How To Get Rid Of Dry And Bumpy Skin?

How to get rid of bumpy skin on face

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    Dry and bumpy skin is a major problem for most of us, be it summer or winter. Dry, flaky and bumpy skin have become a permanent enemy. Even after exfoliating and moisturizing, the skin refuses to heal and soften. So, what can you do to banish dry and bumpy skin forever?

    What Is Bumpy Skin?

    If you are someone who is suffering from dry, bumpy and irritated skin, then you need not worry as they are very common and harmless. You can suffer from any of these skin symptoms for a number of reasons; allergies, infections, skin disorder, and skin cancer (although that is a very rare and uncommon case). Skin bumps can vary greatly both in numbers and appearance. The bumps can be small, large, skin-colored or different color, itchy, smooth or grainy on top etc. Bumpy skin can also be soft or hard depending on the persisting skin malady.

    A simple way to find out if you are having an allergic reaction is by noticing if your “bumpy” skin is itchy or irritated, and they won’t fade or go away as easily either (e.g. acne). Bumpy skin can also be accompanied with redness and flaky/scaly skin.

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    Why The Skin Becomes Bumpy?

    So what causes the skin to become bumpy? Well, when the skin sheds its old dead cells, new ones are immediately replaced. Sometimes, the skin may go into an overdrive and produce more keratins (skin cells) than needed, which will cause the hair follicle to get covered or blocked by new skin cells. This results in bumpy skin and they can often be rough, dry and red in color.

    How To Get Rid Of Bumpy Skin?

    Bumpy skin is annoying and unflattering in every manner. But getting rid of it may not be as simple as you think. There can be many reasons as to why you may have dry and bumpy skin. Each skin disease will have its own treatment. However, there are some solutions that can be commonly applied to most skin diseases.

    1. Laser – Opt for Laser treatment as it will greatly help with the swelling and redness. Laser uses light rays to penetrate deep into the skin and exfoliate from within. Different types of Laser serve different purposes. One can heal the bumpiness and improve skin’s smoothness and texture while another one can decrease discoloration.
    2. Chemical peels – Another great solution would be to proceed with chemical peel treatments using lactic acid, glycolic acid and salicylic acid. These acids have the ability to exfoliate the skin as well as deeply moisturize without any side-effects. Lactic acid is a type of alpha-hydroxy-acid that is very gentle and mild when compared to other types of acids. It also contains bleaching properties which ensures a through healing of dry and bumpy skin. Peels help in controlled exfoliation of the skin thus giving rejuvenated from beneath by shedding off the dead upper skin layers.
    3. Retinol – Topical creams such as Retina-A can be used to treat dry and bumpy skin. The main ingredient in retinol products is Vitamin A, which is popular for its ability to help cell turnover. It can flatten the bumps and heal any blemishes and discoloration left behind. A tiny dab will do the trick; otherwise too much of retinol can leave your skin dry and itchy. Do not purchase retinol products without prescription by a dermatologist.
    4. Antibiotics – If your dry and bumpy skin is due to a bacterial or viral infection, then an anti-biotic would be prescribed by the dermatologist. Such medications will simmer down these symptoms and help with dry, bumpy skin.
    5. Cryosurgery – For those who have warts, skin tags or keloid scars, cryosurgery would be performed by dermatologist. This would freeze and remove the bumps using chemicals like liquid nitrogen. It may leave a scar but there are plenty of scar lightning topical creams that can be suggested by the dermatologist, if required.

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    Tips To Care For Bumpy Skin

    There are many ways to treat dry and bumpy skin in a safe and natural manner. Incorporate the following tips to prevent dry and bumpy skin –

    1. No shaving or waxing – If you are someone who shaves and waxes regularly, then you may want to reconsider choosing another hair removal option as both of these can aggravate and cause Keratosis Pilaris to flare up. Instead, opting for Laser Hair removal is more suitable for those who suffer from Keratosis Pilaris. Do not try to shave over the bumps as it can cause the hair follicles to bleed and lead to unsightly marks.
    2. Stop using self-tanners – Trying to cover these bumps with makeup and self-tanners will be unsuccessful as they can make them more obvious and prominent. Another drawback of using self-tanners is that it can clog your skin pores and cause serious skin issues.
    3. Say yes to humidifier – It has been observed that Keratosis Pilaris aggravates when the weather or the environment is dry. Add some moisture and humidity in your house can greatly help in preventing these little bumps from happening.
    4. Use fragrance free skin care products – Artificial fragrances that are added in soaps, lotions, creams, deodorant and perfumes tend to suffocate the skin. This may cause Keratosis Pilaris. In order to prevent it from occurring, avoid using skin care products that are heavily infused with chemicals and artificial fragrances.
    5. Gently exfoliate – Do not go overboard with scrubbing. Rigorous exfoliating will not help with Keratosis Pilaris; in fact it may make it worse. Just simple scrubbing of skin using a loofah or brush is enough to remove any dead skin cell buildup.
    6. Moisturize with safe ingredients – Use lotions and creams with ingredients such as urea, glycerin and lactic acid. They can help prevent scales from forming and hydrate the skin. Please ask your dermatologist for a moisturizer that is best suitable for your skin.

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    It is time you say goodbye to dry and dull skin because you have every right to flawless, soft and smooth skin. Stop wasting your time and money on over marketed creams as they may not be effective rather cause more harm than good. There are plenty of holistic methods to cure your dry and bumpy skin. Visit an expert dermatologist to treat these signs and symptoms of dry and bumpy skin.

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