What Are Split Ends And How To Treat Them?

split ends

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    Hair problems like hair thinning, hair loss and hair breakage can be extremely painful. Sometimes we ignore problems like split ends or trichoptilosis. This splitting and fraying of hair shaft cause immense hair damage from the beginning until the end of the hair shaft.

    When we talk about hair problems, we usually refer to hair fall problems, hair loss, thinning of hair, etc. Though all of these are, a serious cause of concern, there is another hair problem that we neglect – split ends hair or trichoptilosis. This is one of the most common problem and many of us tend to neglect it. This is because splitting and fraying of hair shaft causes immense hair damage and can lead to bigger problems.

    What Are Split Ends in Hair?

    It is often seen that the ends of hair strands have split and frayed. This splitting of hair is known as split ends in hair or trichoptilosis. When we use the term split ends of hair, it does not refer to only the ends of your hair. Split ends can occur on part of your hair strand – even in the middle of your hair strand.

    Split ends are an indication that your hair is not receiving an adequate amount of nutrients, thereby, making it dry and brittle. In addition, there may be excess exposure to heat or pressure.

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    What Causes Split Ends?

    • Environmental causes such as excessive dryness during the harsh summer or winter
    • Using styling tools, especially those which use heat, such as blow dryers, straighteners, curling irons, etc.
    • Rough handling your hair by incorrect de-tangling and combing wet hair
    • Using cheap products such as brush rollers or cheap synthetic combs lead to split ends
    • Bombarding your hair with chemicals in the form of hair colors, dyes, bleach and perms
    • Using low-quality hair care products
    • Over usage of hair gels, hair sprays and hair masks
    • Missing regular maintenance of hair such as treatments for deep conditioning, trimming, etc.
    • Using low-quality scissors
    • Using towels vigorously to dry your hair

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    How To Treat Split Ends Of Hair?

    • One of the most common ways to treat your split ends is to have your hair trimmed However, you should be aware of how to trim hair to get rid of split ends. Always use sharp scissors instead of blunt ones to avoid further damage to your hair. The best option is to take professional help to trim your hair
    • A leave-in conditioner can be a good way to protect your hair and treat the split ends
    • Try to avoid styling products on a regular basis, especially those that require heat
    • Hair masks and deep conditioning treatments may help in treating the split ends, provided you avoid over usage
    • Using hair serum can help in treating and smoothening the split ends

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    Hair Care For Split Ends

    • Try to keep your hair covered whenever you are out in the sun.
    • Eat a balanced diet
    • Avoid getting under a hot shower, as it will wash away the essential oils from hair.

    How to Avoid Split Ends Of Hair?

    • Nourishment and moisturizing of hair on a daily basis is the best way to control split ends.
    • If you have to use hot styling tools, then ensure that you use a heat protectant.
    • Keep a wide-toothed comb handy to detangle your wet hair. Also, make sure that you detangle the hair patiently and gently.
    • Regular trims are quite effective in ensuring that there is no occurrence of split ends. Ideally, one should get their hair trimmed once in every six to eight weeks.
    • Replace your cotton and linen pillow covers with satin or silk ones.
    • Make sure that your diet consists of protein-rich food items such as dairy products, chicken, seafood, soy-based products, eggs, etc.
    • Apart from proteins, your hair also needs vitamins specially biotin. For this, you can include berries, nuts, broccoli, spinach, citrus, etc., in your daily diet.
    • While picking up hair products, read the labels carefully. You should avoid products that contain silicone’s, parabens and sulfates.

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    • Do Split Ends Stop Hair Growth?
      Contrary to popular beliefs, split ends do not stop hair growth. This is because your hair grows from the scalp and not from the ends of your hair.
    •  Can Split Ends Make Hair Shorter?
      No, split ends do not make your hair shorter even though it appears as if your hair has stopped growing. Though it may make the hair brittle which can easily shed.
    •  Why Should We Remove Split Ends From Hair?
      Trimming away all the split ends will ensure that your hair remains healthy and strong. It will avoid further damage to your hair.
    • How To Trim Split Ends On Curly Hair?
      Use proper scissors which are meant for hair cutting, for trimming curly hair or seek professional help.

    Pay a little attention and take all the precautionary steps to avoid problems such as split ends in hair. If you do notice such problems, then have them treated immediately so that you don’t have to resort to extreme measures such as cutting your hair.

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