Which Exercises That Burn The Most Calories?

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Exercises That Burn Most Calories

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    Are you a health enthusiast? If you plan to get fit, then which exercises burn the most calories must be the top question on your mind. You are more likely to lose weight when you can burn more calories than you consume within a day. Based on the calorie used, you can choose the exercises to help you achieve weight loss. The calories you burn, however, depends on multiple factors. Here’s a quick read to familiarize you with best calorie burning exercise that burns most calories and are a safe and effective bet for shedding the extra kilos.

    Why Is It Important To Know What Exercise Burns The Most Calories?

    If you are a fitness enthusiast and follow a strict workout and diet regimen, you know how much each calorie matters! Most weight-watchers prefer keeping track of the calories they burn while working out. It is a good habit, as it helps them plan their diet and tweak their workout schedules accordingly.

    What Factors Influence Calories-Burn During Workout?

    Even though you must not consider only calories used while preparing a workout plan, it can help you choose which exercises will most effectively help you shed the extra kilos. However, the number of calories you burn while exercising depends on factors such as:

    • Your body weight and height
    • The intensity of your workout
    • The pace of your performance
    • The total duration of your exercise routine

    How Many Calories Do Different Exercises Burn?

    Here is a list of some moderate and vigorous physical activities and their calorie burn. Please note that the results may be approximate and may vary based on the factors listed above.

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    Calories Used per Hour in Common Physical Activities

    Moderate Physical Activity Approximate Calories/30 Minutes for a 70 kg Person1 Approximate Calories/Hr for a 70 kg Person1
    Hiking 185 370
    Light gardening/yard work 165 330
    Dancing 165 330
    Golf (walking and carrying clubs) 165 330
    Bicycling (<10 mph) 145 290
    Walking (3.5 mph) 140 280
    Weight lifting (general light workout) 110 220
    Stretching 90 180
    Vigorous Physical Activity Approximate Calories/30 Minutes for a 70 kg Person1 Approximate Calories/Hr for a 70 kg Person1
    Running/jogging (5 mph) 295 590
    Bicycling (>10 mph) 295 590
    Swimming (slow freestyle laps) 255 510
    Aerobics 240 480
    Walking (4.5 mph) 230 460
    Heavy yard work (chopping wood) 220 440
    Weight lifting (vigorous effort) 440
    Basketball (vigorous) 220 440

    Before you jump into action, it is advisable to consult a certified fitness trainer to select a suitable workout regimen curated for achieving your fitness goals keeping your baseline weight, targeted weight loss, activity levels, health conditions, dietary intake and lifestyle habits in mind.

    Top 9 Workouts That Burn The Most Calories

    Here’s a quick rundown list of exercises you can pick to burn more calories within a short time compared to any other form of workouts:

    1. Walking:

    It is the simplest form of exercise that can burn many calories. A 30-minute walk in the park will suffice for the day if you follow a balanced diet and are physically fit. Walking is a very convenient exercise, safe for older adults and people recovering from an injury.

    A 30-minute workout may burn up to 230 calories.

    1. Running:

    According to most fitness experts and personal trainers, running helps you burn the most calories compared to other forms of vigorous exercises. Running improves your stamina, endurance, and flexibility. First, start running slowly and gradually increase the pace and duration to get the best weight loss results.

    A 30-minute workout may burn up to 295 calories.

    1. Jumping Jacks:

    It is a fantastic form of a full-body workout. It is a cardio exercise that increases the heart rate. Include it as a part of the warmup session. You can perform jumping jacks at home without any equipment.

    A 30-minute workout may burn up to 240 calories.

    1. Jumping Rope:

    Jumping rope or skipping also helps burn calories by spiking your heart rate. It is also helpful in building lower-leg strength. Perform it within the comforts of your home using jumping or skipping rope.

    A 30-minute workout may burn up to 240 calories.

    1. Swimming:

    Swimming is helpful in torching calories; it is a low-impact exercise. Swimming improves blood flow, overall muscle strength, and lung and heart capacity. Performing water aerobics or laps also help attain quick weight loss results. It is a refreshing workout for both the mind and body as it helps de-stress.

    A 30-minute workout may burn up to 255 calories.

    1. Jogging:

    Jogging is a cardio workout that helps strengthen your lower body and simultaneously raise the heart rate. It is a simple slow-paced endurance exercise that can help you burn calories effectively.

    To perform this exercise, you will have to run in a place and lift your knees as high as possible. You can pump your arms up and down while doing so. This is a no-equipment exercise that you can do easily at home to get fit.

    A 30-minute workout may burn up to 295 calories.

    1. Butt Kicks

    Butt kicks are a high-intensity, cardio workout. It burns extra calories quickly and effectively. It is a good option if you have been a regular at the gym and are now looking for some intensive yet equipment-free exercise.

    A 30-minute workout may burn up to 240 calories.

    1. Stationary Cycling:

    Stationary cycling is a vigorous workout. It is a high-intensity exercise that can help you burn calories quickly at home. Start using the stationary bicycle you bought for yourself as part of your home workout. It is advisable to do a few warmup exercises before using this equipment to avoid sprains and other injuries.

    A 30-minute workout may burn up to 295 calories.

    1. Dancing:

    Dancing is a fun and effective form of exercise for the mind and body. You can choose to do it solo or with friends and family. It is a good cardio workout that can quickly boost your heart rate and mood. Many people opt for dance-based fitness regimens such as Zumba and Bokwa to de-stress while they sweat it out.

    A 30-minute workout may burn up to 240 calories.

    So choose from the above nine exercises to achieve the fit and healthy body that you’ve always wanted. Start exercising today to burn all those extra calories and kick-start your fitness revolution. Remember that weight loss is a gradual process; it requires persistent effort and hard work to see the desired results.

    To achieve and sustain your health goals, plan your workout and nutrition intake by consulting an experienced weight loss expert

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