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How To Remove Breast Hair Permanently?

laser breast hair removal

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    Have you ever noticed sprouts of hair growing randomly on your buxom? Or do you see nipple hair around your breast? Those who have breast hair may feel embarrassed by this, but you have nothing to worry, about as there are ways to permanently remove it.

    What Causes Unwanted Hair On Breast?

    Many women suffer from one or two hair that appear out of nowhere on their breast and appear odd.  But if you have breast hair in abundance, then you need to get a health check-up. Having hair on your breast can be caused by several factors. Some known causes include –

    • Hormonal Changes: Sudden production of male hormone – androgen and testosterone can cause hair to grow in male “specific” areas. This includes hair on the chest (breasts) and around the nipples.
    • PCOS: Polycystic ovary syndrome is due to an imbalance in the reproductive hormones. It can cause unwanted side-effects which can include nipple hair around breast, breast hair, infertility, ovarian cyst and irregular periods.
    • Medications: Certain medicines and drugs can cause unwanted hair growths on breasts, nipples and face etc. These medicines include immunosuppressants, glucocorticosteroids and testosterone.

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    How To Get Rid Of Unwanted Hair On Breast?

    There are different solutions available for breast hair removals like shaving, waxing, plucking, depilatories and laser body hair removal. Medically permanent hair removal is not possible by any of these methods. Though, laser hair removal can drastically reduce hair growth to the point that one can stop worrying about the concern. Thus, dermatologists suggest it to be the long-term solution for excessive hair growth on breasts.

    Laser Body Hair Removal

    • How Does Laser Hair Removal Work On Breast Hair?
      The laser detects the hair exclusively by focusing the pigment cells that reside in the hair follicle and destroying it from the root. In just a few sessions of laser hair removal, one can experience a dramatic reduction of hair growth. It works as effectively as it does on any other part of the body and can even remove the tiniest growth of hair.
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    • Is It A Safe Procedure?
      Dermatologists recommend laser hair removal as a safe procedure. While the process can have slight discomfort, ice can be applied to subside it. In case of a skin reaction post-procedure, the dermatologist might apply a steroid cream. Most world-class skin clinics use advanced USFDA approved laser technology which is known for its safety and efficacy.
    • How Many Sessions Are Required For Breast Hair Removal?
      Since the breast hair is thinner compared to hair on other body parts, it may need only few sessions(6-8) to remove all the breast hair. It can also depend on the individual’s need. Laser Hair removal treatment is performed on a monthly basis as the hair has to grow out completely (and in anagen phase) for the treatment to work in its complete efficiency.
    • Does It Have Any Side Effect?
      Laser hair removal on the breast is a safe procedure with no side effect. To ensure safety, the doctor will prep the skin and apply a cooling gel to ensure that the client does not suffer from any “sunburn kind” sensation.
    • What Is The Cost Of Breast Hair Removal?
      The average cost of breast hair removal session would cost Rs. 5,250 – Rs. 9,750 per session. Since hair on the breast is finer and lighter in colour, it will require 6-8 sessions of treatment. The cost of breast hair removal depends entirely on the skin colour and type of breast hair as well as your skin type. The overall cost will vary depending on the type of laser the dermatologist suggests as well as the number of sessions required to destroy all your breast hair follicles.

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    Temporary Methods To Remove Breast Hair

    Laser isn’t the only option to remove breast hair. However, all the other methods will often come with many undesirable disadvantages and none of them will give permanent results that are as effective. Let us look at some other temporary options you can choose from to remove breast hair –

    • Waxing: You can always go for a full body wax, including your breast! Waxing may remove the hair from its roots, but to use something so harsh can be damaging to your breasts and the nipples. Also you can burn your fragile skin with the hot wax, especially since the skin on your breast is very thin and sensitive.
    • Shaving: A quick solution to remove your breast hair. Shaving is easy to do but it can lead to ingrown hair and you can also cut your sensitive skin with razor buns.
    • Tweezing/Plucking: Plucking with a tweezer is a handy tool to remove any unsightly breast hair. But before jumping to plucking, remember that it can be very painful and lead to red bumps and irritation if not done properly.
    • Depilatory Creams: Smelly, yet effective, depilatory creams are useful in removing breast hair. But do not get carried away, as this can cause skin darkening and even skin irritation.

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    Which Is The Best Way to Remove Breast Hair?

    The most ideal option for you to remove breast hair is by undergoing Laser Hair removal treatment. Laser Hair removal treatment is a safe and secure way to banish all breast hair without causing any major side-effect or injury. Laser will not hurt or damage your delicate skin nor will it leave any marks. If done repeatedly, Laser Hair removal treatment offers a permanent solution and removes all your breast hair for good.

    Do not be disheartened if you have hairy breasts as it is a common feature in many women. But that does not mean you have to live with it. Start your Laser Hair removal treatment today and live with hair-free and silky smooth breast skin, that you have always desired.

    UPTO 50% Off on All Services
    UPTO 50% Off on All Services

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