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Skin Whitening Treatment In Kochi – Cost, Benefits & Results

skin whitneing treatment in kochi

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    Nowadays, both men and women have become very particular about their appearance and skin health is a major factor. As we age our skin loses its shine and luster. One of the more prominent effects of time is pigmentation which can make our skin dark and dull due to sun exposure, pollution, health issues etc.

    About Skin Whitening Solutions

    Skin whitening treatments are apt for people who wish to have a lighter and brighter skin complexion which has been damaged by sunspots, dark spots, pigmentation, etc. An advanced skin lightening solution known as “Laser Toning” is one way to get rid of all these skin problems. In this treatment, a fractional Q-Switched Nd:YAG laser is used to lighten the skin tone. It also helps in getting rid of other blemishes, sun spots, dark spots, pimple spots, etc. Laser toning treatments can be performed on different parts of the body such as the face, arms, hands, shoulders, legs, backs, neck, abdomen, etc.

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    Apart from this advanced solution, chemical peels are another effective solution for skin whitening. There are different chemical peels available which are differentiated based on the strength of the chemicals present in them.

    Benefits Of Skin Whitening Treatment

    Skin lightening treatments have proven to be effective and result-oriented. There are a number of skin whitening treatment benefits, such as:

    • Chemical Peels:
      1. Suitable for different types of skin such as oily, combination and dry.
      2. Apart from skin lightening, these treatments also help in getting rid of other skin problems such as sun tan, dark spots, blemishes, pigmentation, etc.
    • Laser Toning Treatment:
      1. Virtually painless.
      2. The treatment does not take a lot of time and can be completed quickly.
      3. Effective in removing blemishes, and other spots and marks from the skin which have occurred due to aging, over-exposure to sun, environmental conditions, etc.

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    Who Is A Right Candidate?

    Men and women who are 18 years or older and is looking to lighten and brighten their skin can be seen as a right candidate for skin whitening treatments. But the treatment should be avoided by pregnant and breastfeeding women.

    What Kinds Of Results Can Be Expected?

    After a skin whitening treatment, you will observe fair skin which is free of any of the earlier mentioned blemishes and that your skin feels rejuvenated with a glow.

    You might require at least 4-8 sessions of the treatment to reach the desired results. The number of sessions required depends upon various factors such as:

    • Treatment being performed
    • Body part which is being treated
    • The severity of your skin condition

    skin whitening results in kochi

    What Is The Cost Of Skin Whitening Treatment in Kochi?

    Different skin whitening treatment methods have different costs. Chemical peel treatment cost begin at Rs 1,500. If you opt for the advanced laser toning solution, then it can cost Rs 4,000 and upwards.

    The difference in price is majorly because each of these treatments are customized to the individual’s skin type. The area of treatment, the clinic’s reputation, the quality of the equipment used and the expertise of the dermatologists will affect the total cost of your treatment.

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    Why Choose The Oliva Skin and Hair Clinic in Kochi?

    Oliva Skin and Hair Clinic has proven its credibility in the cosmetic industry. With holistic treatments and advanced solutions, Oliva is one of the best clinics for all your skin care problems. The highlights are –

    • The team of dermatologists are certified and experienced
    • All the equipment is US-FDA approved
    • The protocols are highly standardized and strongly enforced
    • The ethical values are strong
    • More than 2.5 lakhs satisfied customers

    How To Get Started With Oliva Clinic?

    The first step is to book an appointment with Oliva’s expert and certified dermatologists who can examine you and have a clear understanding of your specific problem. You can call us on our toll-free number 1800-103-3893 or visit the website to book an appointment.

    No one wishes to have a dull and boring skin. The more you ignore it, the worse your problem becomes. With such effective and holistic treatments available, there is no reason for you hang on to your lackluster skin tone. Go ahead and give a much-needed boost to your skin tone as well as your self-esteem!

    UPTO 50% Off on All Services
    UPTO 50% Off on All Services

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