How To Get Rid Of Dry And Rough Hair?

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    It is not uncommon to find people fretting over their hair and searching for ways to flaunt and maintain a fuller scalp. Not everyone is blessed with naturally soft and bouncy hair, leaving a majority of us dealing with various hair problems including dry and rough hair. One of the most common hair problems that we spend a majority of the time is on finding out how to get rid of dry hair.

    What Is Dry Hair?

    Try touching your hair and if you feel that the hair is dry, rough, brittle and difficult to style, then it means that you have dry hair. When you have dry hair it looks very unhealthy and lacks any kind of luster. Flyaway and breakage are quite common for individuals with dry hair. Dry and rough hair can definitely affect the way you style and more often than not, it leaves you with unsatisfactory results.

    Dry Vs. Damaged Hair

    Many of us tend to look at dry and damaged hair as one and the same. However, this should not be the case. Though, they might appear the same, there are differences between them in terms of causes, treatments, identification, etc.
    Damaged hair usually is a result of lack of sufficient protein bonds while dry hair is mostly due to lack of sufficient moisture content in the hair. There is a simple test that you can carry out to find out if you have dry and frizzy hair or damaged hair.

    Is Your Hair Dry Or Damaged?

    Wet your hair and pluck out a strand of hair. Now hold the strand and slowly pull it from both the ends.

    • Your hair is healthy if you notice that the hair strand has stretched for about one-third its size and returned back to its actual length.
    • Your hair is damaged if the hair strand does not stretch or hardly stretches and then breaks off.
    • Your hair is dry if the hair strand stretches but does not come back to its original length.

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    What Are The Causes Of Dry Hair?

    Before you find out about various dry hair solutions, you need to first find out and understand the reasons for dry hair. There are quite a few causes which can result in dry hair, such as –

    1. Temperature – Extreme temperature or constantly varying temperatures can play havoc with the moisture in your hair. For example, extreme cold temperatures will rob off all the moisture form your hair, leaving it dry and brittle. Other side effects such as split ends can also occur.
    2. Medication – There are various health conditions such as high blood pressure, depression, acne, gout, etc., which require different kinds of medications including antibiotics, weight loss drugs, antifungal medicines, anti-depressants, etc., which can result in dry hair as a side effect.
    3. Hair thinning – When the hair thins out due to a number of reasons it may also cause the texture to degrade. From dry, brittle, dull hair to frizzy and rough. This hair thinning can occur due to a number of reasons; both medical and external.
    4. Thyroid problem – Certain kind of thyroid problem can lead to dry and dull hair. This can be treated only with the treatment of the medical concern. Dry hair can be a precursor to hair loss in case of thyroid patients. Be sure to act in time before it causes apparent balding.
    5. Hair Washing – You can end up with dry hair if you over wash or under wash your hair. Using shampoos and conditioners on a daily basis may leave you with a clean scalp but with a dry hair and similarly not washing your hair enough number of times can block the release of natural oils which again will lead to dry hair.
    6. Heat Styling Tools – We all love to style our hairs and often end up using heat styling products such as straighteners, curling irons, hair dryers, etc. The excessive and constant heat from these tools can make your hair dry and brittle.
    7. Chemicals – Coloring our hair or using chemicals for perming our hair, etc., might give you your desired look but in the long run you will also end up with dry and frizzy hair.
    8. Genes – Our genes define us and play a crucial role in a number of things, including the occurrence of dry hair. You can have dry hair genetically if either of your parents have dry hair or scalp.

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    Complications From Dry Hair

    Though there are differences between dry hair and damaged hair, it is often seen that dry hair leads to damaged hair. When your dry hair turns brittle and is not treated effectively it will result in breakage and loss of hair. Hence, it is absolutely necessary for you to keep an eye on your hair and take necessary treatments and precautionary measures to avoid dry hair.

    How To Get Rid Of Dry Hair?

    Here are the medical solutions for this condition:

    1. Vitamins – Vitamin A, Biotin (B7) and Vitamin E support in enriching the keratin of the hair thus improving the quality of hair
    2. PRP can be proceeded for cases where dry hair occurs with thinning hairline or crown area hair loss. Especially due to thyroid and drug induced factors. Platelet rich plasma is an advanced, therapeutic and non-invasive procedure which uses patients own blood to help regrow the lost hair and also improve the volume of hair. It may help in improving the quality of hair too, from dry to smooth.
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    3. Dry hair due to inherent causes can be treated with drugs. Your dermatologist may prescribe you certain products and oral medications which will help in improving the texture of your hair
    4. Use only dermatologist approved products for hair – Always read the label of your hair products and ensure that you avoid products which contain harmful chemicals. It is best to choose a mild shampoo and a nourishing or leave-in conditioner which contain ingredients such as shea butter, olive oil, glycerin, sorbitol, etc.

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    DIY Tips To Prevent Dry Hair

    It is not enough just to be aware of how to cure dry hair. It is always ideal to nip the problem at its bud and this is why you should also be aware of various hair care tips for dry hair.

    1. Avoid using hot water when you are washing your hair and instead opt for cold or lukewarm water to wash it.
    2. Do not twist your wet hair to remove the excess water. Gently pat dry it.
    3. Try to avoid shampooing your hair on a daily basis. Ideally, you should shampoo your hair only once or twice a week.
    4. Do not use any of the heat styling tools as much as possible. Instead of using the hair dryer, let your hair air dry on its own. If incase, you are using heat tools such as straighteners or curlers, apply a layer of heat protectant on your hair.
    5. You should deep-condition your hair at least once a week so that all the lost moisture can be restored back.
    6. Chemicals should also be kept as far away as possible from your hair.
    7. Do not opt for hairstyles which put unnecessary pressure on the rots of your hair.
    8. Your hair requires adequate protein and nutrients and this can be achieved by including oega-3 fatty acids, nuts, sardines, avocados, salmon, flaxseeds, etc. in your diet.
    9. Try to keep your hair covered and protected whenever you are out in the sun. Hats, scarves, etc., can be used.

    Dry hair is not a serious condition, however; it can lead to other serious hair problems. Hence, it is best to follow these dry hair tips. For people who are already facing this problem, ensure that you get the right treatment by consulting your hair doctor and give ample time to heal dry hair. A strong and healthy hair is what you deserve and it can be easily achieved with just a little bit of time and effort.

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