How To Get Rid Of Chest Acne?

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    When we talk about acne, people generally think of acne which appears on their various parts of the face such as forehead, nose, cheeks, chin, etc. However, your face is not the only body part which gets affected by these pesky pimples. Many people have to deal with chest acne, which in itself is a painful and displeasing sight.

    What Is Chest Acne?

    Acne is the result of clogged pores due to dirt, grime, sebum and other chemicals. Your chest skin also has pores and when these pores get clogged due to various reasons, they result in chest acne. There are different types of acne that can develop on your skin, such as:

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    What Are The Symptoms Of Chest Acne?

    Below are some of the symptoms of chest acne:

    • Closed blocked pores
    • Small, tender red bumps
    • Open blocked pores
    • Painful bumps which are large in size and develop under the skin
    • Red bumps which are filled with pus
    • Bumps which develop underneath the skin, contain pus and are painful

    What Causes Pimples On Chest?

    Apart from the common cause of excess sebum (natural oil) from sebaceous glands clogging the pores, there are few more reasons for chest acne.

    • Makeups And Perfumes – The chemicals in these products may not suit your skin and result in a breakout. The pores on your chest can be clogged because of applying these cosmetics.
    • Using Inappropriate Moisturizer – Though it is advised to keep your skin hydrated with the help of moisturizers, for some people it can lead to the development of chest acne. The pores can get blocked with oil, bacteria and dirt when an oil-based moisturizer is used.
    • Excess Sun Exposure – There is a misconception that acne can be cleared through exposure to sun. However, this is just a myth! The fact is that your skin can worsen your acne on the chest due to sun exposure. Dehydration is a common side effect of sun exposure that also makes your skin dry. Your chest acne worsens because your body tries to rehydrate your skin by producing more oil.
    • Clothes – One should always wear clean washed clothes. However, even wearing clean clothes can cause stubborn chest acne. This is because of the chemicals present in the detergents which have been used to wash the clothes. If your skin is allergic to those chemicals, then it can result in mild chest acne or even severe ones.
    • Sweat – One of the most common causes of chest acne fungal infection is exercise! When you work out, you will obviously start sweating. When your sweaty skin comes in contact with the tight-fitting workout clothes, a friction is caused which can lead to the development of acne.
    • Blood Sugar Level – A change in the levels of your blood sugar can also cause acne to appear on your chest. While eating sweetened items, there can be an increase in your blood sugar levels and you can end up with acne breakout.
    • Hormones – A common cause of female chest acne is hormonal imbalance. During periods or any other hormonal imbalance, women can develop acne around their breasts.

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    Best Treatments For Chest Acne

    Some of the treatments include –

    1. Chemical Peel – A chemical peel uses plant extract based acids to gently exfoliate the skin under controlled conditions at a skin clinic. It helps in removing the upper deformed layer of the skin. This will help in clearing most of the chest acne causes at their initial levels and also even out the skin thus giving it a rejuvenated look. The peeling agents that work good on chest acne include salicylic acid, glycolic acid, lactic acid, trichloroacetic acid, etc.
    2. Comedone Extraction – A specialized instrument is used by dermatologists to remove the cyst formation over the skin thus allowing the inflammation to reside. This helps in subtly evening out the chest acne and also helping in the formation of a smooth skin.
    3. Laser Toning – A controlled beam of light is targeted to the deformed skin tissues which renders them ineffective and removes the dead skin layer by layer thus causing the evening out of the skin, along with bringing new and rejuvenated skin from beneath. This helps in clearing the acne on chest and also lightening the skin around.
    4. MicrodermabrasionIn this treatment an expert dermatologist uses a diamond shaped device to remove the upper dead and deformed layer of the skin thus allowing cellular regeneration and bringing rejuvenated and even skin from within. Thus controlling and treating Pimples on chest.
    5. Benzoyl Peroxide –  Benzoyl peroxide is sometimes used for chest acne to treat the early stages of these outgrowths. Be sure to get the prescribed form of the topical medicine and follow the guidelines as suggested.

    How To Prevent Chest Acne?

    A case of mild chest acne can be easily avoided and prevented with the help of certain lifestyle changes.

    • Ensure that you take a shower every day with a gentle body cleanser. Also, make sure that you avoid using hot water and instead use warm water as this will help to keep your pores closed. Make sure that apart from your daily shower, you also take a shower after every workout session so that all the excess sweat is removed, leaving your pores unharmed.
    • Once in every week you should exfoliate your skin so that all the dead skin cells can be removed from your body. Use a good exfoliator which suits your skin type and tone.
    • What you wear can go a long way in preventing the occurrence of chest acne. You need to choose clothes which allow your skin to breathe and keep the sweat away from your body. Avoid wearing tight clothes so that there is enough room for your skin to breathe. Do not use the same workout clothes every day unless you wash them. Similarly, you should change your bedsheets and pillow cases as well on a weekly basis.
    • If you notice that the laundry products that you are using is causing allergies, then change them immediately. Use products which do not have harsh chemicals and are skin-friendly.
    • Try and avoid using heavy backpacks and purses as much as possible. This is because the heavy bags will put pressure on your clothes and cause a friction with your skin which in turn can result in acne breakout.
    • Always read the label of any product that you are using on your skin. It would be ideal to use products which are oil-free so that all the external oil do not clog your pores. You can buy products which are labelled as non-comedogenic or non-acnegenic.
    • Keep your skin shielded from the harsh UV rays of the sun by always wearing clothes or in situations where you are exposing your body to the sun, make sure to use sunscreen with optimal SPF.
    • Do not ever pick or pop your acne in the hopes of getting quick results. It will definitely worsen your condition after some time as more and more acne will start developing.

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    Now that you know how to prevent chest acne and the various symptoms, ensure that you take all the precautionary steps well in advance to avoid dealing with this unnecessary problem of chest acne. A little bit of care can help you to stay clear of any kind of skin problem. For more information, contact the nearest branch of Oliva Skin & Hair Clinic. We have clinics in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, Kolkata, Kochi and Vizag.

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