How To Get Rid Of Skin Wrinkles?


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    Like trees, you can get an idea of the age and experience of a person from the fine lines and creases that develop over time. Unlike trees, these wrinkles may affect the overall image of youthfulness that a person may want to keep for as long as possible. To attain a wrinkle-free skin, there are several effective treatment options that can give the skin a young and energetic appearance for the many years to come.

    What Are Wrinkles?

    The lines, creases, and folds that appear on your face, especially as you get older, are wrinkles. These are formed mainly around areas of frequent muscle usage and get more prominent over time. As a person gets older, the skin is not able to protect and heal itself as well as before due to the layers of skin losing their elasticity and becoming thinner and drier. This leads to wrinkle formation.

    Why Does Skin Get Wrinkled With Age?

    With age being the primary factor, the skin starts to lose its elasticity and develops wrinkles. Skin damage from sun exposure, smoking, and dehydration can also lead to the skin losing elasticity. All of these primarily cause wrinkles. Other causes include –

    • Areas of frequent muscle usage, such as facial muscles, can lead to expression lines or wrinkles on the face.
    • Wrinkles can be caused by the intake of some medications or by environmental pollutants and genetic factors.
    • Excessive exposure to ultraviolet light (UV rays) via tanning salons and sunbathing is one of the more common reasons for a variety of skin issues including formation of wrinkles.

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    Can You Get A Wrinkle-Free Skin?

    The appearance of superficial wrinkles can be reduced with cosmetic creams and works best when supplemented with moisturizers, sunscreen, and a healthy diet with a high vitamin intake. For deeper creases, reversal might not be possible unless one subscribes to laser treatments, fillers, and other cosmetic treatments.

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    What Works In Treating Skin Wrinkles?

    The most effective treatments for wrinkled skin are the ones you would receive from a dermatologist at a skin clinic. Medications like topical retinoid creams, when used in conjunction with a skin care program or general over-the-counter creams, vary in success due to the variety of ingredients and their cure-all nature. Most wrinkle issues are unique to each individual and similarly, need a customized and unique treatment plan to achieve a wrinkle-free skin.

    Most Effective Treatment For Skin Wrinkles

    • Fillers – As the name suggests, fillers are used with the aim of changing the profile of the face by injecting materials into the skin to fill in deep folds. The most conventional filler material was collagen, but hyaluronic acid has also entered the fray becoming a popular choice for dermatologists. Fillers are popularly used for under eye wrinkles, wrinkles around mouth, and nasolabial folds (lines running from the corners of the nose to the corners of the mouth).
    • Radio Frequency (RF) – RF or radiofrequency treatment uses the principle of bipolar microneedling radiofrequency. The needles deposit heat and disrupt the sub-layer of skin, which in turn prompts the body to produce collagen. The introduction of new collagen improves skin texture and serves as a treatment for wrinkled skin all over the face. This treatment for wrinkles has no downtime and does not leave behind any marks even though it is a mildly invasive treatment. The treatment is also relatively painless as a topical anesthetic is applied on the target area. Post the treatment, the patient is left with mild redness and a warm sensation, which subsides in an hour or two.
    • Laser Resurfacing – Safe laser resurfacing treatments for fine line and wrinkle removal use Erbium YAG fractionated laser technology. A laser splits into smaller beams and removes irregular skin layer by layer, thereby revealing younger and healthier looking skin. In addition, it promotes collagen production, which aids in the skin texture improvement and smoothening out of the wrinkles.

    Before And After Results

    Wrinkles and fine lines can be a thing of the past with a variety of treatments to choose from, keeping you looking young and healthy and proving that age is just a number.

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