Richa Prakash

Richa Prakash,

Skin-care articles

Education: Masters in English Literature, Hansraj College, Delhi University BA In English Honors, Hansraj College, Delhi University



With more than a decade of multi-dimensional experience as a content specialist, Richa has gained critical insights into branding and communication, content strategy and marketing. At Oliva, Richa is responsible for setting the quality benchmarks to create well-researched, informative and interesting articles on dermatology and bridging the divide between the medical and marketing team. Having worked for more than six years as a lifestyle journalist in a top print media brand and heading editorial teams at promising content start-ups in the recent past, Richa specialises in defining a unique brand voice, tone and style in sync with thought leadership, business goals and most importantly, the target audience. She intuitively understands industry trends and is passionate about adding a competitive edge to the content she creates. She excels at mapping content as per user interest and loves to run content experiments to improve engagement. She remains committed to spreading awareness about scientifically-proven advanced skin treatments by helping her readers decode complex medical facts and make informed decisions regarding their skin health.   In her free time, Richa enjoys reading world literature besides spending time with family.

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