Treadmill Workouts For Weight Loss And Burn Fat


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    Whether you can spare just 10 minutes or more for your daily exercise — a few basic treadmill workouts are enough to kick start your weight loss journey and get you in shape. The treadmill is top-rated and hands down the best aerobic workout machine, which helps you burn extra calories faster. The article will explore the best treadmill workout for fat loss to achieve your specific weight loss goals quickly.

    Treadmill Workout Benefits

    Treadmill workouts maximize your weight loss and show visible improvements when done consistently. The top benefits of fat burning treadmill workouts are:

    • Efficient:

      Treadmills are efficient, can be easily set up at home, and used across the year.

    • Easy to Use:

      Treadmills are easier to use than any other gym equipment. You can set the preferred workout program and go. Also, it is easy to track your daily progress.

    • Less Time-Consuming:

      Treadmill workouts are great for people with busy schedules. One only needs to set aside as low as 10 minutes each day for a treadmill cardio workout.

    • Safe:

      The treadmill is one of the safest machines and has handrails that offer support and help you exercise while recovering from an injury.

    • Fun Workout:

      Treadmill workouts are not dull, unlike other workouts, and you can even watch TV while exercising.

    • Burns More Calories:

      The HIIT treadmill workouts enable the body to take in more oxygen to perform better during a workout and that results in a huge amount of calories burned than any other exercise.

    • Burn Fat Even After The Workout:

      The ‘after burn’ effect of a treadmill recovery workout gives a boost to the metabolism that allows the body to burn more calories even while at rest.

    • Health Benefits:

      Treadmill workouts get your heart pumping and improve cardiovascular and respiratory health, boost the immune system, decrease joint stiffness, improve mood and strengthen muscles.

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    The Best Treadmill Workouts for Weight Loss & Burn Fat

    Let us explore the best treadmill exercise plans to maximize weight loss:

    1. HIIT Training Treadmill Workout:

      The idea is to work harder for short intervals and rest between those high-intensity bursts to speed up the calorie burn. Use 1:2 work to rest ratio.

    2. Treadmill Sprint Workout:

      Enter the treadmill sprint workout using a 1:4 work to rest ratio to build resilience.

    3. Curved Treadmill Workout:

      You can alternate between jogging and running in this 30-minutes workout to build up your endurance and lose weight faster.

    4. Incline Treadmill Workout:

      The fat-burning incline treadmill workout will help maximize the overall calorie burn by changing the incline to mimic outdoor hill running.

    5. 20-Minute Cardio Workout:

      Treadmill running workout for 20 minutes will get your heart pumping on a steep incline and drop back on lower inclines for a recovery period, making this a killer fat-burning workout.

    6. Treadmill Glute Workout:

      The treadmill power walking workout utilizes cardio and butt-toning hills to engage your hamstrings and glutes just by increasing one level of incline setting.

    7. Fat Burning Treadmill Workout:

      If fat burning is your ultimate goal, do daily brisk walking at a steady pace; ensure that your speed and heart rate stays at the fat-burning zone for optimal fat loss.

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    Tips For A Better Treadmill Workout

    Here are the best treadmill workout tips that you should know if you want the best out of your workout:

    • Try to switch up your routine and change your workout settings frequently. Repeating the same exercises can be stressful for your joints and may increase the risk of injury.
    • Ensure that you are challenging your body with incline settings, never to hit the plateau.
    • Running or jogging at an incline will burn more calories and build more muscles.
    • Mixing up your workouts with different routines or using music will prevent boredom and motivate you to reach your goals.
    • Find your ‘fat-burning heart rate and speed to promote weight loss. This zone will help you burn maximum calories per minute, and you can take the help of a trainer to determine this for you.
    • Pay attention to your body and don’t overexert.
    • Use a low incline setting if you are a beginner or new to running.

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    Using a treadmill is an excellent way to torch extra calories and get a slimmer physique with overall health. You can talk to a trainer to get a customized treadmill workout plan that works best for you and your specific goals. For best results, aim to walk on a treadmill for 20 to 30 minutes each day at different speeds and incline.

    For customized weight-loss services from established industry experts, visit your nearest Oliva Skin & Hair Clinic. Don’t forget to share this article with other fitness enthusiasts.

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