Hair Removal Cream Vs. Laser Hair Removal – What Works Better

hair removal creams vs laser hair removal

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    Hair removal creams or depilatory creams, shaving, waxing, laser hair removal treatment – there are numerous methods to get rid of the unsightly body hair on legs, arms, chin, upper lips, and genitals. Each of these methods has certain pros and cons for which either they are less or widely accepted. In this article, you will learn about the hair removal creams, the principle on which they work, their pros and cons, and their comparison with other hair removal methods.

    What Is A Hair Removal Cream?

    Hair removal creams, also known as depilatory creams, are chemical formulations that affect the protein structure of the hair. They dissolve the hair into a jellylike mass that can be easily wiped off from the skin. It is one of the easiest and quickest ways to get rid of the body hair, especially at the body parts where waxing is difficult.

    There is an array of hair removal creams for men and women available in the market today. If you are looking for a hair removal cream for face or private parts, make sure you are choosing the right one as these creams are available in various brands and target various areas. For example, the chemical composition of a hair removal cream for face will be different from the hair removal cream for the genital area.

    What Is Laser Hair Removal?

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    How Does A Cream Work For Hair Removal?

    These hair removal creams work on the basic principle of breaking down the keratin structure of the hair. These creams comprise of chemicals (the combination of calcium thioglycolate and sodium hydroxide) that are highly alkaline in nature and break down the protein structure of the hair. Due to this, the hair structure starts to dissolve and becomes thin and weak to fall loose from its follicle in less than 10-15 minutes.

    Disadvantages Of Using Hair Removal Creams

    Undoubtedly the hair removal approach from depilatory creams is quick, easy, and cost-effective. In spite of that, this hair removal method is not accepted by most of the men and women. This is because of the disadvantages they have. These disadvantages include –

    • Skin irritation and burning: Due to the harsh chemical composition, these creams may cause skin burning or irritation. When used in the sensitive areas, such as genitals, it requires extra attention and care.
    • Allergic reaction: The hair removal creams do not suit everyone. If your skin is sensitive, you must not use this method of hair removal at all as it may cause allergies.
    • Foul smell: Almost all hair removal creams leave a very pungent smell right from the time when applied. This smell doesn’t leave for hours even when the cream has been wiped off.
    • Not suitable for all body parts: As these creams comprise of strong chemicals, these are to be applied very carefully. These creams should not come in the contact of your eyes, nose, and other open areas.
    • Not enough longevity: The creams do not offer a smooth skin for a longer time. The hair growth reoccurs in a few days.
    • Not a permanent solution: It is not a permanent solution at all.

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    Hair Removal Creams Vs Laser Hair Removal

    Knowing about their disadvantages, it must be clear that hair removal creams are not a permanent solution to get rid of your hair; it is just a quick fix. This section of the article is dedicated to a comparison between two hair removal techniques: Laser Hair Removal and Hair Removal Creams.


    Laser Hair Removal

    Hair Removal Cream

    Acceptance Dermatologist recommended DIY method
    Efficacy Effective Less effective than lasers
    Cost Cost effective in long run Costly in long run
    Longevity Permanent solution Temporary solution
    Side Effects No Side effect Not suitable for all skin type

    Common Questions

    Now that you have learnt about the hair removal creams, let’s look at a few frequently asked questions from people and their responses from experts.

    What’s A Depilatory Cream?

    The term ‘depilatory’ comes from ‘depilation’, which means deliberate removal of body hair. A depilatory cream is a hair removal solution available in the form of cream, lotion, powder, gel, roll-on or spray that contain chemical formulations for hair removal.

    How Does Depilatory Cream Compare To Razor Shaving?

    Although both of these hair removal techniques are a temporary way of getting rid of the body hair, they do have dissimilarities.

    • Hair removal through creams offers a longer result as compared to shaving.
    • Hair removal through creams does not involve any risk of cuts.
    • Hair removal creams need to be applied and to be left for some time to achieve the result. It is not the case with shaving gels.
    • The chemicals present in hair removal creams are harder and harmful than that of the shaving gel.

    How Does Depilatory Cream Compare To Waxing?

    There are various dissimilarities in these two methods as well. These include –

    • Hair removal through waxing offers a longer result as compared to depilatory creams.
    • Waxing is safer as compared to depilatory creams.
    • Waxing involves a little more pain and patience as compared to depilatory creams.

    How Long Before My Hair Starts To Grow Back?

    The longevity of different methods is different.

    • Laser Hair Removal: Permanent Solution
    • Waxing: 15 days
    • Depilatory creams: 7-8 days
    • Shaving: 2-3 days

    How Do I Use Depilatory Creams?

    Always follow the instruction manual. Do not forget to do a patch test. Store the cream in a right manner after the use.

    Does It Work On All Types Of Hair?

    Not all creams work on all hair types. There are different creams for different purposes. These include hair removal creams for men, hair removal creams for women, hair removal creams for face, Brazilian hair removal creams, etc.

    There are a plethora of hair removal creams available in the market today. There is no doubt that these creams are one of the easiest solutions to get rid of the unwanted body hair. However, there are many cons that come along with it. Therefore, as experts suggest, one should not rely on it for a regular hair removal solution and should only use it in emergency cases. Other methods, such as laser hair removal treatment, are safer and better than using depilatory creams.

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