Top Exercises To Boost Immune System


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    Regular exercises have several corroborated health benefits. They help in lowering the risk of cardiovascular disease and are beneficial for diabetic patients. Physicians recommend that exercises help you build a robust immune system.

    Multiple studies prove that exercises boost the immune system, not in one but multiple ways. We, as the human species, are undergoing one of the most challenging times in the form of the COVID-19 pandemic. This article will detail exercises good for the immune system and highlight the various benefits of exercise for the immune system.

    How Do Exercises Help In Boosting Immune System?

    Exercise and immunity are essentially interrelated, as regular exercise can bring a noticeable improvement in your immunity system and help combat various infections. Exercising boosts the efficiency of the immunity cells by increasing blood flow, strengthening anti-bodies, and reducing stress and inflation. However, choosing the proper exercise is also crucial. Let us read to find out the exercise suitable for you.

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    Top 7 Exercises To Boost Immune System

    Here are the top seven easy exercises that can help build your immunity system amidst the COVID-19 pandemic –

    1. Walking and Hiking:

      A 30 – 45 minutes walk boosts your immune system. Schedule your walk a couple of hours after your lunch if you can’t go for an early morning walk. While thousands of adults complain of catching seasonal flu, keeping the body active by simply walking can reduce the odds of catching the flu by about 43 percent. If you can’t go for a walk every day, schedule a brisk walk for an equal duration on alternate days to reap the benefits of having a strengthened immunity.

    2. Skipping:

      A popular cardiovascular exercise known to boost immunity is skipping. It is a full-body exercise that aids the circulatory system in delivering blood throughout the body more efficiently, balances metabolism, and boosts the functioning and fortitude of the immune system. Skipping is more relevant today as one can easily skip indoors while following social distancing guidelines.

    3. Resistance Band Exercises:

      One of the best exercises to increase immunity without a massive investment in training equipment while staying at home is to train with looped resistance bands. Also known as strength training exercises, resistance band exercises improve heart health and increase stability. Their use in varied exercises helps tone the whole body while building muscle strength.

    4. Bicycling:

      Cycling is an immune system-boosting exercise that can reverse the side effects of aging and age-related diseases while rejuvenating the immune system by improving T-cell production. But you must wear proper safety gear to step out for bicycling. Try to cycle for an hour every day in the morning before having breakfast or at least two hours after having your lunch in the evening. It is not advisable to go cycling on a full stomach.

    5. Yoga:

      With its origin in India, Yoga as an exercise to boost immunity has gained massive popularity across the globe in the past decade. Some yoga exercises to boost immunity are the Shalabasana or the Locust Pose, Anjaneyasana or Low lunge pose, Bakasana or Crow Pose, Tadasana or Mountain Pose, and Krupa Chaturanga Dandasana or the Four-Limbed Staff Pose supported on the Elbows. These exercises are suitable to be practised during the COVID times as you can do it inside your home and alone without much guidance. You can master these postures very quickly with little visual guidance from videos readily available on the internet. Wear comfortable and breathable cotton clothes and use a soft but firm yoga mat while performing Yoga.

    6. Breathing exercises:

      Recommended by specialists for stress relief and psychological health, breathing exercises are also known to boost the immune system. They reduce muscular tension and improve lung health as well. The simplest breathing exercise practised globally is to start with inhaling slowly and deeply through the nose while counting till four mentally. Now hold your breath and count till four again. Exhale slowly through your mouth while counting till four again. Hold your breath and count till four. Repeat these four steps for four sets. Remember to never sit for breathing exercises right after a meal.

    7. Rebounding exercises:

      To perform rebounding exercises, you will need a mini fitness trampoline. If one doesn’t choose to go out at such times, these trampolines are readily available online. This fun exercise routine is one of the best workout routines to detox the body and drain our lymphatic system. Rebounding also aids in getting the heart rate up, especially as the temperature outside starts to slide down.

    These exercises will boost your immune system and pave the way for a healthy lifestyle in the long run. Now, let’s read about some tips to exercise during the ongoing pandemic.

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    How To Exercise Effectively in COVID-19 Pandemic?

    It is not advisable to hit the gym during the COVID-19 pandemic as it leads to gathering and meeting with numerous people against the global pandemic advisory of social distancing. However, bicycling on an empty road during early hours can be an option. The best way to effectively exercise during these times is to indulge in indoor activities as listed above. If you feel unmotivated in quarantine during the lockdown, you may play workout videos on television or laptop and get some virtual company to keep yourself engaged.

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    While people are looking at different ways to boost their immunity during these times, regular exercise can be beneficial to achieve that goal. Exercises make you more energetic and help to negate negative thoughts and aid your mental wellbeing. With a rejuvenated immunity, you can be confident of lowering your chance of illness and increasing your body’s power to fight infections. Visit Oliva Skin & Hair Clinic to learn more about the ways to boost your immunity.

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