordable, home-based, precise
      Disadvantages A painful method that causes ingrown hair and skin irritation, unsuitable for use across extensive areas of the body

      Expert Advice:Use stainless steel tweezers with a wide grip and pointed but slant-tip ends. Wipe them with an alcohol swab after use. Store upside down in jars or put on plastic tip protector before tossing them in your makeup bag.

    • Waxing:

      It is no longer an exclusive salon service with the availability of waxing strips, self-use is also super convenient. You can opt for hot or cold wax and place a disposable paper or cloth strip on it. Remove it swiftly in the direction opposite to that of hair growth and get ready to flaunt hair-free skin. If you have a high pain tolerance and prefer to keep regrowth at bay longer than other surface hair removal methods you may opt for this. However, your body hair has to be at least 2mm in length for optimal results.

      Factors Details
      Apt For Underarms, arms, legs, upper lip area and bikini line
      Results Up to 3-6 weeks
      Cost Rs 150 – Rs 500* cost varies depending on whether you opt for waxing strips or salon service
      Advantages A quick and effective method for relatively long-lasting results
      Disadvantages Self-use is messy while salon service is expensive; ineffective for removing short hair, causes pain, redness, skin irritation and ingrown hair

      Expert Advice: Minimise your risk of infections by using disposable paper strips. Ensure the skin is thoroughly dry and apply talcum powder to avoid wax sticking to your skin. Dab baby oil and wipe with cotton balls to remove residual wax. Apply a soothing lotion with aloe-vera after hair removal.

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    • Epilators:

      The cordless handheld device comes with multiple electric rotating tweezers that help eliminate body hair effectively. The compact grooming gadget is a must-have in your travelling kit. The latest variants come with a sleek design, extra attachments, dual speed functions, inbuilt-light for both dry and wet use across different areas of the body.

      Factors Details
      Apt For Underarms, arms, legs, face and bikini line
      Results Up to 4 weeks
      Cost Rs 250 – Rs 3,000
      Advantages Easy and chemical-free option for self-use, removes hair as short as 0.5mm, gives ultra-smooth hair-free skin and long-lasting results
      Disadvantages Unsuitable for sensitive areas as it causes skin irritation

      Expert Advice: Epilate 24 hours or at least an evening before your date or function to let the skin irritation reduce. Take a hot shower and exfoliate your skin to avoid ingrowth. Hold your skin tight, place the device gently while maintaining a 90-degree angle and glide slowly in an upward motion for the best results. Moisturise your skin well after epilating.

    • IPL:

      Intense pulsed light (IPL) technology uses a broad spectrum of light with multiple wavelengths to target unwanted hair follicles. A word of caution since this ‘home-based laser’ involves the use of unfocused energy it may affect the surrounding skin adversely while eliminating excess hair growth. Please note that IPL may not be a safe option for you if you have a dark skin tone. IPL may require a minimum of 9-12 sessions of treatment and up to 18-24 months besides regular maintenance to achieve permanent results.

      Factors Details
      Apt For All areas of the body
      Results Up to 4-12 weeks depending on the hair and skin tone and type
      Cost Rs 3,000 – Rs 12,000 (depending upon the brand)
      Advantages Self-use, affordable, provides permanent results
      Disadvantages An ineffective, time-consuming, extensive, expensive and unsafe treatment, causes discomfort, skin irritation, burns, swelling and redness, not suitable for all skin and hair tones and types

      Expert Advice: Do a patch test before using it extensively. Strictly avoid opting for hot showers or saunas, skin-hugging clothes, bleaches and fragranced or peeling products after hair removal using IPL. Avoid using it for hair removal in the genital area as it may cause significant discomfort.

    • Laser Hair Removal:

      The advanced aesthetic treatment involves the use of a specific wavelength of light to eliminate the hair follicles in the growth phase with precision. It is a super-safe and ultra-effective method that does not harm the surrounding skin at all. It provides a pain-free and permanent reduction in both the growth and density of hair within six to eight sessions or as recommended by your dermatologist. The best part is that it is suitable for all skin and hair tones and types. Laser hair removal treatment is a one-time investment to get hair-free silky soft skin for life!


      Factors Details
      Apt For All areas of the body
      Results Permanent reduction in both hair growth and density
      Cost Starts at Rs 2,000 per session*
      Advantages A painless, super-safe, convenient and gentle and cost-effective solution that results in permanent hair reduction
      Disadvantages A professional treatment that demands an upfront payment of a lump sum

      * depending on the size of the target area

      Expert Advice:Choose a reputed skin clinic where expert dermatologists perform the treatment to enjoy the best results of laser hair removal. Check if they use the latest laser equipment with a cooling tip to enjoy a comfortable and safe experience. Do not opt for laser hair removal if you are pregnant or lactating. Use sunscreen and avoid salon services for a week after treatment. Avoid waxing or shaving in between sessions to enjoy optimal results.

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    After gaining insights into the pros and cons of the different hair removal methods, you are well-informed to choose one that matches your grooming needs and budget now!

    Visit Oliva Skin & Hair Clinic to know more about laser hair removal treatment today!

    UPTO 50% Off on All Services
    UPTO 50% Off on All Services

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