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2022 Trends For A Healthy Lifestyle

Top 5 Fitness trends for 2022

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    Cultivating a holistically fit lifestyle is an expert-recommended prescription for good health. On that note, here is a curated list of the top 5 fitness trends for 2022 and some tips to help you follow them!

    Customised Fitness Routines:

    The COVID-19 pandemic has redefined the meaning and significance of fitness routines. With experts repeatedly recommending that we build a healthy and balanced lifestyle, making time for mental and physical well-being, consuming nourishing foods and custom-made health plans top the list of fitness trends for 2022.

    These plans go beyond achieving certain numbers on the weighing scale or a particular size in clothes. Curated by professionals in the fitness industry, these plans are holistic and consider factors such as:

    • Your family history of obesity.
    • Status of your current health and well-being.
    • Your general hormonal health.
    • Your lifestyle and dietary habits.
    • Distribution of useful fat, visceral fat and muscle in your body.
    • Previous attempts to lose weight or become fit.

    By creating a fitness routine after carefully analysing these aspects, you will be building a fit and healthy lifestyle that is uniquely suitable for you. Thus, your fitness will be long-lasting rather than temporary. Crash diets and quick weight loss methods are in the past.

    Further, instead of following a back-breaking fitness regimen of an athlete or a celebrity, a customised routine that is in alignment with your lifestyle will help you achieve your own health targets comfortably and successfully.

    For example:
    If you are a working professional who travels a long distance every day for work or has to cover a 9-hour work shift from home while juggling household chores, a 2-hour intense workout session at the gym may be a far-fetched idea. On the other hand, setting a long-term goal of losing 10kgs in 3 months with medium-intensity workout sessions five times a week while consuming nutritious meals is achievable. This kind of plan will help you stay healthy for a long time while improving your immune system, your mental health, reducing vulnerability to diseases and the cost of medical treatments that may arise from them.

    Moreover, when consulting with weight management experts for a customised fitness plan, you can opt for activities that you enjoy – running, playing your favourite sport, cycling etc., based on your interest.
    This way you will be motivated to continue engaging in physical activity!

    Solo And Small Group Workouts:

    Online fitness training saw a sharp rise a few months after the pandemic hit. Taking this trend forward, more people are opting for online, contactless, solo workouts or choosing to work out in smaller groups (3-5 people approximately) in 2022. Customised fitness sessions work perfectly well with this approach, where trainers will provide the time and attention you require to achieve your unique fitness goals. This way you are safe and restricting the spread of the virus while getting fit!

    Further, hybrid mode of fitness classes is also a trend this year, where you can choose to work out at the comfort of your home on certain days and visit the training centre on others. This combination will break the monotony and keep you motivated to regularly engage in a fitness activity. This further promotes your mental well-being.
    Research shows that exercise reduces anxiety, depression, alleviates low self-esteem, social withdrawal and negative moods. Exercising every day can help you break out of the vicious cycle of stress, anxiety, reduced functionality that further leads to stress!

    Moreover, if you are working out with a small group taking necessary precautions, then there is a good chance of bonding and building quality relationships that also improve your mental health.

    Fitness As A Lifestyle:

    As the plan this year is to be consistent, with a holistic approach to fitness, merging everyday activities as opportunities to get fit is the way to go. Cooking your meals rather than ordering in, taking the stairs instead of the lift, walking short distances and meeting your step goals can all contribute to an active lifestyle, especially if your job requires you to sit for long hours. Eventually, eating nutrient-rich meals and regular body movement will become your way of life.
    You will also not feel guilty when you skip work out on a day or two!

    Combination Workouts For Improved Well-being:

    Another advantage of customised fitness plans to suit your unique needs is that you can try a mix of different things to achieve your goals. Combination workouts are also among the fitness trends for 2022.

    Here are some examples:

    • Micro workouts: These are best suited for those who have hectic schedules that do not allow enough time for a full-fledged workout. Experts suggest that engaging in short bursts of high-intensity exercises like a 15-min speed run or 10-20 min HIIT circuit training 4-5 times a week can significantly improve your heart health while keeping your weight in check. However, you must engage in micro workouts only under the supervision of an expert to avoid any injuries.
    • Yoga: After a short, intense workout session, you can do some relieving yoga stretches and breath work that will help your body and mind to cool off. You can opt for yoga on days when you have enough time, as yoga is a proven way to greatly enhance your physical and mental health.
    • Strength training: Fat loss is not the only thing on our fitness goals this year. Training to strengthen your muscles and tone your body is crucial too. You can include this on certain days, creating a good balance of fitness routines. Make sure you do it under expert supervision.

    Innovative Wearable Technology:

    Innovative wearable technology is also a 2022 fitness trend, which will help track your progress efficiently. You can measure your activity levels and food consumption along with your breath and stress levels, menstrual cycle, heart rate, blood pressure, and your sleep. They also give you essential and timely alerts, for instance, suggesting you take a deep breath when it notes a rise in your heart rate if stressed, or when it is time for you have some water. This assistance can keep you motivated to be consistent with your fitness journey and achieve a long-lasting


    It is best to consult a professional before you begin your fitness regimen to ensure that the plan is suitable to your health needs and to avoid any health complications.


    • Aim for a slow and steady fitness journey and choose activities you enjoy, at least a couple of times in the week.
    • Have long-term, achievable goals that are sustainable and focus on cultivating a healthy lifestyle.
    • If you skip working out for a day or two, don’t stress. Resume the day after. In fact, rest days aid consistency.
    • Don’t skip meals or go on crash diets. Have nutritious, balanced meals. Satisfy your cravings as restricting can make you overeat.
    • Drink enough water.
    • Listen to your body. Be mindful when eating and exercising, as it helps you understand when to stop.
    • Find an online buddy to join you for workouts, it will keep you motivated.
    UPTO 50% Off on All Services
    UPTO 50% Off on All Services

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