What’s The Best Option To Remove Chest Hair?

how to remove chest hair

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    Gone are the days when the hairy chest was a trait of masculinity. Modern men now prefer to have a clean chest and stomach. As a result body hair grooming is fast becoming a trend among the males. How do you remove chest hair? Well, the solution is laser hair removal – a simple, effective and painless procedure to get rid of unwanted hair from the chest.

    What Causes Excessive Hair Growth On Chest?

    There are a plethora of factors that govern the hair growth rate and pattern in your body. Before you learn about the best ways to remove chest hair, it is vital to understand why you have them. So, let us uncover the science behind excessive hair growth on the chest.

    • Hormonal Imbalance: Considering the busy lives, stress levels, and the impurities in the food we eat and the air we breathe, it is obvious that we all are vulnerable to health issues. Factors like improper sleeping and eating habits can disturb the hormonal balances. These are the major reasons that create noticeable changes in the body. One such change is the growth of hair in chest, stomach and back regions.
    • Genetic Disposition: Various studies conducted by experienced professionals indicated that genetic factors are responsible for the density, length, colour, and texture of your hair. While some people may be affected by genetic hair loss, others can have the opposite situation of genetic hair growth.
    • Hypertrichosis: The term Hypertrichosis refers to an abnormal amount of hair growth over the body. Hypertrichosis can be categorized as either generalized or localized hypertrichosis. It can also be classified as either congenital or acquired.

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    How To Remove Chest Hair?

    There are various men’s hair removal methods like:

    • Electric Trimming: An electric trimmer can serve as a lifesaver when you need a hair-free chest in a hurry. Electric trimming is fast and easy but it is a temporary solution. It does not promise a soft-feel for longer than 2-3 days as hair grow soon again.
    • Shaving: Men can shave the chest with a regular shaving foam and razor. It is considered a common way to get that hair-free chest in a few minutes. However, shaving chest can irritate the skin easily and cause rashes and razor burns. Cuts are also very common.
    • Hair Removal Cream: There is a plethora of gels, creams, lotions, aerosols, and roll-on forms of depilatories available in the market today. Depilatory creams are an easy and temporary hair removal solution; however, it may not suit everyone. They are highly alkaline (or, in some cases acidic) formulations that affect the protein structure of the hair.
    • Waxing: Though waxing is a very common hair removal method among women, men generally resist going for it. It can be painful if you have a dense hair growth on your chest. If you can handle the pain, it can give you a smooth skin for a couple of days.
    • Electrolysis: Electrolysis is considered a permanent hair removal method since it destroys the hair follicle. It uses a shortwave radio frequency to get rid of the unwanted hair. The treatment includes certain risks, such as infection from an unsterile needle and scarring from improper technique. It requires a series of appointments over a period of time.
    • Epilation: Epilation is an easy, fast, and temporary way get to get rid of excessive chest hair. All you need is a good epilator and get set go! Though Epilation is easy, it does not promise a hair-free chest for longer than 2 weeks.
    • Tweezing Or Threading: Tweezing or threading chest hair requires a lot of patience, as it is a time taking and effort-intensive job. This method is recommended only if you have a few strands of hair on your chest.

    However, if we talk about a permanent and convenient solution which—it would be laser hair removal.

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    Laser Chest Hair Removal

    Laser hair removal is one of the most commonly performed procedures in cosmetic dermatology. It offers permanent reduction of coarse hair. Unlike other methods, laser hair treatment works on the stem cells in the bulge of the follicle and removes the targeted hair.

    How Does Laser Treatment Work?

    Laser hair removal treatment uses a specific wavelength of light and pulse duration on a targeted tissue to destroy the hair-producing stem cells with minimal effect on surrounding tissues. It works on the principle of selective photothermolysis (SPTL).

    An intense pulsating beam of light (IPL) is sent through each hair shaft into the follicle to destroy the root, which weakens the follicle and causes the hair to eventually fall out. This treatment disables the future hair growth in the treated area. While some people might get baby hair, however the color and texture of hair is mostly unrecognisable. Thus laser based removal is widely accepted as the best way to reduce hair growth.

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    Is Laser Chest Hair Removal The Best Option?

    The major benefits of laser hair removal are:

    • Safe, effective and convenient
    • Quick and painless procedure
    • Performed by trained dermatologists
    • Works on all Indian skin types
    • Risk-free treatment

    Is It A Safe Treatment?

    Majority of people opting for laser hair removal find it pain free and safe. However, some people may experience minor side effects like itching, swelling, redness and tingling. There do not appear to be any long-term health risks associated with this procedure.

    What Is The Cost Of Laser Chest Hair Removal?

    The cost of chest laser hair removal ranges between Rs 5,900 to Rs 10,900 per session. However, the overall cost may vary based on factors like choice of laser technology used (advanced FDA approved laser will cost more), strength of hair, density of hair on chest, skin type, colour of hair and skin, experience of the dermatologist and underlying health condition.

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    How Many Laser Treatments Are Required? 

    The hair follicle on chest and stomach area is relatively coarse and roughly 20% of the hair responds to each session. Therefore, 6-8 sessions of treatment is advised to see better results. However, it might be more or less based on individual case.

    Who Is A Suitable Candidate?

    Laser-based chest hair removal is suitable for an adult male. Even, females with hairy chest or abdomen are suitable candidates for this procedure. For determining the suitability of the candidate, dermatologist will do a thorough medical check before undertaking this procedure. In case an underlying health condition is detected, suitable medication is prescribed in conjunction with laser hair removal.

    What Are The Before And After Results?

    For improving the efficacy of laser chest hair removal, it is important to get a customized treatment from an expert dermatologist, avoid skin care products and parlour treatments at least 6 weeks prior to the appointment, and shave the day just before the treatment. After chest hair removal treatment it is important adhere to the follow-up schedule, apply sunscreen, avoid tanning beds perfumes and parlour services, and follow dermatologist recommended process of exfoliation and moisturizing for the skin.

    laser chest hair removal before and after results

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