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How To Prevent Pimples On Face?

pimples on face

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No matter how many hurdles or challenges one face’s in our routine life, a simple pimple can put us in fits of frustration. Like a young, teen girl, we throw tantrums, fret about it and can’t think of anything besides getting rid of the annoying pimples, isn’t it?

Creams, Medicines & Treatments

For the homemade beauty tips for pimples to show effective results, it takes a great deal of time and requires one to be patient with the condition. An alternate option to treat pimples is to opt for creams, medicines or treatments.

  • Creams like benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, and azelaic acid are a few common over-the-counter remedies for treating acne.
  • Oral antibiotics like doxycycline, erythromycin, and tetracycline are some of the choices to deal with acne. Doctors also suggest stronger topical creams like Adapalene (Differin), Tazarotene, and Tretinoin to help skin pores unclog and keep the skin oil-free.
  • Doctors prescribe hormonal balancing therapy in the form of contraceptive pills to help reduce the growth of pimples.
  • If the acne is not confined or eliminated with the above methods, consult a dermatologist for an effective professional treatment like laser therapy, light therapies, chemical peels, etc.

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DIY Pimple Treatments

Having a crystal clear skin is a dream come true and to make it actually come true, we have listed wonderful beauty tips for face pimples. Check them out!

  1. Wash your face not more than twice a day, and with warm water. This will not only keep the skin oil-free but also help you get rid of dead skin and impurities.
  2. Moisturizing is necessary, even if you have oily skin. Look for the word “non-comedogenic” on the product, which means it does not cause acne.
  3. Use a mild scrub at least once a week to get rid of dead skin, thus unclogging pores.
  4. Use minimal makeup and that too non-comedogenic product.
  5. Haircare is important. Yes, you read that right. Even hair care products can lead to acne. If you have oily hair, wash it often.
  6. Do not touch your face. The dirt and grime present on your hands spread to the face thus resulting in acne.
  7. Never pop a pimple no matter how tempted you are to do so.

While you could follow these for that flawless skin, we have further discussed some impeccable homemade tips to bid goodbye to those pimples. Have a look!

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Homemade Beauty Tips To Prevent Pimples

There are numerous ways one can get rid of pimples right from medication and creams to homemade beauty tips. The process of pinpointing the right remedy for your skin type is a trial and error process.

Although it is hard to believe and needs abundant patience, the grandmother tricks, i.e., the natural beauty tips for pimples works like magic at times.

  1. Tea Tree Oil For Face – If you are wondering how to cure pimples naturally, then you have hit the right spot. One of the homemade beauty tips for pimples includes tea tree oil. The oil holds disinfecting and soothing properties that help in reducing the effect of acne.
    How To Use: The simplest way of using these homemade beauty tips for acne is to dab the oil on a cotton swab and apply it directly on the pimple. Leave it on overnight for better results. The oil will seep into the skin and unblock the sebaceous glands, disinfecting the pores and releasing the black or whiteheads.
  2. Honey – One of the never-failing beauty tips for acne involves raw honey. For ages, honey has been used as an antiseptic and still holds a great value in the beauty world. With its anti-inflammatory properties, it also helps in reducing the redness and swelling to a great extent.
    How To Use: Wash your face with mild soap and lukewarm water. Take raw honey, apply it on the pimple prone area, and gently massage it. Let it rest for a few minutes and wash it off with lukewarm water for better results. One can also use honey along with either coconut oil, turmeric, tea tree oil or any other natural ingredients.
  3. Lemon Juice – Believe it or not, one of the natural beauty tips for pimple marks is sitting right in your kitchen. Lemon juice is known to consist of an L-ascorbic acid that dries out the acne and fights the acne-producing bacteria.
    How To Use: The simplest way to use the lemon juice is to squeeze a fresh lemon and dab the juice with a cotton swab on the acne. For sensitive skin, it is advised to dilute the lemon juice with some water before applying it to the skin. Alternate options for using lemon juice include using it with egg white, yoghurt or honey.
  4. Aloe Vera For Facial Pimple – Known to the whole world as the miracle plant, aloe vera is one of the working beauty tips for pimples. The aloe gel has a wonderful soothing effect on skin and with its antibacterial qualities, it helps in reducing the redness, swelling, and bacteria caused by acne.
    How To Use:
    Applying pure aloe vera on the pimples prone skin and letting it sit through the night will help in mitigating the problem. One can also use it as an ingredient in their homemade face masks to help achieve young and healthy-looking skin.
  5. Tomato – Besides consuming, the direct application of tomatoes has a better impact on controlling and eliminating the acne.
    How To Use:
    Apply a cut tomato on the acne while it is still in the initial stages. The antioxidants of the tomato stop the skin from being damaged and tighten the pores to prevent leaking of oil that causes acne.

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Skin Care Tips To Prevent Pimples On Face

Here are some prevention tips:

  1. Sunscreen – The day cannot pass by without sunscreens and to avoid the occurrence of harsh pimples on the skin, the most staple piece is the sunscreens. As we all know, the sunscreens prevent the burning of the skin from the harsh rays of the sun. Sunscreens that are non-comedogenic, i.e. the one that doesn’t clog pores, is ideal for a pimple stricken individuals.
  2. Cleanse Skin Regularly – Skin is one of the sensitive parts of the body, it is important to nurture it. One of the everlasting beauty tips for face pimples is to wash the face regularly. While out and about, our skin gathers the dust and dirt of the whole world, which is sure to aggravate the situation with pimples. Hence, use a deep cleansing face wash that keeps the skin moist, and helps deal with the pimple marks too.
  3. Moisturize The Skin – It is important to moisturize the skin! Applying a harmless, organic moisturizer on a regular basis will retain the tenderness and suppleness of the skin. It could also help in creating a soothing effect on the skin, reducing the redness and swelling caused by pimples.
  4. Exfoliation – Regular exfoliation of the skin will leave the skin smooth and soft despite the pimples. It also reduces the acne breakouts by keeping the pores unclogged. However, it is equally important to pick an exfoliation product that suits your skin type. Avoid using harsh scrubs for the exfoliation. Apply the product gently on the acne prone region and massage tenderly with clean hands.
  5. Hands Off Please – One simple, effective beauty tip for pimples is to keep the hands-off the acne prone region. The unhygienic hands could aggravate the acne and cause an outbreak of the irritation. Also, resist the temptation to squeeze or pop the pimples.
  6. No To Excess Skin Products – Without makeup, it is hard for most of us to step out. But unfortunately, excess use of makeup can cause acne. The makeup or beauty products can clog the skin pores. So try to avoid using excess beauty products that can contain harmful chemicals. Consult a dermatologist for safe beauty products suggestions.

What Foods Cause Pimples On Face?

Lastly, as much as you focus on the foods to consume for healthy and clear skin, one must also bear in mind, the harmful foods that can irritate the acne.

  1. High Glycemic Foods – Foods that can break down quickly in the body are categorized as high glycemic foods. This breaking down causing a spike in the insulin levels which encourages acne. Hence, avoid the high glycemic foods for that flawless skin.
  2. Processed Foods – Processed foods contain a great number of sugars and fats that could harm the skin quality and texture.
  3. Sugar – A rise in the sugar levels could be a leading reason for pimples on the body. It is vital to keep the sugar intake under control for the crystal clear skin.
  4. Junk Food & Fast Food – Since acne or pimples are oil-based threats to the skin, it is important to steer away from fast food and junk food. These foods cause inflammation in the body, which can lead to unmanageable acne.
  5. Chocolate – Chocolate is known to cause inflammation and encourage bacterial infection. Though the subject is still argumentative, we suggest that you stay low on its consumption.

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What Should You Eat To Avoid Pimples On Face?

Healthy on the inside, beautiful on the outside is no longer a myth. It is proven that our eating habits have a major impact on the skin. Many research studies revealed that to have a pimple-free skin, one needs to adopt a low-sugar well-balanced diet.

Listed below are few of the healthy food choices for pimples –

  1. Cucumber And Watermelon – Water driven foods are the best choices to deal with pimples. Add them to your diet to boost your hydration that will keep your skin balanced and well cared for.
  2. Cashews – Zinc-rich foods are one of the healthy consumptions for pimple-free skin. One of the zinc-based food is cashews, which hold anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting properties that help deal with acne.
  3. Green Leafy Vegetables – An ample intake of alkaline-rich foods can help deal with the pimples. Food like broccoli, celery, kale, lettuce, and spinach help keep the skin clear and healthy.
  4. Antioxidant-Rich Berries – Love berries? Yes, then add them to your diet to go a pimple-free. Berries are known to be rich in antioxidants and can decrease mild to moderate acne.

Kick-off your skincare routine into high gear with these natural beauty tips for pimples. Get the flawless skin you always desired and have wonderful, picture-perfect moments!

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