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    Do you know there are many treatment options for reducing acne scars, burn marks, accidental scars and pigmented scars available in various skin clinics in India? Read this article to learn more about the different scar removal treatments available in India and their respective cost per session. In addition to this, learn why laser scar removal treatment is a better bet compared to all other procedures.

    Different Types Of Scars

    You may be looking for scar removal treatments if you have the following types of scars.

    • Acne Scars– You may be having acne scars if you had regular breakouts as a teenager or young adult. Scars due to acne can vary in appearance from deep pits and deep V-shaped scars to those having irregular edges and undulating surfaces. Acne scars can be a significant aesthetic concern as they adversely affect the texture of your skin and therefore, treatments to correct it are in huge demand.
    • Other Scars – Apart from acne, other causes like injury, burns, cuts, scratches, chickenpox, surgical procedures (e.g., C-section) and sutures can leave a visible mark or scar on your skin.

    How Can A Scar Revision Treatment Help?

    With the advancement of dermatology, several treatment options are available to correct scarred tissue. Broadly, any scar correction procedure falls under non-surgical and surgical solutions, each involving different costs and benefits. The question arises why laser scar removal treatment always stands out. Let’s understand the laser procedure for scar removal and its benefits in detail.

    Laser Scar Removal Cost In India

    Acne scar treatment cost in India ranges from Rs 4,000 to Rs 25,000 per session, depending on the size of the area treated. However, it may differ from one person to another based on the type and severity of the scar, the treatment option selected and the number of sessions recommended.

    Here is the detailed cost of acne scar treatment in India based on treatment type:

    Scar Treatment Minimum Cost Maximum Cost
    Laser Treatment For Scars 5000 18,000
    Chemical Peel For Scars 4500 5300
    MNRF (Micro Needling) For Scars 4500 20,000
    Subcision For Scars 10,500 13,000
    Dermal Filler For Scars 15000 35,000
    Dermabrasion For Scars 3900 5500
    Scar Exicion Surgery 10,000 35,000

    Cost of laser treatment for other scars:

    • The packages for laser treatment of chickenpox scars cost between Rs 6,000 and Rs 20,000.
    • The packages for laser treatment of burn marks cost Rs 10,000 to Rs 30,000.
    • The packages for laser removal of accident/injury scars range from Rs 5,000 to Rs 20,000.

    Note: Please note that the above prices are indicative only. It may vary from clinic to clinic due to its location and reputation, the experience of the dermatologist performing the procedure and the laser technology used. It is advisable to visit a reputed skin clinic to know the exact cost of scar removal treatment.

    Here is a price comparison of laser scar removal treatment available across some major cities in India:

    Laser Treatment for Acne Scars (Cost/Session)

    City Minimum Maximum
    Bangalore Rs4,000 Rs 20,000
    Chennai Rs 4500 Rs 20,000
    Hyderabad Rs 5,000 Rs 20,000
    Kochi Rs 4,800 Rs 18,000
    Mumbai Rs 5,000 Rs 22,000
    NCR (Delhi) Rs 5,000 Rs 22,000
    Pune Rs 5500 Rs 18,000
    Visakhapatnam Rs 5,000 Rs 17,000
    Kolkata Rs 5,000 Rs 20,000
    Vijayawada Rs 4500 Rs 15,000

    Factors Affecting Laser Scar Removal Cost In India?

    The following factors influence the price of laser scar removal in India-

    • Size Of The Scar – The size of the scar plays a vital role in analysing the modality of treatment and the number of sessions required. Both these factors may up the price of treatment.
    • Depth Of The Scar – Scars that penetrate the deeper layers of skin, will need more sessions of laser treatment and involve a higher cost of treatment.
    • Type Of Scar – Different types of scars require a combination treatment which may increase the expense involved.
    • Experienced Practitioner – A trained doctor with more experience in using specialised techniques may command a higher fee for the procedure.
    • Clinic Location – Clinics located in major cities and at posh localities may charge a premium for offering advanced aesthetic treatments.

    How Does Laser Scar Removal Treatment Work?

    Laser treatment uses high-intensity focused light energy in a controlled manner to treat the scarred tissue. The deeper skin layers absorb the heat generated to heal the damaged tissue. It stimulates the fibroblast cells to produce collagen and result in the complete remodelling of the scar tissue. This reduces the appearance of scars and offers a visible improvement in your skin texture.

    Laser scar removal primarily helps treat all types of post-acne scars, including atrophic and hypertrophic scars. It also helps diminish chickenpox scars. Doctors may recommend laser procedure as a standalone or combination treatment based on the type of scar you have.

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    Other Scar Removal Treatments And Cost

    Here are some of the other dermatologist-recommended treatments for scar removal and their cost details.

    • Chemical Peels: Dermatologists use plant-based extracts to exfoliate the upper layers of dead skin. The treatment helps fade pigmented scars to a large extent. The price of chemical peeling treatment for scars ranges from Rs 3,000 to Rs 7,000 per session.

    • Micro-needling Radiofrequency (MNRF): Radiofrequency currents help to create thermal zones in the dermis and reduce scars. The heat generated stimulates new collagen production and improves the appearance of the skin. The average cost of MNRF treatment for scar is between Rs 10,000 and Rs 25,000 per session.

    • Microdermabrasion: It is a mildly abrasive treatment that helps remove the dead cells from the surface layer to reveal undamaged and firmer skin. The average cost of microdermabrasion treatment for scars is between Rs 2,000 and Rs 5,000 per session.
    • Dermal Fillers: Doctors administer fillers containing hyaluronic acid at the site of the depressed scar to fill it for a few months or up to a year. Over time, the enzymes in the body digest the hyaluronic acid. This modality of treatment does not offer long-lasting results. Price of scar treatment using dermal fillers ranges from Rs 20,000 to Rs 1, 00,000 per session (based on the brand).
    • Skin Grafting: This is a complicated surgical procedure that involves using a graft from body areas with higher fat content, such as the thighs and transplanting it in the target area. Doctors use this modality for treating burn marks or post-traumatic scars. Surgical options tend to be invasive, expensive, and involve significant downtime. The price range for skin grafting treatment starts from Rs 50,000 and goes up to Rs 1,00,000.
    • Excision: This procedure reduces the appearance of the scar by cutting the damaged tissue out and fusing the skin with multiple layers of appropriate sutures. The cost of the treatment starts from Rs 15,000 to Rs 25,000 per session.
    • Topical Applications: Silicon-based scar removal creams may be available OTC, but it is advisable to ask a doctor before using them. Topical creams have a limited effect in comparison to laser scar removal treatment as they cannot penetrate the deeper layers of skin. Price for topical applications ranges from Rs 900 to Rs 7,000 based on the brand and composition.

    A doctor decides the modality of treatment based on the type and the severity of the scar. Laser treatments are one of the most effective procedures for scar removal due to their precision and efficacy. However, your dermatologist may advise it in combination with MNRF and chemical peels procedure to achieve the best results.

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    Laser Scar Removal Vs Other Scar Removal Treatments

    Laser treatment is one of the most effective procedures for scar removal due to its precision and efficacy. However, your dermatologist may advise it in combination with MNRF and chemical peels procedure to achieve the best results.

    Here are some of the top benefits that laser scar removal treatment offers:

    1. Quick Procedure – The average session may last up to 2 hours which includes the preparation time for the laser therapy that involves the application of numbing cream.
    2. Minimal Downtime – There may be marginal and manageable downtime. Adequate post-care support can minimise your recovery time.
    3. Effective Results – You can see a noticeable reduction in the appearance of your scars after undergoing 6-8 sessions. However, your doctor will recommend the exact number of sessions you need based on the type and the severity of your scars.
    4. Non-Surgical Procedure – The procedure is non-invasive and involves minimal discomfort. It causes no cuts or blood loss.
    5. No Side Effects – The use of the latest USFDA approved laser technology ensures it is a safe procedure and does not involve any risk of infection or burns.
    6. Convenient – It is the best option compared to other scar removal methods as it is super convenient.
    7. Precise – Experienced dermatologists customise the parameters of the laser treatment to treat your scars with precision without causing damage to the surrounding tissue.
    8. Versatile – It is a suitable procedure for all Indian skin types.

    Now you know all about the procedure, benefits and cost of laser scar removal treatment. If you are looking for advanced aesthetic solutions to get rid of your scars, book an appointment at Oliva Skin & Hair Clinic today!

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