How To Make Your Hair Silky And Shiny?

how to make your hair silky

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    Silky and shiny hair as seen on TV, is a delightful thought for everyone. Do not get carried away by the gimmicks, as those images are enhanced and not real. But that doesn’t mean you must have rough and dry hair, as your hair forms an indispensable part of your persona. Let us find out if it is possible at all, to upkeep and maintain radiant, shiny and silky hair?

    Silky And Shiny Hair

    Looking at all the celebrities flaunting their perfectly smooth and silky hair, we are often plagued with questions like how to make our hair shiny? how to make rough hair silky? etc. But it is not just about having the privilege of stylists and hair experts around all the time. Some effort in the right direction may take us miles, when it comes to our skin and hair.
    Having smooth and silky hair is extremely important for nourishing and adding more years of sheen to your personality. It is not about the salons to make your hair silky and straight, or silky and curly. Whether you are aiming at a temporary solution or permanent solution, there are definite ways that can help you on achieving silky and shiny hair.

    Can We Change Rough Hair To Silky?

    Yes, it is definitely possible to make rough hair silky. Your hair gets rough because of humidity, improper lifestyle, excess exposure to sunlight, etc. However, this can be fixed by using various tips and techniques, which, if followed regularly, can help you get rid of your rough hair and instead, have soft and silky hair in its place.

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    Can We Change Curly Hair To Silky Hair?

    Yes, whether you have straight hair or curly hair, both the temporary as well as the permanent techniques can help in making your curly hair silky and smooth. As long as you have healthy hair, it is easily possible to turn your curly and frizzy hair into soft, smooth and silky hair.

    Permanent Treatment For Silky And Shiny Hair

    If you are looking at ways to make rough hair silky permanently, then you can try specific hair treatments only after expert guidance. One way to get permanent silky hair is to opt for the chemical smoothing treatment or the permanent hair straightening treatment. But it is advisable to choose the latter because the chemicals used in chemical smoothing are not as strong as the ones used in straightening. Also, it does not work well for those with thick and curly hair. On the other hand, the chemicals used in the hair straightening process provide a more permanent solution and work well for any type of hair.

    Also, the results of hair straightening last longer than that of hair smoothing. Both these permanent treatments for silky and shiny hair require ample amount of care and nourishment in order to ensure that your hair remains as is and does not get damaged. This hair straightening treatment is also known as Japanese straightening or thermal reconditioning which is suitable for most types of hair except for coloured or chemically-treated hair.
    Another popular treatment to get silky and smooth hair is the Brazilian Keratin treatment. The main ingredient in this treatment is keratin which is gentle on the hair. It helps in making the frizzy hair smooth, by maintaining the hair’s texture and volume. This treatment can be safely used on colored hair, curly hair as well as straight hair.

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    Tips To Get Silky Hair

    These tips will go a long way in not only helping you achieve your dream of smooth and silky hair, but will also help you maintain your hair and ensure that it remains nourished and shiny for a longer period of time –

    • You need to understand the purpose of shampooing and conditioning your hair. Shampoo is essentially used to remove all the dirt on your scalp which is why you should always apply it only on the scalp and not on the hair strands. Meanwhile, a conditioner should be applied on the tips of your hair. If applied on the length of your hair, it will make your hair look limp.

    • Do not use a shampoo every day as it will rob-off all the necessary oils from your scalp. You should shampoo only once or twice a week, depending on how oily your scalp gets. It is advisable to use a sulfate-free shampoo to ensure that you have smooth and silky hair.

    • Hot showers should be avoided as much as possible. Try to always wash your hair with cool water as this will help in keeping the essential moisture locked in

    • One of the most important steps in making your rough hair silky is to ensure that you follow a gentle hair care routine which involves using a wide-toothed comb to remove all the tangles. Always start de-tangling from the bottom and then move upwards

    • Moisturizing your hair is very important. So use a good conditioner, let it sit for 10-15 minutes before you rinse it off. You should also indulge in a deep-conditioning treatment once in two weeks

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    • If you want an instant solution for your dry and frizzy hair, you can use a leave-in conditioner or a hair serum, which can transform your rough and frizzy hair into smooth and silky hair.

    • What you eat will reflect on the nourishment of your hair. For a heathy scalp full of silky hair, you will need to ensure that your diet consists of food items that are rich in proteins, nutrients and vitamins. Include food items that are rich in omega 3 fatty acids. Your diet is one of the best ways to make the hair shiny and silky

    • Your hair care routine should also include trimming of hair once in every 6-8 months. This will help you get rid of all the split ends that make your hair appear unhealthy, dry and frizzy

    • Alcohol can affect the shine of your hair and make it appear dull and lifeless. So it is advisable to avoid alcohol as well as hair products which may contain alcohol

    • Try to avoid heat on your hair as much as possible. Whether it is because of natural ways such as the harsh UV rays of the sun or alternate ways which include the use of heat styling tools like curling irons, hair straighteners, etc. Try to use heat protectants on your hair, if in case you are using any of the tools. Use a hat or a scarf to cover your hair if you are out in the sun. You should also cover your hair while you are swimming

    • For long, shiny and silky hair, you need to make sure that you oil your hair on a regular basis

    • Try to dry your hair naturally as much as possible. But if use are using a blow dryer, then ensure that the setting is on cool, the hair dryer is 15 cm’s away from your hair and you keep moving it so that it does not focus only on one area. Also, ensure that you face the nozzle downwards while using the dryer

    • When your hair is wet, do not use a towel to rub it. Instead, gently blot the excess water as this will avoid your hair from becoming frizzy.

    Making your hair silky and smooth is not a difficult task at all and neither does it require you to spend heavily at beauty salons. Investing a little time and patience can easily help you make your hair silky and straight. For any persistent dryness or hair fall, visit your dermatologist for treating it in time.

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