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How To Remove Stomach Hair Permanently?

how to remove stomach hair

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    We all wish to have a fuller scalp but smooth and hair free body. For it may become unsightly to have hair growth on areas which relate to beauty and prevent you from wearing your choice of outfit. Stomach hair, which is seen in both men and women, is definitely not something that one would wish for. Though the thickness of the hair is more in men than in women, neither of them actually prefer having them. Whether it is just a few strands or too many, one should be aware of how to remove stomach hair effectively and without causing any inconvenience.

    What Causes Unwanted Hair On Stomach?

    Hypertrichosis is a condition which results in excessive growth of hair. Because of this condition, women tend to have male like hair growth on various body parts, including their stomach. For men, excessive abdominal hair is natural. There are certain medications, medical conditions, tumors, hormonal imbalances, use of anabolic steroids, etc., which can cause hypertrichosis.

    Apart from this condition, some of the other causes of belly hair include –

    • Genetics: If either of your parents have thick body hair, there are chances that you might also have the same.
    • Ageing: As you start ageing, especially when women reach menopause, the levels of estrogen goes down and these changes can sometimes result in unwanted stomach hair in females.
    • Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS): This is a condition very common in women, that occurs due to hormonal imbalance and results in excessive and unwanted growth of body hair.

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    How To Remove Stomach Hair Permanently?

    Since the unwanted stomach hair can negatively affect your self-image, it is best to remove them from stomach, permanently. There are some permanent ways which can help in stomach hair removal –

    • Laser Hair Removal For Stomach
      This is one of the most advanced and effective procedure to get rid of abdominal hair, permanently. Controlled beams of laser are passed through the skin, and they render the chromophores ineffective in the hair follicles. This helps in preventing any further hair growth from those targeted follicles. Laser targets only that hair which are in its growth or anagen phase. So a few sessions are required to reach the desired results. It is a quick, safe, long term and cost-effective procedure which must be proceeded by an expert dermatologist.
    • How Does Laser Stomach Hair Removal Work?
      A concentrated beam light of single wavelength is focused on the hair follicles which are underneath the skin. This pulse of light attacks and destroys the chromophores (pigments) of the hair follicles which in turn stops hair growth on the stomach altogether.
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    • Is Laser Hair Removal On Stomach Safe
      Yes, it is a safe treatment provided it is done by an experienced dermatologist and at a good skin clinic. As they would use a USFDA approved laser technology which is proven to be effective for almost all Indian skin types.
    • What Are The Before And After Results?
      After you have completed all your sessions, you will observe that your abdominal area is free of any prominent hair. Though it is a permanent hair removal treatment, you would have to occasionally schedule annual or bi-annual maintenance sessions with your dermatologist, to regulate the same.
    • What Is The Cost Of Laser Stomach Hair Removal?
      The cost of laser stomach hair removal ranges between Rs. 4,000 to Rs. 7,000 per session. However, the overall cost may vary depending on the several factors like thickness of hair, colour of hair and skin, type of skin, choice of laser technology, underlying health condition and experience of the dermatologist.

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    How To Get Rid Of Stomach Hair Temporarily?

    Temporary hair removal methods for abdominal hair are not just painful, but also time consuming. They may also cause skin reactions which can lead to infection as well. Some of the temporary methods for abdominal hair removal include –

    • Shaving: This is the quickest way to have a hair-free stomach. Using a razor you can shave off the visible part of the hair which is over the surface of the skin. It does not remove ingrown hair (unlike laser hair removal which also removes ingrown hair) It may also cause razor burns, bruises, cuts and injuries on the skin.
    • Waxing: Using hot or cold wax, the hair is removed by pulling it off using suitable strips. It does not remove the ingrown hair and is extremely painful as each hair is plucked off. Waxing is also time consuming and needs to be done every few weeks.
    • Tweeze: Tweezers are used to pluck each hair strand individually. This can be only done when hair growth is less dense and thin hair are present as it can be very painful and cause bruises. Since the hair is not removed from its roots, it also works only for a few weeks.
    • Depilatory Creams: Depilatory creams or hair removal creams are easily available and can be used to temporarily remove the stomach hair. Just follow the instructions given on the package and also ensure that you first do a patch test to ensure that your skin does not have any allergic reaction to it. Though harsh chemicals in these creams can cause damage to your skin.

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    Which is The Better Method To Remove Stomach Hair?

    It is always better to opt for a permanent solution rather than a temporary one. As all the temporary methods listed above, will provide you relief for just about 3-4 weeks and then you would have to deal with the stomach hair again. Also they are painful and can lead to adverse reactions and infections.

    But once you get a permanent resolution with laser hair removal, you do not have to worry about it and you can confidently flaunt your abs, anywhere any time. Since laser hair removal is quick, painless, safe and cost effective; it is becoming a very popular procedure at all skin clinics.

    Stomach hair can hamper your look and prevent you from wearing your choice of outfits. It may also hurt your self-confidence altogether. Worry not, as advancements in dermatology have brought safe and effective procedures like laser hair removal to remove unsightly stomach hair quickly and in a painless way.

    UPTO 50% Off on All Services
    UPTO 50% Off on All Services

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