Top 10 Acne Myths You Need To Bust Now!

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Top 10 Acne Myths

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    Have you come across conflicting facts about acne on the web and are confused? Do you know that the causes and treatments for acne may vary for every individual? Well, if you are clueless, fret not! It’s time to decode the facts and go myth-busting to end all the misinformation around acne that clouds your mind right away!

    Acne is one of the most common skin complaints that occur when hair follicles clog due to a build-up of oil, dirt and dead skin. Are you aware that it affects more than 250 million people in India alone? Yes, acne is a widespread skin concern for both men and women across a large age group that includes teenagers and adults up to 40 years of age! There is a deluge of myths and misinformation around its causes, types and treatments. That is why it is critical to debunk them and discover facts to minimise acne safely and effectively.

    Top dermatologists world over classify acne as mild, moderate or severe and customise treatment accordingly. Acne may manifest in different forms based on its severity and may include whiteheads, blackheads, red bumps called papules, pus-filled pimples or pustules, nodules and even cysts!

    A breakout can occur on any area of the body that has dense sebaceous glands, including neck, arms, shoulder, chest and back. However, when it occurs on the face – forehead, cheek, nose, chin and jawline, it sends us all in the panic mode as we look for quick fixes to get rid of it at the earliest! Read on to know more about the potential causes of pimples.

    Here are the primary triggers that result in acne:

    • Breakouts usually appear due to hormonal changes during puberty. However, for some of us, acne continues to recur beyond adolescence or aggravates during adulthood due to hormonal changes associated with pregnancy, menopause or underlying health conditions like PCOS and insulin resistance.
    • A positive family history of acne may increase your chances of having it too.

    Additionally, the below-mentioned secondary factors may increase your risk of having acne:

    • Use of specific medications may cause pimples as a side-effect.
    • Consuming a diet high in sugar and oil may lead to lifestyle disorders. It may also adversely affect your skin and cause zits!
    • Unmanaged stress due to our modern and hectic lifestyles could be a significant cause of your acne.
    • Improper skincare routine and use of comedogenic products may clog your pores and irritate your acne-prone skin further.

    Now that you know about the fundamental factors that trigger acne, it’s time to go on a myth-busting spree!

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    Top 10 Acne Myths:

    Here are the popular misconceptions around acne that you may have too!

    • Myth #1 – Acne Is A Skin Problem That Affects Only Teenagers:
      While it is true that acne primarily occurs around puberty, it can continue to affect adults because of a variety of reasons such as hormonal imbalance, certain medications, stress and more!
    • Myth #2 – Acne Only Affects Women:
      That’s not true even though the condition may be more widespread in women. A study indicated that almost 15% of males also have acne.
    • Myth #3 – Greasy Foods Cause Acne:
      Greasy food may not directly cause acne, but regular consumption can undoubtedly trigger your breakouts. So, it’s best to stay away and consume a balanced diet to boost your overall skin health.
    • Myth #4 – Wearing Makeup Causes Breakouts:
      Technically, makeup won’t cause acne. However, products that contain harsh chemicals can clog pores and increase your risk of having acne. So if you want to use makeup, look for products which are hypoallergenic or non-comedogenic to avoid irritating your acne-prone skin. Also, make sure you clean your makeup brushes at least once a week. So a little caution while buying the product and washing the makeup tools can help prevent acne.
    • Myth #5 – Carrying A Girl Foetus Can Trigger Acne During Pregnancy:
      That is something far from the truth. Acne during pregnancy may be a result of the hormonal changes that take place during that phase. However, the sex of the baby doesn’t play any role in triggering acne whatsoever!
    • Myth #6 – Poor Hygiene Causes Acne:
      Maintaining hygiene is essential to enjoy healthy skin. However, aggressive washing and scrubbing and use of wrong skincare products may aggravate your skin inflammation.
    • Myth #7 – Picking Pimples Triggers More Acne:
      Picking pimple doesn’t necessarily trigger more breakouts. However, it may increase your chances of having pigmented marks and permanent scars.
    • Myth# 8 – Sun Exposure Can Lead To Acne:
      Exposure to the sun can increase inflammation and redness, which can lead to hyperpigmentation. Some acne medicines could make you extra sensitive to sunlight so it may be a good idea to stay away during peak sunlight hours. But, it doesn’t lead to acne.
    • Myth #9 – Acne Is A Serious Issue:
      Well, no! Even though it is on the minds of 90% of the population, it is not a life-threatening concern. It can, however, have a significant impact on one’s skin texture and tone, as untreated acne can lead to permanent scars.
    • Myth #10 – Popping A Pimple Can Help You Get Rid Of It:
      The truth is the exact opposite. Squeezing a pimple can lead to increased inflammation and scarring. If you want to get rid of your pimples, never pop them.

    Now you know facts about acne, consult a dermatologist at the earliest to prevent acne from recurring, aggravating and causing permanent scars.

    Hope this article was an eye-opener for you and helped you improve your knowledge about acne. Why wait? Go ahead and spread the word! Stay tuned for more interesting skincare related updates!

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