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Top 10 Mistakes To Avoid Worsening Your Acne Outbreak!

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    Does your acne keep recurring despite following a regular skin-care routine? Do you know wrong skin-care products or skipping that moisturiser can play havoc with your acne-prone skin? Well, if you are clueless, fret not! Check out the list of top mistakes that may be worsening your breakouts right here!

    Common Mistakes People With Pimple-Prone Skin Make

    Acne is a common skin concern, but minimising them becomes challenging if you keep repeating the mistakes mentioned below:

        • Following An Unhealthy Lifestyle:

          You know that bingeing on junk food and leading a stressful lifestyle can take a toll on your health, but what you may not be aware of is that it may adversely affect our skin too! No acne cream or spot treatment can break the vicious cycle of recurrent acne if you do not make critical lifestyle changes. Eating a balanced diet, avoiding consumption of sugar-laden foods, sleeping for at least eight hours a day, working out regularly to reduce your stress levels, increasing your water intake are some simple measures that can go a long way in effective acne management.

        • Squeezing The Pimples:

          Popping a pimple is an impulsive reaction for most of us, as soon as we notice one rearing its head. This ‘instant treatment’ can spread the bacterial infection and cause post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and stubborn acne scars that may need advanced procedural treatments. It is best to minimise touching your inflamed skin and aggravating the condition.

        • Looking For A Quick Fix:

          Every time you note a pimple on our face, you may be hitting the panic button! You may start looking for instant solutions and quick fixes, which sadly, never work. Experimenting with various treatment regimens is a bad idea as it may further irritate your inflamed skin. Instead, please remember that patience is essential while treating acne. A holistic treatment that addresses the root cause may give you slow but steady results and long-lasting satisfaction. So next time you see a zit on your face, take a deep breath and make a smart choice!

        • Neglecting Facial Hygiene:

          Sometimes, due to your hectic lifestyle, you may unintentionally end up compromising on your skin-care regimen. You may forget to wash your face after a sweaty workout or remove your makeup before hitting the bed. This could lead to the clogging of your pores and trigger breakouts inevitably. Washing your face twice a day with a gentle face-wash is a must to get rid of the dirt and oil build-up and reduce the risk of zits.

        • Relying On The Wrong Information:

          Acne is a widespread skin concern that affects a vast age group right from teenagers to adults in their 40s. It affects millions of people in India alone! So a deluge of beauty hacks, natural tips and home remedies that claim to be the ‘permanent cure’ for acne and guarantee ‘overnight results’ may come your way. Unfortunately, most of them classify as misinformation and have no scientific data backing them. It’s better to seek sound medical advice rather than rely on hearsay.

        • Not Knowing Your Skin Type:

          This can spell disaster when it comes to managing acne-prone skin. If you do not know your skin type, there is a huge possibility that you may be using wrong creams and cosmetics and following an improper skin-care regimen. It may lead to the clogging of your pores and frequent acne flare-ups. It may cause irreparable damage in the long run in the form of permanent acne scars. The fundamental step to getting rid of acne is finding out whether you have dry, normal, oily or combination skin. Feel free to check with a doctor to ascertain your skin type and ask him to recommend suitable skin-care products for you to keep breakouts at bay.

        • Skipping The Moisturiser:

          Moisturisers hydrate the skin and help boost the barrier against inflammation. People with oily skin are averse to using it because of the popular misconception that moisturisers make our skin greasy and aggravate acne. Dermatologists recommend using a moisturiser suitable for your specific skin type twice a day as a part of your regular skin-care routine. You can opt for a non-hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, non-sensitising and fragrance-free moisturiser to keep acne at bay.

        • Giving The Sunscreen A Miss:

          Sunscreen is one of the most essential yet under-rated skin-care products. Many of us prefer to skip using it while stepping outdoors simply because we find them oily. This minor act of negligence can increase the risk of our skin suffering from sun damage manifold. Besides, direct sun exposure can aggravate post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation associated with acne. Dermatologists all over the world suggest using a non-comedogenic sunscreen with a minimum SPF 30 at least 15 minutes before going out in the sun. They also recommend reapplication of sunscreen every three hours.

          Avoiding A Visit To The Dermatologist:

          Another critical mistake in acne management is complacence. Delay in seeking medical treatment or leaving acne untreated may worsen it and cause recurrence and scarring. A dermatologist can not only manage your current breakouts safely and effectively but also prevent acne-flare ups and permanent acne scars in the future.

    What Is The Bottom-Line?

    Professional acne treatments are not always intuitive, and mistakes related to acne management are inevitable due to lack of insight into the cause. Taking a proactive step today and consulting a dermatologist for controlling your breakouts can help you avert a lifetime of scars and regret. Remember, a medical expert is the best person to identify your skin type, assess your family and medical history, evaluate the severity of your skin condition, diagnose the underlying cause and customise the treatment plan to provide the best results of acne treatment.

    Leading dermatologists have a comprehensive approach to acne management and may suggest dietary and lifestyle changes along with advanced medico-aesthetic acne treatment to help you enjoy sustainable results.It is advisable to follow their medical inputs diligently, complete the recommended treatment patiently and adhere to their pre and post-care guidelines meticulously to achieve clear and zit-free skin.

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    UPTO 50% Off on All Services
    UPTO 50% Off on All Services

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