How To Stop & Control Hair Fall With PRP Treatment?

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    A good head of hair symbolizes youth and beauty. It does not matter whether you have curly, wavy, blonde or blue hair, what matters is the VOLUME. Modern lifestyle is not only causing several health problems, but also hair problems. Hair thinning and hair fall are the top concerns for men and women above the age of 25.

    Now for those who reside in the City of Gardens – Bangalore, you might be experiencing a steep rise in air pollution. Air pollution has been one of the causes for hair fall among the inhabitants of Bangalore.

    A recent study conducted by Hairline International, which is a Bangalore based hair research centre, revealed some shocking results. After an eight-month period research, it was discovered that more than 50% of patients who undergo hair transplant belong to age group of 20-30. It is affecting patients belonging to all different types of profiles. Genetics along with pollution, a sedentary lifestyle, and making poor diet choices are the major causes of hair fall. Bangalorians are facing major hair dilemma that is lowering their self-esteem and confidence.

    Hair thinning and hair fall can be easily reversible by a simple procedure such as PRP Hair Fall treatment. Let’s look at some the causes and factors that can lead to hair fall, the treatments available at Oliva, and why you should choose Oliva.

    What Causes Hair Fall?

    Hair is everyone’s crowning glory. It can cause many emotional upheavals once it starts to shed in clumps. Fret not, as we can identify the cause and immediately rectify the problem. Unfortunately, there can be many causes and here’s a list to understand why you are suffering from hair fall –

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    • Heredity: The most common cause for hair fall is hereditary baldness. There are two types: male pattern baldness and female pattern baldness. This kind of hair fall occurs gradually and is easy to identify. Receding hairline is the most obvious sign of male pattern baldness whereas for women, hair thinning and heavy hair loss are the prominent signs. Unfortunately, men are more affected with inherited baldness than women and about 80% men show signs of baldness by the time they reach 70.
    • Physical Or Emotional Stress: Stress can cause the body and mind to break down. A major sign of severe stress is heavy hair fall. It can cause around 40-60% of your hair to fall out. This kind of hair fall is called Telogen Effluvium. Telogen effluvium is a scalp disorder that affects the scalp and hair follicles. The characterization or symptoms are hair thinning and heavy hair shedding. Intense stress (emotional or physiological) can cause the normal hair cycle to imbalance. It can occur if there is an eating disorder, chronic illness, and hypothyroidism. Some other causes include anemia, major surgery, drugs, and severe emotional disorders. The common types of physical stress responsible for hair loss are:
      • Injury
      • Physical abuse or trauma
      • Accident
      • Sudden blood loss
      • Crash diets
      • Strong drugs or prolonged use of medication
    • Alopecia Areata: In simpler words, Alopecia Areata is an autoimmune disease that causes hair to fall out in clumps. It leaves small bald patches around your scalp. The cause of this condition is unknown.
    • Traumatic Alopecia: This type of hair fall is caused by pulling and tying your hair. Many hairstylists use heat, chemicals (e.g. bleaching), and tight hairstyles which can cause the hair follicle to weaken and fall out.
    • Anemia: Low hemoglobin levels can cause heavy hair loss. This causal factor is easy to identify and treat.
    • Hormonal Changes: A sudden increase of androgen hormone can cause your hair to fall out. Hormonal imbalances can occur post puberty as well, and it is observed among men more than in women.
    • Thyroid Diseases: Since thyroid plays such an important role of balancing your hormones, any infliction or disease affecting the thyroid can cause severe hair fall.

    Factors Influencing Hair Fall

    There are many factors that can trigger hair fall among men and women alike. Here are some of them –

    • Age – Ageing can cause your hair to fall and become grey. The hair density reduces over the years as well.
    • Stress – It can cause hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline to rise which can influence hair loss. Stress can also cause a mental disorder called trichotillomania, where a person subconsciously starts to pull out their hair.
    • Smoking – Smoking can cause constriction of blood vessels, which reduces the supply of blood to the hair follicles. This will eventually lead to hair fall.
    • Diet – What you eat and drink plays a major role in the health and appearance of hair. A diet low in protein, iron, folic acid, vitamin D, and vitamin B12 can cause your hair to shed in large quantity. Eating and maintaining a healthy diet will prevent hair fall and help in regaining what was lost.
    • Environmental Pollution – Air pollution and water pollution can make your hair dry and brittle, which can cause hair breakage and hair fall.

    Hairloss Treatment In Bangalore

    Oliva Skin & Hair Clinics in Bangalore have some of the best treatments for hair fall in the country. The most popular treatment is called PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma). It is an advanced procedure to revive and restore lost hair. The process is simple wherein a client’s blood is collected so that the platelets can be separated to procure a health rich portion of blood, which is then injected back into the scalp using fine syringes.

    The treatment is highly effective in restoring the hair follicles back into their original state.

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    Why Choose PRP Treatment At Oliva?

    Oliva has been ranked as the number one medico-aesthetic clinic in South India. PRP is an exceedingly sought after treatment for hair fall, and Oliva has state-of-the-art equipment just for you.  We have made a list of reasons why you should choose the best in the field –

    • We have a team of highly qualified dermato-trichologists who are easily accessible and available for you.
    • All therapists and assistants are thoroughly trained to carry out PRP.
    • After a much discussed one-on-one consultation with our in-house dermato-trichologist, the treatment is then customized to suit your need and give you satisfying results.
    • All machines are US FDA approved, and the platelets go through a double-spin procedure to ensure you receive highly concentrated plasma.
    • The procedure is completed within an hour and there is absolutely no downtime.
    • We, at Oliva, have a strict set of guidelines and protocols that must be adhered to at all times with no exceptions.

    Benefits of PRP Treatment

    As mentioned already, PRP is the best treatment “out there” for hair thinning. It is extremely effective and the results are visible within a few weeks. PRP has many benefits that you can enjoy! Let’s look at some of them –

    • Precision In The Growth Pattern – Since we use fine needles/syringes to insert the rich platelets into the scalp, the practitioner is in control and the hair can be grown in the manner that is aesthetically pleasing. Hair grows back thicker and stronger.
    • Side Effects/Allergies – PRP is very safe and does not cause any form of allergy, side- effects or infection.
    • Non-Surgical – It is a non-surgical treatment that is efficient and safe for the client.
    • Safe Ingredient – The process involves taking your blood, isolating the platelets, activating them and injecting the solution back into your scalp. Your blood is the only ingredient that is used. Unlike mesotherapy or any other kind of treatment, PRP does not contain any plant/animal cells.

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    Hair fall is one of the simplest problems to resolve, so there’s absolutely no need to stress out and shed what little hair you have left. Book your appointment for hair fall treatment in Bangalore by calling 1800-103-3893

    Let your hair do the talking!

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