How To Remove Dark Circles Under Eyes: Treatments & Cost

How To Remove Dark Circles Under Eyes Permanently?


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Juggling work, social affairs, family life, and perfect health all at once can be an arduous task! Maintaining everything and everyone may shorten your sleep hours and this will certainly result in under-eye circles. Dark circles can be an infuriating for some, often refusing to go away, but there is a solution to this problem. Let us first understand what these unsightly dark circles are and how they form under the eyes.

What Are Dark Circles Under Eyes?

Dark circles underneath the eyes are blood vessels that are visible through the skin. As you grow old, your skin loses collagen and becomes thin. When blood passes through the veins in the area, a bluish tinted blemish appears, which are termed as dark circles. They are called periorbital dark circles or periorbital hyperpigmentation. Dark circles are one of the most common dermatology concerns which affects both men and women. They are often accompanied by under eye bags which can make you look older than your actual age.

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What Causes Under Eye Dark Circles?

Here are some main reasons why you are suffering from dark circles –

  1. Age – Dark circles become more prominent as we age because of the loss of collagen from our skin.
  2. Medication – Certain oral medication may cause the blood vessels to dilate. This will cause the under-eye circles to appear more visibly than before.
  3. Hereditary – Dark circles can even be inherited from your parents or grandparents. Indian skin can develop periorbital hyperpigmentation causing the area underneath your eyes to become dark and create more melanin than necessary. This physical trait is often passed down from one generation to another.
  4. Lack of sleep – The most obvious and frequent cause for dark circles is due to the lack of sleep. The blood vessels can be overly strained and tired resulting in under-eye circles. No sleep can make your skin paler, making your dark circles more prominent against a lighter complexion.
  5. Anemia – Low iron levels can contribute to dark circles as lack of oxygen supply to the blood vessel may dilate them and cause dark circles.
  6. Stress – Stress has been known to decrease blood circulation and melatonin (the hormone responsible for sleep). Both symptoms will lead to dark circles under your eyes.
  7. Allergy – Dust allergy, hives or any other form of pollutant can irritate your eyes causing them to tear up and which leads to a build-up of fluid in the blood vessels present, causing these circles to form.
  8. Food intolerance – Those allergic to dairy, shellfish, gluten or any other food group, may suffer from this more than people who have no food allergies. This is due to the poor reaction of food with blood affecting the blood vessels underneath your eyes which then darken and create prominent dark circles.

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How To Get Rid Of Dark Circles Permanently?

Here are some of the dark circle treatment methods, which can help you to remove and manage this condition.

  1. Laser Treatment– Laser eye vein treatment is an advanced dark circle removal treatment that brighten up your under-eye area as it clears the hyperpigmentation and bulging by cauterizing broken spider veins. It reduces the darkness, puffiness and even helps with fine lines and wrinkles. Laser therapy works by reducing the fluid caused by broken capillaries. Laser uses light energy beamed narrowly to gently exfoliate the skin thereby reducing the darkness in the overall area. Lasers such as the Alexandrite Laser and Q-switched Nd: YAG are best suited for the eye area.
  2. Chemical Peel Treatment– There are many suitable preparations of chemical peels that can reduce the darkness of your under-eye area. Glycolic acid trichloroacetic acid and lactic acid can be used in an appropriate quantity to treat infraorbital and periorbital dark circles. Please do not attempt to try any over the counter peels on your own as that can be very dangerous. The chemical peels can irritate the delicate eye area if not applied properly.
  3. Retinoids– It’s believed to be one of the most powerful ingredients to treat ageing related concerns including under eye dark circles. The regular use of retinols has proven to increase collagen production and skin thickness. You can get retinol in the form of creams and lotions. While these products are effective in treating your condition it may often cause irritation. Therefore, before choosing a retinol cream for dark circles you should consult a dermatologist.
  4. Home Remedies – You may have heard of age old remedies promising you instant dark circle removal. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that they may work. Instead, choose from a viable and proven cosmetic treatment that will improve the texture of your skin around the eyes, reduce the darkness of the circles as well as brighten the overall area.

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How Long Does It Take To Reduce Dark Circles?

It depends entirely on the individual’s pre-existing health conditions. Each individual reacts differently to the treatment they are undergoing and the time frame may vary according to the type of treatment and the severity of the dark circles. The estimated time frame to reduce the intensity of dark circles is between 3-4 weeks.

What Is The Cost Of Dark Circle Removal?

The cost of dark circle peel treatment will range between Rs. 1,000 – Rs. 4,000 per session and laser treatment costs between Rs. 1,500 – Rs. 5,000. The cost of dark circle laser treatment will vary depending on the severity of the hyperpigmentation, the number of sessions required and the location of the clinic.

Tips To Reduce Dark Circles

Dark circles may be a nuisance to get rid of, but they can be prevented and lessened by incorporating some useful tips in your daily grooming routine.

  1. Use under eye lightening cream – Choose an under eye cream infused with Vitamin C, niacinamide, collagen and lactic acid. Such ingredients will help decrease the pigmentation and lighten the under eye area.
  2. Sunscreen – Please do not forget to apply sunscreen under your eyes before stepping out. Sun rays are particularly harmful on the delicate areas around your eyes.
  3. Sunglasses – Lastly, protection is the best key to prevent under eye darkening. Sunscreen is very helpful but you can take an extra step to prevent dark circles. Buy a pair of good quality sunglasses and use them whenever you are outside.
  4. An extra pillow – An elevated position for your head whilst sleeping will prohibit the accumulation of fluids around your eyes, thereby reducing the appearance of dark circles.
  5. Be gentle while removing makeup – Avoid tugging and harsh rubbing while removing your eye-makeup. The skin under your eyes is 0.5mm thick compared to other areas which are 2mm thick, the skin can easily be damaged and darkened with harsh rubbing.
  6. Antihistamine – If you’re constantly sneezing or suffering from an allergic reaction, then please use an antihistamine to control your allergies. This will significantly help the blood vessels and make your dark circles appear lighter.
  7. Warm and cold compress – Using a warm and cold compress can drain the lymphatic fluids present under your eyes and alleviate the darkness.
  8. Use your ring finger – Since the under eye area is so thin and delicate; please remember to apply any skin care product using only your ring finger. Your ring finger has the weakest touch and applies extremely light pressure. This will prevent any under eye damage.
  9. Sleep mask – Rubbing your eyes can be quite satisfying sometimes, but it can also damage or wrinkle the under eye area. If you are worried about any action that happens when you are fast asleep, then it would be beneficial to invest in a sleep mask to safeguard your eyes.

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Are Dark Circles Under Eyes A Symptom Of Iron Deficiency?

Yes absolutely. Deficiency of iron will cause the area underneath your eyes to darken. A poor supply of blood will cause poor blood and oxygen circulation This can lead to the darkening of the under eye area.

Are There Any Vitamins That Reduces Under-Eye Circles?

A well-balanced diet with adequate amounts of iron and vitamin C (which helps with proper iron absorption) will help prevent these circles. Unfortunately, there isn’t a particular vitamin that has been known to reduce them.

Do not let your dark circles spoil your beauty and charm. Visit your dermatologist and enquire about the various treatments you can opt for to help reduce those dark baggy circles from underneath your eyes.

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