14 Day Body Sculpting Workout Challenge

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14-day body sculpting workout

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    Want to lose excess weight and achieve a toned and sculpted body in just two weeks? All you need is a complete body sculpting workout to increase muscle mass, burn calories, and get a well-toned physique. Let’s find out how to train and achieve the best body sculpting results at home within 14 days.

    Our 14-day full body sculpting workout for beginners is apt for all ages, and you don’t even have to invest in any expensive exercise equipment. Read on to know more about it!

    What Is Body Sculpting?

    Body sculpting is an exercise program that uses your body weight as resistance to get rid of excessive fat, strengthen your muscles and contour your body. You can achieve a sculpted physique non-surgically by following this program without investing in heavy-duty exercise machines. Body sculpting is also known as weight training, resistance training or strength training.

    Now you know about body sculpting, go ahead and find its top benefits.

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    Top 6 Benefits Of Body Sculpting

    Body sculpting exercises is a comprehensive fitness regimen that yields multiple benefits for both men and women, including the following:

    1. Eliminates excess fat: It helps reduce stubborn fat deposits around areas such as the abdomen, arms, back, waist and legs and facilitates healthy weight loss.
    2. Builds muscle mass: The body sculpting process helps increase lean muscle mass, and you can achieve a toned physique by the end of the 14-day body sculpting program.
    3. Boosts metabolism: It aims to increase your heart rate, which is the key to boosting metabolism and calorie burn, leading to visible body sculpting and weight loss results.
    4. Delivers quick outcome: The easy body sculpting exercises for beginners are simple enough to do at home without any gym equipment to get a visibly toned physique.
    5. Causes no drastic lifestyle changes: It doesn’t require any acute lifestyle changes, making it ideal for beginners or even post-natal women. However, you should train under the supervision of a professional trainer.
    6. Increases strength and improves stamina: It boosts body strength, improves performance, promotes stronger bones and joints. HIIT workouts are proven to increase your aerobic and anaerobic fitness significantly.

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    3 Workout Equipment You Need For Body Sculpting

    Firstly, you don’t need to buy equipment since ‘form’ is the key to body sculpting workouts. However, you will need the following:

    • A set of dumbbells: You will need a set of weights or dumbbells for most workouts. Go for dumbbells between three and seven kilos for strength training and one and two kilos for regular exercise. If you don’t have dumbbells, use filled gallons from the kitchen.
    • A resistance band: A mini loop resistance band is optional but recommended to tone your lower body, especially if you are a fitness enthusiast.
    • A mat or carpet: If you are working out at home, you will need a yoga mat or rug along with a mirror to keep an eye on your posture while training.

    You can follow online video tutorials to improve your fitness. You can also invest in a physio-ball but use it under a trainer’s supervision to avoid falling and hurting yourself.

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    What Is The 14-Day Body Sculpting Workout Challenge?

    The 14-day best body sculpting workout challenge is a comprehensive fitness program that tones various muscle groups and helps achieve a visibly sculpted physique within a fortnight!

    It comprises a combination of cardio, weight training and core routines. Each activity should last for 45 seconds, and you should perform every exercise four times in a row before moving on to the next. Take a break of 15 seconds between each set.

    There will be a 10-minute cardio interval before each exercise session. It will follow the same 45-second-on and 15-second-off style.

    The full-body warm-up routine should include the following:

    • 20 squats
    • 10 lunges on each leg
    • 15 front shoulder raises
    • 15 lateral shoulder raises
    • Foam roll spines (30 seconds)
    • Foam roll quads (30 seconds)

    Week 1: Workout routine for the first week comprise the following:

    • Monday: Full-body strength + HIIT
    • Tuesday: Upper-body HIIT
    • Wednesday: Cardio + Stretches
    • Thursday: Circuit 1 + Circuit 2
    • Friday: Circuit 2 + Circuit 3
    • Saturday: Full-body strength + HIIT
    • Sunday: Break

    Week 2: The exercise schedule for the second week includes the following:

    • Monday: Cardio + Stretches
    • Tuesday: Full-body HIIT and optional 10-min abs workout
    • Wednesday: Circuit 1 + Circuit 2
    • Thursday: Full-body strength + HIIT
    • Friday: Low-impact cardio + Arm workout
    • Saturday: Circuit 2 + Circuit 3
    • Sunday: Rest

    Circuit 1 (four rounds): For chest, triceps and butt

    Push-up planks, chest flies, reverse lunges, chair pose and planks with leg raises

    Circuit 2 (four rounds): For back, biceps and thighs

    Tricep push-ups, squat jumps, plie squats, inchworms, bicep curls, inner/outer leg lifts, back flies

    Circuit 3 (four rounds): For core muscles

    Roll-ups, side reaches, boat pose

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    Which Exercise Is Suitable For Different Body Shapes?

    Each body shape benefits from a unique exercise regimen that targets the stubborn fat deposits in the body’s specific area and enhances the physique. Take a look at the routines recommended for different body shapes:

    • Apple shape: Ab-toning exercises such as planks and crunches.
    • Pear shape: Reduce thighs and tone legs with squats, leg curls, leg presses, and calf raises.
    • Hourglass shape: Opt for aerobic exercises that provide a full-body workout.
    • Flute shape: Trim your waistline and add some curves with sit-ups, side planks and squats.
    • Athletic: Improve your stamina and get a more sculpted body with strength-training exercises.

    However, it is best to consult certified physical trainers to chalk out a customised training program and achieve the best results without any injuries, irrespective of your body shape.

    Tips For A Safe Body Sculpting Workout:

    You know that the 14-day body sculpting workout challenge accommodates all fitness levels and helps you achieve a visibly toned body physique. However, here are simple safety measures you should follow:

    1. If you’ve experienced prior injuries, surgeries, loss of strength or limited range of motion, or if you’re a new mother, talk to your doctor or fitness instructor before training to prevent injuries.
    2. When you lift weights, your muscles may get micro-tears, so make sure you rest for 24 hours before each workout for recovery.
    3. Avoid swinging your arms while doing bicep curls or relying on the momentum to lift weights. Instead, use light weights if needed.
    4. Don’t hunch your shoulders while doing shoulder raises or push-ups.
    5. Ensure the workout is constantly challenging for your body, so add more weights to build your strength and increase the intensity gradually.
    6. It is advisable to train under the supervision of a fitness coach to enjoy the best results and avert sports injuries.

    You will begin to notice visible results in the form of a slimmer and sculpted body shape than before by the end of the 14-day program.

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