Losing Weight Is Not a Herculean Task with Easy Calorie Loss Tips

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    The myth that weight loss procedure is a Herculean task is everywhere. Everyone believes that losing weight means lot of exercise, crash diets and changing lifestyle drastically. However, the truth is far from this. Yes, you should follow exercise and healthy diet but losing weight is not about 1 hour gym routine or some fad diet. The procedure of losing weight is what you do every day and how you do it.

    Don’t get confused with “Should I join that dance/zumba aerobics class or adopt that no-carbohydrate diet, or eat dinner at 6pm?”. Choose to be the healthy side with the below weight loss tips that are easy and accommodating in your daily routine.

    1. Set a weight loss goal

    We do everything according to plan, then why not weight loss. Setting a goal is job half done for losing weight easily. Target a convenient weight target and set number of days to achieve the same.

    1. Ditch sports drink, drink water

    We often think that a sports or energy drink or a fruit smoothie is more healthy but the case is not so. Every serving of these drink have minimum 100 calories and yet they don’t satisfy hunger cravings as a 100 calorie food should do. Water is nature’s gift to mankind and it has zero calories. It is the perfect slim-down drink and this also aids in kick starting your metabolism and flush out toxins from body.

    1. Eat Sensibly

    The first thing about eating sensibly is eat at home more often. Eating outside makes you add pounds and lose money. Start tracking your outside food habits and spending; cut down gradually for losing weight and saving money.

    The other major point of eating sensibly is eating in small quantities, four to five times a day instead of gorging on food two to three times a day.  With this procedure, your body gets the time to digest the food properly before the next meal time.

    1. Change your exercise routine often

    Sticking to same fitness exercise routine every day is hard and boring as well. You may ditch the complete process in between for this. Add a different workout every day giving attention to all body part equally. You can do spot jogging for a day and go walk the next day or do some crunches at home some other day. Variation adds spice and makes the exercise time enjoyable.

    These few tips for losing weight easily are simple and can be followed without making drastic changes to your lifestyle. Feel the difference within 1 week

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    Kushneet Kukreja

    Kushneet Kukreja

    A postgraduate in Biotechnology from Kingston University and an ISSA Certified Specialist in Fitness & Nutrition, Kushneet Kukreja is a passionate writer who works in close association with the dermatologists at our head office to generate valuable and scientifically accurate content for our blog.

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