How To Get Rid Of Blind Pimples Under The Skin?

how to get rid of blind pimples

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    There is nothing more annoying and tiresome than a pimple popping up at the most random moment. But what if a pimple doesn’t surface and just hides underneath the skin? Those are called blind pimples. These are not noticeable but leave blemishes and can be quite painful!

    What Is A Blind Pimple?

    A painful pimple that does no surface over the top most layer of your skin and remains hidden or invisible is called a blind pimple. A blind pimple will not have a head but it does swell drastically, making the pimple red and inflamed. A blind pimple is largely a kind of a closed comedone or nodule. Nodules are solid, irregularly shaped pimples that extend from the deeper layers of the skin. They cause severe inflammation and can destroy tissues resulting in scarring. These nodules are also very painful.

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    Why Do Blind Pimples Form On Face?

    A blind pimple occurs when the pores are closed and has no room to push upwards to form a “normal” pimple. When dirt, excess sebum, pollution, debris and grime clog the pores, this leads to a pimple. But, sometimes due to poor cleansing, the dirt remains inside the pore and causes inflammation deep inside the skin. This process leads to a pimple. Blind pimples are often painful red lumps and leave permanent scars. They can occur on any part of your face including nose, chin, cheeks and forehead.

    What Causes Of Blind Pimples?

    There are many reasons why a blind pimple can occur, some of these include –

    1. Makeup – Unfortunately using thick layers of makeup will clog pores denying it proper air circulation. When the pores are clogged, sebum (body’s natural oil) has no place to go, this allows sebum to build up and cause an inflammation known as a blind pimple.
    2. Comedonegnic Skin Care Products – Using thick emollients, facial creams, sunscreen and petroleum jelly can block pores, resulting in pimples.
    3. Touch – Constant squeezing, picking and scratching will not only create scarring but deny the pimple to heal properly (and naturally). Such actions will lead to blind pimple.
    4. Hormonal Surges – Women beware! Menstrual cycle can cause hormonal upheaval that can result in the formation of pimples.

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    Are Blind Pimples Painful?

    A blind pimple can be more painful than regular pimples on skin. Here are the reasons:

    • A “normal” pimple is on top of the skin is further away from your nerves. A blind pimple is not only highly inflamed but close to your nerves (since it is buried deep underneath your skin), it can be very painful.
    • These pimples do not have an opening for the pus to be released from the surface, causing high pressure to build up within the pimple thus making it highly sensitive.
    • Another reason is that blind pimples (like nodules) are also larger than any other type of pimple; hence it causes more pain.
    • When a blind pimple attacks your skin, it can lead to other symptoms such as headaches and muscle ache.

    Blind Pimple Treatment Options

    Some of the ways to treat a blind pimple effectively, include –

    1. Chemical Peels – Certain mild or moderate peels using varying strengths of plant extract based concoctions are used to peel off the dead and deformed upper layer of the skin, pulling out the blind pimple lesion too. These peels are help in bringing out rejuvenated skin from within post removing the upper layer.

    1. Intralesional Injections – A diluted corticosteroid is directly injected at the site of the blind pimple which subsides the inflammation and evens out the skin.
    2. Laser Toning – Laser technology is the most advanced in dermatology and it gives quick, safe and effective results. Beams of light (of single wavelength) are targeted at the site of blind pimple on the skin, giving controlled thermal injury on the tissues there. This triggers the natural healing process of the skin to cover up the pimples and bring out rejuvenated skin.
    3. Topical Ointments – Numerous skin products that contain ingredients such as salicylic acid, alpha hydroxyl acid, benzoyl peroxide, retinoid are all beneficial when it comes to treating these pimples. They help extract the pimple from its roots and cure it without increasing any symptoms.

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    How Do You Prevent Blind Pimples?

    It may seem like these pimples appear out of the blue. Nevertheless, there are ways on how to prevent blind pimple –

    1. Never Squeeze – A blind pimple is not positioned in the same fashion as any other type of pimple. So trying to “pop” it will not do it any good. Instead, it will lead to an infection and scarring. Also, extracting a pimple is not helpful either as it can create a more prominent pimple which will again lead to scarring. In the process of picking a pimple, the dirt/sebum will be pushed further deeper into the skin. This will increase the inflammation and pain.
    2. Clean Pillow Cases Regularly – Changing your pillow cases will prevent bacterial build up and decrease your chances of transferring it onto your skin while you snooze.
    3. Wash Your Face Thoroughly – Now do not go overboard with washing your face but remember to be thorough when you are washing your face. Clean your skin with a dermatologically suitable cleanser to wash away all the accumulated dirt and grime.
    4. No Scrubbing – Not trying to contradict the previous tip, but harsh scrubbing will aggravate the problem instead of soothing it. Scrubbing your skin with beads and exfoliants will increase sebum production leading to more pimples.
    5. Makeup And Skin Care Products – Use skin care products that are labelled non-comedogenic, oil-free and non-acnegenic. Always consult with your dermatologist before using such products.
    6. Warm Compress – The best way to open a clogged pore is by applying a warm compress onto the skin directly. The heat will allow the pore to open up which will help in bringing the pimple closer to the skin’s surface. This will help build a head (of a pimple) and make it easier for any medical treatment to work on it. Applying heat will also relieve some pain and decrease the inflammation and redness.
    7. Ice Cube – Another method to calm the blind pimple, is by rubbing an ice cube over it. The coldness can alleviate the inflammation and redness. Using an ice cube will also help decrease the pain Wrap an ice cube in clean cloth before rubbing it over the blind pimple, exposing your skin to direct ice will rupture your veins.

    Don’t let a blind pimple ruin your looks, as they are very easy to prevent and treat. Incorporate simple preventive techniques in your daily skin care routine so that you don’t have to face these pimples ever again.

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