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    Just when you think life is going well, out pops a pimple. And before you know it, your face is covered with these hideous little (sometimes huge) pimples. Acne is the worst, and unfortunately, it spares no one. If you are facing this dilemma, then read on to know everything about acne.

    Do You Have Acne Breakouts That Won’t Go Away?

    If you are, then you have come to the right place because we have the right answers and the best solution for your acne.

    Fact Is You Have To Cure Acne Internally & Externally

    Since acne is a skin infliction, the battle must take place from the outside as well as the inside of your body. External care includes washing your face, applying the correct moisturizer/cream/ointment, exercising, and sleeping. Caring internally includes eating healthy food and drinking plenty of water.

    Learn The Causes That Can Trigger Pimples

    It may seem like anything and everything can cause pimples, but that’s far from true. Here are some scientifically proven causes that trigger and aggravate pimples.

    • Oily skin
    • Hormonal imbalance
    • Menstruation
    • Emotional Stress
    • Anemia
    • Medications containing lithium & androgens
    • Steroids
    • Pore-clogging greasy makeup
    • Unhygienic practices
    • Greasy food
    • Lack of exercise

    Do You Know A Holistic Cure Is Available?

    Acne can occur in the four major parts of the face and body. They can crop anywhere on the face such as on the cheek, chin, nose, etc., on the chest, back, scalp, and even on the back and shoulders. No matter where acne is present, successful treatments are present to cure them. The best approach is a holistic way to deal with them. A pimple doctor will be able to diagnose your condition and help you overcome this problem in an efficient way.

    Your Steps To Having A Pimple-Free Skin

    Always seek medical help when it comes to dealing with acne. This is because it is important to understand the type and cause, and pick a treatment accordingly. A customized treatment that includes different procedures and techniques to tackle acne is devised by the pimple doctor, especially for you.

    • Visiting Your Nearest Pimple Doctor – Acne is a complex skin ailment that needs a skin specialist to understand the underlying cause along with the administration of a proper treatment. A specialized acne doctor will guide you in the right direction without aggravating the acne or prolonging the issue.
    • Finding Out Your Type Of Pimple – That’s right; acne comes in mild, moderate, and severe types. Each has its own different treatment as different techniques are needed to tackle them.
    • Following An Appropriate Treatment Regime – Once the dermatologist has understood your skin and the type of acne, he/she will prescribe a treatment that will eradicate the acne, along with the scars.
    • Don’t Hesitate To Laser The Scar – Laser therapy is the most popular and successful treatment for acne. It not only controls acne but helps remove acne scars and hyperpigmentation which is often seen in the pimple-affected areas.
    • Taking Care Of Your Skin Post Treatment – After the treatment for your acne is over, the dermatologist will suggest few helpful tips based on your skin type and acne-causing factors that are required for your skin to remain clear and healthy in the long run.

    Why A Pimple Doctor? 

    Dermatologists are professional experts who have the required experience and knowledge when it comes to acne. They can recommend different treatments such as acne control peels, medications, topical creams and ointments, etc.

    How To Get Started?

    • Call 040-44757575 (Hyderabad) or 1800-103-3893 (Chennai/Bangalore)
    • You can also fill up the “Request Call Back” form and our expert will help you schedule an appointment.

    Have Additional Questions About Oliva’s Treatment?

    • What Kind Of Results Can I Expect From This Treatment?
    • What’s The Cost Of This Treatment?

    Most of the treatments start at a reasonable rate of Rs.1,500 per session. The cost of the complete treatment will depend entirely on the procedure advised to you by the dermatologist. Some treatments demand multiple sessions based on how severe your acne problem is. This will also affect the final cost of the acne treatment. You can take advantage by availing the current discount at our clinics and give your pocket a sigh of relief.

    • See What Our Clients Say About Us
    “I’m currently undergoing treatment for Acne at oliva! Dr. Meenakshi is really patient and explains everything in detail! The staff there Especially Miss. Pooja was extremely cordial and sweet. She helped me understand the procedure more and guided! Miss.Dhanalakshmi was the one who handled my first session she was good!-Nazia Habib
    “I had pimples and black pimple marks. I took treatment for that. Now it’s almost going to hit 4 months. Now no one can say that I had pimples. My face is clean and clear. Thank you Oliva for such an amazing unique treatment protocols. If you walk into Oliva definitely you will go out with 100% result and smile –Baba Prasanth

    • Is This A Permanent Cure For My Pimple Problem?

    In order to prevent pimples in the long run, one must maintain a healthy, holistic lifestyle along with undertaking appropriate treatment. Our dermatologists can help you remove your acne along with the scars, but the future rests in how you take care of your skin. A good skin care routine and a healthy diet are essential to maintain the results.

    • Does This Treatment Have Any Side Effect?

    You may experience transient redness with a little bit of swelling post treatment, but that’s completely natural. Each skin type is different, so we make sure that we understand your skin type to avoid any adverse effects.

    • How Soon Can I See The Results?

    Be patient and you will be rewarded. Acne is not something that can be gotten rid of overnight. For a long-term solution, it is essential to deal with the problem using internal and external treatments. It can take about 6-8 weeks to see a drastic improvement.

    • Can I Get The Natural Glow Back Post This Treatment?

    Absolutely! You will walk out with more than just a natural glow. The treatments on offer not only reverse the acne, scars, and blemishes but also improve the complexion, texture, and the luminosity of the skin.

    So what are you waiting for? Regain your confidence by reversing all signs of acne and let your beautiful skin be the talk of the town.

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