Best Hair Fall Solution For Men And Women: Treatments And Tips

Hair Fall Solution For Men And Women: Treatments And Tips

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Hair signifies strength and expression. Without it, we often feel lost and self-conscious. But as we grow older, we seem to lose more and more of hair. Isn’t there a way to grow and maintain a head full of thick, lustrous hair? We have the ultimate answer to all your hair woes, so deter not fellow hair lovers.

Does Hair Loss A Common Problem?

Unfortunately Yes. Of late, thanks to modern society and technological advances, there are many factors that contribute to hair fall in a negative manner. From air and water pollution to stress and hormonal imbalances, there are plenty of reasons why people are losing their hair. Hair loss has become number cosmetic problem and majority of people are complaining about severe hair fall.

Is There A Permanent Solution for Hair Fall?

Yes, but as long as you maintain and follow your hair care instructions to the letter. Hair fall can be triggered at any point in life. Even after receiving a cosmetic treatment, one can still suffer from hair fall post treatment. Hair loss is subjected to the bodily changes and it can be triggered by both external and internal factors.

What Is the Best Solution for Hair Fall?

Dermatologist and trichologist have found plenty of solutions that can come to your aid. Depending on the cause, severity and the condition of your hair fall, the solution will vary. There are both topical and oral solutions as well cosmetic treatments you can use to retain and regrow your hair.

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Hair Fall Solution For Man and Women

Coming to the important topic, hair fall is a controllable cosmetic problem that can be easily reversed and treated. Look no further than these five excellent treatments you can ask your dermatologist today and save yourself from hair fall.

1. PRPPlatelet Rich Plasma is minimally invasive procedure that uses the patient’s own blood to help regenerate dormant t hair follicles. It is a safe and dermatologically approved treatment that entails the use of blood being placed in a centrifuge machine wherein the blood is separated and the plasma is enriched with 5-10 times more of platelets. This helps in recovering the lost hair. The procedure must be performed every month for 5 months (3-5 sessions) for the result to show up 100%.

2. Minoxidil – A topical solution, Minoxidil is used to in two variations – 2% (for women) and 5% (for men) formulae. Minoxidil does not control hormone based hair fall and must be used the supervision of a doctor. Apply the ointment using a dropper by parting your hair and spreading it carefully in each section.

3. Finasteride – An oral medicine, Finasteride is a drug that treats hair loss without causing any scalp dryness. The medicine is often used alongside other treatments and must be used cautiously. It is used to reduce a male hormone called dihitestosterone hormone by 60%, the main hormone responsible for male pattern and female pattern baldness.

4. Laser treatment for hair loss – Low Level Laser Treatment (LLLT) is used to stimulate epidermal stem cells present in the hair follicles and shift them back into their growing phase. This treatment works well on both men and women.

5. Hair transplant surgery – The hair present in the back of the head is DHT resistant and is used in this procedure. It is transplanted to bald spots in order to distribute hair evenly and cover the empty areas. It is notably an expensive procedure and can also bring the risk of infection and scarring.

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Top 10 Best Hair Fall Solution Tips

Sudden bouts of hair fall can dampen your spirts and mar your glowing beauty. But one can always take care of their tresses by incorporating certain tips to maintain their volume and prevent hair fall. Here are some quintessential hair fall solutions you can start to follow.

1. Go for the Natural Air – Instead of using a blow drier to dry your wet hair, simple just let it air-dry. Hot air can damage the core of your hair strands, making them dry and fragile. Go a step further and stop rubbing your towel on wet hair. This will add friction and cause hair breakage. Let the hair dry naturally.

2. Massage your Scalp – Use your fingertips (the small cushion ball on your fingertips) to gently rotate your scalp clockwise and anti-clockwise. This will stimulate healthy blood flow to your hair roots and provide essential nutrients to prevent hair loss.

3. Stay away from Heat – Anything above 230 degree Celsius is dangerous for your hair. Using hair tools such as straighteners, curlers, crimpers, and blow driers will cause long term damage to your roots and ends. Natural hair is always in style, so flaunt it confidently!

4. Eat Well and Drink Plenty – Copious amount of water accompanied with fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean protein and healthy fats will do the trick in keeping your hair healthy and strong. Avoid junk food including deep fried foods and sugary treats.

5. Be Gentle – We often carelessly pull, tug and twist our hair subconsciously. Be mindful about his habit. Another tip is not to brush or comb wet hair. Wait for your hair to air dry naturally and then proceed to detangle and style your hair.

6. Stay Cool and Stay CalmStress is the ultimate enemy for most of us. Not only will it damage your health internally but affect your skin and hair. Tress can cause hormonal imbalance, insomnia, depression and anxiety. All these factors will contribute to your hair loss. Find ways to unwind and feel happy.

7. No Dye – Bleaching, hair dyes and other hair damaging treatments must be avoided to prolong the life of your hair. They break down the keratin (hair protein) and make them weaker and lifeless. Learn to enjoy your natural hair colour, even if it’s white hair!

8. Monitor your Medications – More often than not, most hair falls are drug induced. Taking harsh medications can cause hormonal imbalance and lead to hair fall. When talking to your doctor about hair loss, inform him/her about the other medication/s you are on to ensure the doctor knows what is causing your hair loss.

9. Trims those Ends – Dry, split ends will weaken the hair and cause them to prematurely fall and break. For those with long hair, try to trim your hair every 5 weeks or so to keep your locks healthy.

10. No Sweaty Heads – It may seem like a burden and out of reach (especially if you live in a hot, humid climate), but sweat caused by heat can aggravate oiliness and dandruff. Both factors contribute to hair fall. Another heat causing habit is wearing helmets for long duration. This can accumulate dirt in the pores and increase hair fall.


Is Hair Transplant Only Solution For Hair Loss?

No! There are plenty of hair fall solutions to choose from. You can always grow your hair back to its former glory and need not depending on hair transplant as your only solution.

Does Shampooing Too Much Cause Hair Loss?

It depends entirely on the shampoo and whether it suits your hair type or not. Using a harsh shampoo comprising of unhealthy chemical ingredients will damage your hair and cause instant hair loss. Talk to your dermatologist before investing and using a shampoo. A proper medical and dermatologically approved shampoo will not damage or cause your hair to fall. Also, it’s ideal to wash your hair as per your needs. If you have oily hair, then wash your hair 3-4 times a week and bring it down to 2-3 a week if you have dry hair.

Is PRP Hair Treatment Permanent Solution For Hair Fall?

PRP hair treatment offers many benefits including re-growth of hair follicles that are in their dormant stage, accelerated growth of new and existing hair, stronger hair follicles and more volume of hair. After suffering from major hair fall, PRP treatment can help you immensely. However, if you were to suffer from any bodily changes with regards to hormonal imbalance, stress, poor diet etc., then you will unfortunately suffer from hair loss again. PRP treatment cannot sustain such changes.

Hair loss is a curse for everyone, but it can easily be reversed. Don’t let it bring your youth and vitality down. Instead talk to your dermatologist and ask you professional help. You don’t have to walk in shame and cover your flaws anymore.

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