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How To Cure Acne Scars & Pimple Marks?

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    Everybody loves to flaunt bright and clear skin which is free of blemishes, spots, and other skin conditions. However, more often than not, we seldom get a chance to fulfill this wish and end up with damaged skin! One of these skin conditions is nasty looking scars which are the bane of our existence. Let’s find out what these scars are.

    What Is A Scar?

    For most of us, a scar is a mark on our skin which is left after an injury. While this is true, scars can form from pimples and acne anywhere on the body.

    How Do You Get Scars?

    The most common way a scar develops is after an injury as it is a part of your healing process. An acne breakout can also leave you with scars. A scar is not just a mark or a cut on your skin, and there are different types of scars that one can develop such as keloid scars, acne scars, hypertrophic scars, contracture scars, etc. The size and depth of your scar depend on the area of the skin, depth of the wound/acne/pimple, age, gender, and genes.

    Do Scars Fade?

    Yes, some scars can fade away without treatment while some do not. For example, mild acne scars, dark spots, brown or red scars, pigmentation blemishes, etc., can fade away over a period of three to six months but in severe cases such as indented acne scars, keloid scars, burn scars, surgical incision scars, etc., you will need medication and other cosmetic treatments. Your skin tone, age, complexion, skin type, etc., also play a role in determining whether these scars can fade away on their own.

    Which Body Areas Are Prone To Scars?

    Depending upon the cause, a scar can develop on any part of your body. However, the most common areas are the face, chest, back, hands, and legs

    Are Scars Treatable?

    Yes, scars are treatable with the help of medications as well as cosmetic treatments.

    What Kind Of Results Can I Expect From This Treatment?acne scar treatment

    How To Get Scar-Free Skin?

    1. Visiting Your Nearest Doctor (Dermatologist/Skin Specialist) – If you are looking for the most effective way to cure scars, then the first step is to consult our certified dermatologist at your nearest Oliva clinic, who can give you proper guidance.
    2. Finding Type Of Scar
    • Ice Pick Scars – Caused by severe acne such as papules and cysts, these scars have several treatment options.
    • Rolling Scars – These scars are caused due to inflammatory acne which can be treated with medical procedures.
    • Boxcar Scars – Another type of scar which is caused by inflamed acne, these scars have sharper edges but are treatable.
    • Atrophic Scars – Lack of sufficient fibrous tissues and collagen in the affected area cause atrophic scars, but they can be treated using medical procedures.
    • Hypertrophic Or Keloid Scars – Major causes of these scars are burns, surgery, acne, cutaneous injury, which lead to chronic inflammation. These cars are easily treatable.
    1. Following A Treatment Regime – Depending on the treatment method prescribed by your dermatologist, you will have to follow strict pre- and post-care instructions to successfully get rid of the scars.

    How Does A Doctor Help Curing Your Scars?

    With over 15 branches spread across Hyderabad, Bangalore, and Chennai, Oliva Clinics are the ideal choice to help you get rid of scars with the help of the several treatment options listed below:

      1. Pixel Laser Treatment – A painless procedure which takes only 15 minutes, this treatment helps in stimulating collagen production and is suitable to treat all types of scars.
      2. Micro-Needling – With minimal downtime, a micro-needling treatment involves the use of hundreds of tiny needles which penetrate the layers of your skin.
      3. Subcision – This is a minor surgery where a special hypodermic needle is used on the skin’s surface, and it helps in reducing the depth of your scar.
      4. Scar Excision – Perfect for people with deep scars, this treatment involves the use of a pen-sized punch which helps in completely removing the scar.
      5. Dermal Fillers – If you are looking for quick results, then dermal fillers are ideal for you. This treatment involves minimal discomfort where non-toxic hyaluronic acid is used to fill up the scars.
      6. Intralesional Injections – This is a simple procedure where the scars are injected so that they can stop growing and become flat. This treatment is ideal for keloids and hypertrophic scars.

    Client Reviews

    Take A Look At What Our Happy Clients Are Saying About Us:

    “I am feeling happy to share my experience at Oliva. I went for face scar removal treatment-heavy scars due to pimples. Now my face is scar free and looking good. I strongly recommend to those who have scars due to pimples on their face to go for treatment with Oliva. You will definetly buid your confidance after treatment like me. I thankful to oliva and mainly thankful to Dr. Rakhi Mam and team.:) –S Vishnu
    “I had pimples and black pimple marks. I took treatment for that. Now it’s almost going to hit 4 months. Now no one can say that I had pimples. My face is clean and clear. Thank you Oliva for such an amazing unique treatment protocols. If you walk into Oliva definitely you will go out with 100% result and smile –arvitha anu

    How To Get Started?

    Say goodbye to your scars by simply booking an appointment either by filling the Book Appointment form or by calling us at 📞1800-103-3893

    Have Additional Questions?

    For any queries, you can visit our website or just walk into any Olivia Clinic, and we will be happy to address all your queries and concerns.

    UPTO 50% Off on All Services
    UPTO 50% Off on All Services

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