How To Grow Hair On Bald Spot?

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    There are millions of individuals, suffering from baldness, as it is a very common occurrence. Since hair loss can be triggered by numerous factors, it can sometimes get a little complex to understand. Nevertheless, by getting an ideal baldness treatment, almost everyone can regain their lost hairline.

    What Are The Early Signs Of Balding?

    Since people of any age or gender can suffer from baldness, it is important to learn how to identify it. Look for these signs to know if you will go bald:

    1. Having an overwhelming amount of hair fall
    2. Getting excessive hair on pillow cover while sleeping
    3. A drastic reduction in the hairline
    4. Flaky, itchy, and dry scalp
    5. Formation of a balding pattern (male or female pattern baldness)
    6. Thinning of hair, apparent in some areas
    7. Hair growth cycle is delayed
    8. Evident loss of hair while combing or taking a shower
    9. Visible bald patches

    What Causes Baldness?

    Around 75-80% of the men suffer from male pattern baldness. In this condition, the hair starts falling from the temple and crown region. Later, the bald patches are increased and spread over the entire scalp. Since hair fall is a complex phenomenon, there could be numerous factors behind it. To understand why baldness happens, one can focus on the following triggers:

    Most of these factors affect our hair follicles. As the follicles shrink, the hair strands become thinner. Also, it takes more time for new hair to grow. Gradually, the follicles become inactive and lead to complete baldness.

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    Is It Possible To Regrow Hair On Bald Spot?

    In a nutshell, it is possible to grow hair on a bald head. Though, the end results and the duration of the treatment would largely depend on each individual. It is very important to visit an experienced trichologist. The doctor would perform an extensive scalp examination and would come up with an ideal course of treatment to cure baldness. Additionally, they will also help in determining the root cause of the situation and thus help in determining both the aesthetic and the physiological treatment, to ensure an effective and long-term solution.

    How To Grow Hair On Bald Spot?

    There are different ways to know how to grow hair on a bald head. On the basis of your baldness pattern and hair growth, a doctor might recommend certain solutions. Sometimes, more than one of these techniques are combined together to form an optimal treatment for baldness.

    1. PRP Treatment – PRP stands for Platelet-rich Plasma and it is one of the most recommended treatment for hair loss and hair thinning. This is a non-invasive and therapeutic treatment, in which your own blood is centrifuged and activated platelets (rich in proteins) are injected into the scalp to stimulate growth factors. This brings about natural hair regrowth and restoration.Once the plasma is created from our blood through a centrifugal process, it is injected into the bald patches on the scalp. The growth factors go all the way to our hair follicles and nourish them. This boosts the formation of new hair strands and stimulates the overall hair regrowth cycle. Ideally, 6-8 sessions of PRP are prescribed for complete baldness treatment.
    2. Hair Transplant- If the hair loss has reached a more progressive stage, then your doctor might suggest a surgical approach. In transplant methods, hair strands are taken from a donor area and are grafted to the bald patches. The donor area is mostly the back or the side of the head.Therefore, a hair transplant only works when there is enough hair in the donor area. For a patient who is suffering from Alopecia totalis (complete baldness on the head), this might not be an ideal option. On the basis of the implementation, a transplant can be classified as strip harvesting or FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction). Since this baldness treatment is a surgical approach, it might leave small scars in the end.
    3. Topical and OTC Medicines – If hair loss has been caught at an early stage, then different over-the-counter medicines can also be suggested. You should only choose the prescribed medicines after visiting an experienced doctor. However, they might not help in hair regrowth. Furthermore, if you are suffering from any vitamin or mineral deficiency, then your doctor can prescribe relevant supplements as well.
    4. Scalp Reduction – This is another surgical approach that can be implemented as a baldness treatment at an early stage. In this, the bald patches are surgically removed. Later, the nearby area is stretched. This decreases the visibility of bald patches and results in uniform hair growth. Though, the surgery might leave some scars in the end.
    5. Stem Cell Therapy – Stem cell therapy is an advanced technique that can resolve baldness at a more aggressive stage. In certain cases, the scalp does not support the growth of new hair, so they are artificially cultured. Firstly, a few hair follicles will be taken from the scalp. Later, they are cultured in a laboratory to produce more hair. The new hair follicles are then attached to the bald patches to reclaim the lost hairline.
    6. Other Treatments – Besides that, there are also numerous treatments that can help in hair loss control and regrowth. A Ketoconazole treatment is implemented when the hair loss is caused by a fungal infection. Sometimes, steroids are injected to boost the hair regrowth cycle. Laser therapy is another technique that can be used as a treatment for baldness.

    What Are The Before And After Results?

    Check out the image that shows the visible improvement in Hair regrowth after PRP treatment.

    regrow hair on bald head

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    How To Prevent Balding?

    • Avoid the excessive use of chemical hair products
    • Exercise regularly as fitness is extremely important
    • Stay hydrated since dehydration can lead to rapid hair loss.
    • Maintain a healthy lifestyle and include all the vital minerals and vitamins in your diet.
    • Try to avoid stress and tension
    • Recognize hair loss at an early stage and visit a specialist as soon as possible
    • Avoid smoking as it can trigger hair fall
    • Nourish your scalp on a regular basis by using natural products


    • Can Dandruff Cause Baldness?
      While dandruff might not be a serious issue, it can lead to significant hair loss. If left untreated, dandruff can even cause baldness. This is because dandruff can block your hair follicles from growing, which can tamper with the natural hair regrowth cycle.
    • Is An Itchy Scalp A Sign Of Balding?
      An itchy scalp is often related to inflammation and the formation of the flaky scalp in the end. This can be an early sign of balding and a trigger to major hair-related issues.
    • Does Shaving Bald Help Grow Hair?
      No, shaving will not help in hair growth. This is because our follicles are rooted in the scalp while shaving only gets rid of hair strands on a superficial level.

    Consult an experienced dermatologist as soon as you see signs of baldness. This will help you in getting a quick and personalized treatment for hair fall. Also, keep an eye on early signs of balding and take thoughtful steps to preserve your hair.


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