What Is The Cost Of Skin Whitening Treatment In Chennai?

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    Some people believe that their best features are showcased on a fairer or lighter skin tone. While it is possible to lighten your natural skin colour and provide a more refreshed and renewed look, skin whitening treatments can also be used to help cases of severe pigmentation. Read this article to know the best skin whitening treatment options.

    Skin Whitening Treatment In Chennai

    Losing skin tone or developing discoloured skin is a common problem. Fortunately, now you have a perfect solution to deal with this problem. Skin lightening clinics in Chennai are now offering solutions for all cases of pigmentation in the form of laser treatments and chemical peels. These brightening treatments are highly effective against dark skin due to sun exposure, pollution, and dirt that Chennai denizens deal with on a daily basis. This results in the skin losing its original colour and glow. Individuals who desire to improve their lost skin tone should consider skin whitening treatments by our experienced dermatologists.

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    Benefits Of Skin Lightening Treatment

    Popular Skin Whitening Packages

    • Full body whitening
    • Face, neck and arms whitening
    • Underarm whitening

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    Things About The Skin Whitening Procedures

    • An average session lasts up to 45 minutes and 6-8 sessions are advised to see best results.
    • The results are visible right from the first session of laser treatment and within a few days from doing a chemical peel.
    • The procedures are suitable for all skin types with any level of sensitivity.
    • Anyone suffering from the skin concerns mentioned above is a suitable candidate. However, pregnant or lactating women are advised not to take this treatment.
    • The skin lightening treatments give you long-term results if you follow the post care advise suggested by dermatologists. You are advised to take the necessary steps to protect your skin such as using sunscreen, avoiding sun exposure, following healthy lifestyle practices and diet advice.

    Treatment Options For Skin Whitening In Chennai

    Oliva has 3 state of the art clinics at Adyar, Alwarpet and Anna Nagar to provide the following skin whitening procedures:

    • Laser Toning: This treatment uses concentrated and targeted laser light to treat pigmentation. Modern procedures use Q-switched YAG laser technology, which is FDA approved and extremely safe. The laser targets dark pigmentation in the skin (melanin) while leaving the surrounding tissue undamaged. This procedure keeps the surface skin intact, which results in faster recovery time. Laser toning is a perfect choice to deal with open pores, freckles, tan, and other types of pigmentation.

    • Chemical Peels: This form of treatment uses non-toxic chemicals in varying concentrations and mixes to penetrate the layers of skin to tackle pigmentation issues. Stronger chemical peels tend to permeate the skin layers more and should be performed by an experienced dermatology team. Results tend to vary depending on skin type, but they generally enhance the texture of the skin and tackle uneven pigmentation effectively.

    How Does Laser Skin Whitening Work? 

    Skin whitening by laser toning works on the principle of targeting darker pigmentation when compared to normal skin tone and breaking up the tissue at a subdermal level, layer by layer, into microscopic particles. The body then reacts and heals the same area with new tissue, which is devoid of the pigmentation in question and has better tone and texture. The spectrum of laser light is modified based on how deep the pigmentation is, during consultation with the dermatologist.

    Laser toning procedures take only up to thirty minutes and have no downtime. The post care is simple with the use of creams to keep the skin moisturized, and cold packs and medication to help with any discomfort from mild swelling and redness. These effects take only a few days to subside.

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    Skin Whitening Treatment Cost In Chennai

    Typically, a well-equipped clinic with experienced dermatologists will charge anywhere between Rs 4,000 – Rs  5,000 per session of for lasers laser treatments and Rs  2,000 – Rs  3,000 per session of for a chemical peel. For the best results, a minimum of 6-8 sessions are advised for any individual.

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    Before And After Results


    Why To Choose Oliva For Skin Whitening In Chennai?

    Oliva prides itself on providing high-quality treatments in an extremely safe and controlled environment.

    • The dermatologists at our clinics are registered professionals who have years of experience.
    • Our dermatologists maintain the strictest protocols when performing all procedures, which are assisted by our therapists who undergo a detailed and rigorous training regime.
    • All equipment being used is the latest in market and is USFDA approved, reinforcing our mandate of safety first.
    • As every case is unique, so are our treatments. All cases go through a detailed consultation making sure that the procedures are customized to suit your exact needs.
    • Oliva clinics boast a high satisfaction rating that can be verified by any of our clients.
    • We believe in keeping the customer informed about every aspect of their treatment process and entertain any and all queries.

    Whether you are looking to tackle specific skin issues or just want to gain a new and refreshed look for your skin against the elements of Chennai, Oliva can provide the most ideal and safe skin whitening treatments for you.

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