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How To Get Rid Of Hard Pimples?

hard pimple

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    Having acne or pimples is quite common and almost everyone goes through some painful pimple outbreak phases at least once in their life. There are different types of pimples which can affect your skin and you need to be well-aware of them so that you can get the right treatment done to get rid of it in time. Hard pimples are such type of acne which needs special attention and care as they are more painful and prominent. Let us understand what are hair pimples and how are they formed?

    Why is Your Pimple So Hard?

    Pimples generally develop on the skin due to blockage of the pore by bacteria, oil or dead skin cells. These pimples are those which usually develop under the skin, are deeper and more inflamed. The major causes of these pimples are same as a regular pimple outbreak. Some forms of pimples include cysts and nodules. These pimples appear like raised bumps.

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    What Causes Hard Pimples On Face?

    There are various causes which result in the development of pimples on the face and over the body. These include –

    • The over-production of the sebum (natural oil) which is essentially the facial oil, causes the dead skin cells to attach to each other and clog the pores. Additionally, the skin bacteria also begin to proliferate further, thus causing infectious pimple outbreak. Because of this, there is a higher chance for a hard red pimple to develop.
    • Pimples are a common occurrence during puberty and the main reason behind it is the change in the hormone levels. Hormonal surges also occur during menopause, pregnancy and childbirth.
    • The dead skin cells and excess oil which clog up the pores makes it very easy for the bacteria to enter your skin and result in a pimple on the forehead or acne bumps on any other body part.
    • Genetics plays a major role too, thus increasing the chances of an individual getting affected by acne problems if their parents or blood relatives have suffered from pimples.
    • Sometimes pimples can also occur as a side effect of certain medications especially the ones that trigger hormonal imbalances.
    • Using harsh chemical-based products, that cause infection and result in pimples on the skin.
    • Some other causes also include stress, using rough scrubbers on the affected area, popping or picking at existing pimples, etc.

    Types Of Hard Pimples On Face

    There are different types of hard pimples, such as:

    • Nodules – This type of pimple is quite painful and large in size. When the infected follicle is located deep within the skin’s surface, it develops into a nodular ance.
    • Cysts – Like nodules, cysts also form deep under the surface of the skin. When the infection is surrounded by a membrane filled with pus, it develops into cysts which can later-on result in scars as well.

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    How To Get Rid Of Hard Pimples?

    So how do you get rid of hard pimple on face and from other body parts? Well! Some of these pimples require comprehensive diagnosis by an expert dermatologist, as they have the potential to leave an unsightly scar if ignored. Be sure to keep a check on these pimples, and do not pick or pluck them. Some treatments include –

    • Chemical Peels – Skin peels are the first line of treatment for pimples or acne. As a very mild plant extract, based concoction of acids is prepared. And under controlled clinical conditions, a dermatologist administers the same over the skin. This causes controlled exfoliation of the skin thus removing the upper dead skin layer along with infection-causing particulates and unclogs the pores. Thus giving out smoother and newer skin from beneath. Popular acne control peels include salicylic acid, glycolic acid, trichloroacetic acid.

    • Intralesional Injections – In some cases the pimples inflate and get severely pus-filled, thus they must be subsided by specific treatments. Intralesional injections use corticosteroids that are injected directly at the site of pimple thus causing them to settle down and spreading the pus. This reduces the pain and inflammation quickly
    • Laser Toning – Laser is one of the most powerful and advanced of the treatments available. It helps in targeting the infected tissues of the skin by passing a controlled beam of the laser. It works on the principle of controlled thermal injury, that is, the light energy so passed gets converted into heat energy thus destroying the cells that are causing infectious pimples. This triggers the skin’s natural reactions of healing by the production of newer collagen cells. Thus removing the pimples and bringing out rejuvenated skin from beneath.
    • Extraction/ Excision – Certain instruments are used by your dermatologist to remove the hard pimple outgrowth, without damaging the surrounding tissues. This must be proceeded by an expert dermatologist only
    • Topical Medicines – Additionally your dermatologist would prescribe topical ointments and creams rich in benzoyl peroxide, retinoids or sulphur that can help in treating the pimples successfully. Ensure that you follow the instructions provided on the package
    • Oral Medicines – In order to treat pimples, your dermatologist may also prescribe certain oral medications such as antibiotics, birth control pills for women, isotretinoin, etc.

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    How To Prevent Hard Pimples?

    Because these pimples can be quite painful, it is always better to prevent them from occurring in the first place. This is possible through certain measures like –

    • Avoid touching of your face unnecessarily, especially the areas which are prone to develop acne or already have persistent acne.
    • Never try to poke, pick or pop your acne as this will not only make your condition worse, but you will also have to deal with acne scars.
    • Make sure that you always wash your face at least twice a day and especially after every time you exercise. This will ensure that all the excess sweat is washed well to remove any bacteria lingering on your skin.
    • While washing and scrubbing your skin, be gentle and use products which are soft on the skin. Do not use any rough scrub or cloth to wipe your skin.
    • Rather than opting for oil-based creams and lotions and other cosmetics, go for products which are water-based and non-comedogenic. This will help in avoiding the unnecessary accumulation of excess oil.

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    Dealing with acne and pimples is never easy, especially the hard pimple which are rooted within your skin. Always pay attention to the health and nourishment of your skin and ensure that professional help is sought as soon as possible. As timely treatment can prevent you from experiencing long term or permanent repercussions on the skin.

    UPTO 50% Off on All Services
    UPTO 50% Off on All Services

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