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The Ultimate Guide Of Body Hair Removal For Men

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    Do you want to go for hair removal but are clueless about how to get started? Have you tried waxing but feel the pain and convenience are not worth the temporary results? Well, you are not alone. Hair removal is a top grooming need among most modern men today! Opting for hair-free skin is no longer a posh grooming practice for male models, actors and athletes alone. If you too want to go for it, check out the various hair removal options available for men to know your best bet to get hair-free skin right here!

    Do Men Groom Body Hair?

    Removing unwanted body hair, including pubic hair or manscaping is one of the most popular grooming trends among metrosexual men today. Using the rugged blade to remove the stubble has been a primary grooming practice among men since forever. However, the evolved grooming practices of the modern man today involves regular hair removal from below the face too! Top fashion magazines claim that a majority of men choose to trim their hair growth regularly in the below the belt region. Opting for hair-free skin in the chest, underarms, shoulders, abdomen, back, arms, legs and pubic/private area can help boost your hygiene standards. Smart grooming of body hair can even add a more chiselled look to your physique than before!

    Are There Specialised Hair Removal Products For Men?

    Men have a much coarser, thicker, darker and prolific body hair growth than women is common knowledge. While women have terminal or rough, dark and long hair growth limited to the private/pubic area and underarms, men have it all over their body, including their face, chest, legs, arms, abdomen, back, genital area and sometimes even on their shoulders, ears and nose! So, conventional hair removal methods that work for women may require a more aggressive effort and massive expenditure for men and yet prove painful or ineffective to control the man menace!

    Fret not! There is a spurt in the number of hair removal products that cater to men’s grooming needs. Various body razors, sophisticated trimmers and depilatory creams are now available for the man of today who chooses to go hair-free! Professional hair removal services are also in high demand. Several salons offer waxing packages designed for men, while laser clinics are topping the popularity charts among men for providing customised, painless and relatively permanent hair removal.

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    Top 3 Myths Associated With Hair Removal For Men

    It’s time to debunk a few other popular misconceptions related to men’s hair removal so that you can make the right choice when it comes to personal grooming:

    1. Hairiness is a sign of masculinity: On the contrary, a hairy chest or unwanted hair tufts sprouting from the ears, nose, underarms, even private areas besides arms and legs are a strict no-no for the new-age man.
    2. Shaving body hair will result in thicker, darker and coarser hair growth: This is a myth associated with the use of the razor. Since shaving removes the hair from the surface of the skin, it may result in prickly regrowth. However, the thickness, texture or tone of the hair remain unchanged.
    3. Hair removal increases the rate of regrowth: Most self-care methods offer surface hair removal, so the rate of regrowth remains unaffected. Choosing advanced laser hair removal, on the other hand, can help you enjoy a permanent reduction in hair growth.

    If you are keen to go for body hair removal, read the next section to learn about the different options available for men.

    Best Hair Removal Methods For Men

    Modern men have several hair removal methods at their disposal, ranging from quick-fixes to permanent solutions, pocket-friendly to cost-effective ways. Here is a complete guide for manscaping right! Check out the pros and cons of each technique and check out simple tips to go hair-free safely and effectively!

    • Razors And Trimmers:

      Shaving is a versatile, affordable and home-based method for men to eliminate the hair growth from across the body, including the face, underarms, arms, chest, abdomen, private area and legs. The new-age body razors for men have a rounded head, disposable blades with multiple lubrication strips and anti-slip grip apt for manscaping. An electric trimmer for men is a sleek grooming gadget that has several comb attachments for reducing different lengths of body hair across the varied contours. It is the first choice of men for grooming the unwanted fuzz, especially in the pubic area. Reducing your body hair with a trimmer can help you add definition to your torso too! However, both shaving and trimming give short-lived results. You may need to repeat the grooming regimen daily to maintain hair-free skin. Shaving also involves a high risk of razor burns, cuts and ingrowth while trimming is a safer bet if you are a newbie at hair removal and have sensitive skin.

      Tip: Shave in the direction of hair growth after exfoliating your skin to prevent ingrowth. Use a body razor and apply shaving cream or gel and a soothing after-shave balm for preventing razor burns. While trimming excess body hair fix the right comb length that can help you tame full-length fuzz. It is a good idea to trim the unwanted hair before shaving as it will minimise the clogging of blades. Trimming pubic hair may be a better bet than shaving to avoid prickly regrowth and rashes in the sensitive terrain.

    • Hair Removal Creams:

      Depilatory cream is a super-affordable grooming product that is available at your nearest drug-store! It enjoys a growing demand among men as it offers an ultra-convenient, quick and pain-free hair removal. Although it removes hair from the surface of the skin, the results last much longer than shaving! The chemical-based formula of hair removal creams, lotions or sprays can dissolve even the thick and coarse hair that men have within a matter of minutes! It is ideal for use in smaller areas of the body like underarms, shoulders, hands, feet and abdomen. A word of caution, its harsh chemical ingredients have a pungent odour and may cause allergic reactions if you have sensitive skin. It may not be safe for prolonged use.

      Tip: Do a patch test before using it. Avoid using over scars, moles and sunburnt skin to prevent skin irritation. Apply for stipulated time only. Read the label carefully to check if it is suitable for removing hair from the pubic/private parts to avoid suffering from rashes and burns.

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    • Scissors:

      Well, it is a must-have in the grooming kit for men. A pair of modest scissors are handy for facial hair grooming. It can help you trim down the stray strands of your beard, moustaches and brows with just a snip. It can also help keep the unwanted fuzz peeking from your nostrils and ears out of sight! Although it is a pocket and travel-friendly option to groom unwanted hair, it does not offer hair removal.

      Tip: Use a medical-grade pair of stainless steel scissors with rounded ends. Stand in front of the mirror in a well-lighted room to minimise nicks and cuts while using one. Wipe the scissors with an alcohol swab before and after use.

    • Electrolysis:

      It is a painful method of hair removal that involves the use of micro-needles to send an electric current to the hair follicle and destroy the stem cells that cause hair growth. While it may offer long-lasting results when compared to the surface hair removal methods discussed above,  it is only useful for hair removal from smaller areas such as ears, eyebrows, underarms, upper lip area, back of the neck and feet. The main downside is that it is an ineffective, long-drawn and expensive treatment that can take a minimum of 12 sessions and up to a year to get rid of body hair. It involves a high risk of causing hyperpigmentation.

      Tip: Since electrolysis uses obsolete technology, most reputed skin clinics do not offer it. Verify the credentials of a service provider before opting for this treatment.

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    • Laser Hair Removal:

      It is a new-age aesthetic procedure that uses cutting-edge laser technology to target unwanted hair follicles with precision. It is a great grooming option if you are looking for pain-free and effective hair removal. It is the safest bet as it can destroy coarse and dark hair without causing any side-effects and has almost nil downtime. Unlike electrolysis, this method is best for removing hair from the large body areas such as the chest, arms, back, shoulders, abdomen and legs as well as the sensitive zones like the ear, upper cheeks, nose, underarms, and private parts. It is a quick, convenient and cost-effective option for metrosexual men who want to attain hair-free skin. It offers a permanent reduction in the growth and density of hair within limited sessions.

      Tip: Choose a premier skin clinic that has the latest laser equipment and a team of experienced dermatologists to enjoy a safe experience and the best results too! Do not wax in between your sessions. Use sun protection and avoid parlour sessions for a week after undergoing laser treatment.

      Have a look at this video to get a detailed insight into the laser hair removal procedure at top skin clinics.

    • Plucking:

      As the name suggests, this method involves pulling out stray strands one by one. It is a very time-consuming process not suitable for use across extensive areas of the body. It can cause burns if not done correctly.

      Tip: It can be a self-care method used for minimal maintenance in between your regular hair removal sessions at best.

    • Threading: 

      This is a popular parlour service to remove the excess hair growth on the nose and brows. A salon professional will twist a thread and manoeuvre it to remove the hair from the target area. It is a painful method that zaps the hair from the roots but offers results that do not last more than a week. The friction caused by moving the thread across the skin can also cause redness, cuts and rashes.

      Although it is not an effective method for hair removal, you can go for it if you are looking at shaping your brows.

    Check out the rating of all hair removal methods available for men on critical parameters like safety, duration of results, convenience and long-term cost before you take your pick.

    Now you know the benefits and limitations of each hair removal method for men. Go ahead and make an informed decision that matches your grooming needs and budget.

    UPTO 50% Off on All Services
    UPTO 50% Off on All Services

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