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    There can be different types of bumps on face. From sun damage to acne, one can experience various kinds of skin-related issues that start from small tiny bumps on the face. If left untreated, these bumps under the skin can aggravate and affect the overall texture of your skin.

    Small Bumps On Face

    While everyone likes to have a flawless skin, various pimple-like bumps might appear without any warning. Lots of these facial bumps appear due to a bacterial or fungal infection. Due to their shape, they might look like pimples or a form of acne. However, if you look closely, some of these can have white colour, others can simply cause a fibrous crust and a few others may turn into rash bumps on face. These tend to appear most frequently on the forehead, nose, upper lip, and chin areas in the form of fleshy bumps.

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    Types Of Face Bumps

    The overall appearance of face bumps depends on the type of infection that might have triggered these pimple type bumps in the first place. Some prominent one’s are:

    • Acne Bumps: Clogged pores on the face or oily skin can result in acne. They are identified by tiny red bumps that can later be expanded to form a crust.
    • Moles Like Small Tiny Bumps: Moles can occur due to a chronic condition and are associated with pigmentation.
    • Warts Like Bumps On Skin: They usually have a darker shade (brown or black) with a crusty formation.
    • Milia Like White Skin Bumps – These are small white bumps on the face that are loaded with keratin. The overdevelopment of sweat glands is the major cause of milia in children.
    • Comedones: They look like acne bumps on face and are usually caused due to infection.
    • Cyst: These tiny bumps under skin on the face can result in the formation of a cyst. Do not ignore them as the presence of this skin outgrowth can also be directly linked to a major health issue.
    • Rashes: Rashes and shaving bumps on the face are also common and are most frequently caused by cuts.
    • Other Issues: Skin conditions like melanoma, keratosis pilaris, fibrous papules, nevi, etc. can cause the formation of bumps on the facial skin.

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    Causes Of Bumps On The Face

    • Razor or shaving bumps are caused by cuts and ingrown hair while shaving.
    • When pimples or acne are picked, it can also cause a rash with an uneven texture.
    • Inflammation is one of the major reasons for the formation of bumps on the face.
    • Excessive sun exposure can result in white bumps on face.
    • An allergic reaction to skin products or an overuse of cosmetic products can further form pimple type bumps on the face.
    • Calcium deposits on the skin, clogged pores, or bacterial infections are some other leading causes of lots of bumps on face.
    • Hormonal changes are often associated with adolescent or pregnancy bumps on the face.
    • Moles, dehydration, a change in the environment, and unhealthy eating habits can also cause rash bumps.

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    Symptoms of Bumps On Face

    • Inflammation and irritation of the skin are often seen during the initial stages of skin-related issues like bumps.
    • Symptoms related to dehydration can also manifest as bumps on the face.
    • Clogged pores give rise to a red or sore bump
    • Rashes on the body are a sign of bumps on face
    • Overly dry skin is a symptom which may cause severe skin deformities if over-looked.

    Treatments For Bumps On Face

    1. Laser Therapy

      The upper layer of the skin is exposed to pixel laser by a Dermatologist. This carefully damages the scarred tissue while keeping the healthy cells intact. This prompts a natural response in the body to produce collagen, which heals the wound with fresh and unmarked skin.

    2. Chemical Peeling:

      A chemical peel is one of the most commonly opted treatments for various kinds of skin-related issues like bumps, scars, sun damage, pimples etc. US FDA-approved chemical ingredients (like alpha hydroxyl acid) are used to prepare a solution, which is applied to the face by a Dermatologist. This peels off the upper layer of the skin, treating various irregularities and letting the healthy tissue grow.

    3. Dermabrasion:

      A special abrasive tool is used, which has either metal wires or diamond-shaped metal cap. The tool is carefully moved on the surface of the affected area which helps ablate the upper layer of the skin and the bumps. This allows newer and healthier cells to grow and form flawless skin. This service can be abrasive to the skin and is only provided by a dermatologist.

    4. Curettage:

      The process is quite similar to Dermabrasion and is mostly used to treat fleshy bumps on the face. These bumps are scrapped off surgically, using a sharp microscopic instrument. This triggers the production of collagen that results in evenly toned skin.

    5. Cryotherapy:

      This is an advanced treatment for tiny bumps on the face and gives immediate relief. With the assistance of liquid nitrogen, the bumps are frozen. This also helps deal with any swelling and inhibits any infection from spreading on the skin. Later, the bumps are carefully removed.

    6. Topical Medication:

      This is the simplest treatment for tiny bumps. One can buy over the counter medicines or consult a Dermatologist for dedicated assistance as well. Most of the topical medicines contain salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide that disinfects the skin.

    7. Oral Medicines:

      They are mostly taken in conjunction with topical medicines for effective internal treatment. These are antibacterial and antifungal that controls the infection from spreading or becoming more severe.

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    When To See A Doctor For Facial Bumps

    Simply put, if you are getting lots of bumps on skin, then you should consult a doctor. Chances are that it could only be a skin-related issue. Nevertheless, sometimes cysts and tiny bumps under skin on the face can be related to more severe health conditions like skin cancer. They can also occur due to other problems like melanoma or Milia. If the bumps form due to an allergic reaction, then a Dermatologist can simply prescribe the suitable medicines. Also if non-surgical procedures can be done then they would prevent any further damage to skin. Therefore, it is recommended to consult a doctor at an early stage to avoid any complications.

    Prevention Of Bumps On Face

    • Avoid the use of excessive makeup on your skin.
    • If you have oily skin, wash it 2-3 times a day and use dedicated cosmetics for your skin type.
    • Use a disinfectant while washing your face to prevent bacterial or fungal infections.
    • Avoid rash shaving or overusing products to prevent shaving bumps on your face.
    • Do not exchange or borrow personal items (like towels or razors) that can spread infection.
    • Keep your body hydrated, exercise regularly, and eat healthy food.

    To further learn how to get rid of little bumps on the face, you can consult an experienced dermatologist. If you want to get dedicated treatment for tiny bumps on the face, then you can simply book an appointment at the nearest branch. A certified expert will make sure you get flawless skin with no more bumps on your face.

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