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23 Common Skin Diseases With Causes & Available Treatments


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    Do you have skin conditions that you aren’t able to treat? Are you under the idea that it cannot be treated at all? Well, most skin problems have a solution, which only a dermatologist can carry out successfully. So, before you head over to a dermatologist, here is a brief article about common skin conditions and treatment options available.

    Common Skin Diseases Treated At Skin And Hair Clinic

    1. Scars – Scars are common marks, which are the leftovers after a wound heals.

    Cause: When the dermis is damaged, a scar is produced.


    • Topical creams that lessen the effect of the scar eventually.
    • Laser Resurfacing works in removing the outermost layers and resulting in nonexistent
    • Dermabrasion and Microdermabrasion methods are used to lessen the irregularities of the scars.

    2. Acne – This common skin condition is an inflammatory one causing spots and pimples on the skin, especially the face.

    Cause: Puberty, bacteria on the skin, fatty acids within oil glands


    • Antibiotics, either applied topically or taken orally help in the reduction of bacteria on the skin.
    • Retinoids such as vitamin A derivatives treat the lesions of acne.
    • Hormone therapy can be done if you are suffering from acne due to changes during puberty.

    3. Dull Skin – Skin that lacks glow and hesitates to be associated with young, healthy skin.

    Cause: Dehydrated skin, stress, pollution, makeup mania, unhealthy diet, smoking


    • Laser Toning assists in achieving an even skin tone that removes the excess tan, dark spots, freckles, etc. to make the skin brighter.
    • Exfoliating at least once a week can help in the removal of outer layers of dead skin.

    4. Hyperpigmentation

    A skin condition, where patches on the skin become darker than the surrounding skin.

    Causes: Direct exposure to sunlight, allergy reactions, genetic, hormonal changes


    • Chemical peels such as TCA peel or deeper phenol peel can help in the removal of outer skin, which is pigmented.
    • Laser Peels include a number of lasers that treat hyperpigmentation.
    • A Photofacial is effective when frequently administered to reduce the hyperpigmentation.

    5. Large Pores

    The open pores you see on your skin as dots on your face.

    Causes: Genetics, aging


    • Laser treatment such as the Halo laser does an excellent job of reducing the large pores and also discoloration.
    • Laser Resurfacing helps in reducing the oil glands that are present on the face, which in turn puts a stop to further enlargement of pores.
    • Laser Skin Tightening is effective in making the skin look younger and healthier without enlarged pores.

    6. Unwanted Hair


    It is common to have hair on the face, upper lips, and in other parts of the body.

    Causes: Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, hormonal changes, excessive medications


    Laser Hair Reduction stands as the gold standard for hair removal on a permanent basis.

    7. Rosacea

    It is a condition of chronic adult acne, where the skin appears to be redder than usual.

    Causes: Broken blood vessels, H. pylori bacteria presence, family history of rosacea


    • Medications when taken orally or applied topically help to control rosacea to a large extent.
    • Blephamide is a steroid eye drop, which helps patients with ocular rosacea.
    • Isotretinoin is effective if you are suffering from a worse case of rosacea.

    8. Under Eye Circles

    The darkness right under the eyes, which makes the eyes seem hollow are dark circles.

    Causes: Medications that cause blood vessels to dilate, rubbing eyes excessively, allergy, sleeping on stomach, lack of sleep


    • Microneedling treatment does wonders in stimulating the collagen levels and creating thicker skin under the eyes.
    • Retinol infused serums brighten and tighten the skin, giving promising results.
    • Hyaluronic acid makes the skin feel more alive and plumped, which makes the dark circles non-existent after persistent use.

    9. Aging Skin

    Aging skin becomes loose, saggy, and wrinkled making you look a lot older than you are.

    Causes: Aging, sun exposure, smoking, excessive drinking


    10. Age Spots

    The production of melanin increases as you age, and causes dark spots on the skin.

    Causes: Aging, sun exposure, smoking


    • Dermabrasion is the most common treatment for age spots.
    • Laser Resurfacing helps in toning the skin and reducing the production of melanin.
    • Topical treatments such as night creams work well over the course of a couple of months.     

    11. Stretch Marks

    Stretch marks are narrow streak lines that occur on the skin.

    Causes: Weight reduction, pregnancy, rapid weight gain, usage of corticosteroids


    • Creams, gels, and lotions help in lightening the stretch marks.
    • Makeup can be used to conceal these marks.
    • Laser treatment, Cosmetic surgery proves to be an option to effectively make stretch marks non-existent.          

    12. Spider Veins

    Enlarged veins that can be easily spotted on the skin.

    Causes: Increased pressure in veins, hereditary, usage of birth control pills, blood clots


    • Support stockings can be a great option when the veins cause uncomfortable symptoms.
    • Endovenous laser treatment causes the veins to collapse and not protrude out.
    • Surgical techniques are implemented like stripping and ligation to lighten their appearance.

    13. Rashes

    Rashes don’t point to specific causes unless the root cause of the rash is figured out. They can appear in different forms.

    Causes: Bites, diaper rashes, contact dermatitis, eczema, fever, measles, ulcers, etc.


    • Topical creams are used to cure rashes within a few days.
    • Oral medication is taken to help get rid of what is causing the rash from inside the body. 

    14. Birth Marks

    A red, pink or purple blemish that is present since birth on the skin.

    Causes: Over-accumulation of blood vessels


    • Laser Therapy is used for birthmarks that are close to the skin surface.
    • Interferon alfa-12 helps in preventing the birthmarks from growing further and shrinks it.
    • Surgery is recommended when all other treatments refuse to show results.

    15. Wrinkles

    Wrinkles are folds and creases in the skin.

    Causes: Aging, exposure to UV rays, smoking, repeated facial expressions


    • Deep peels help in stimulating the skin and making it smoother.
    • Laser Resurfacing involves using a laser that goes deep into the skin and helps in collagen formation.
    • Ultrasound Therapy is a non-surgical treatment, which tightens the skin.

    16. Alopecia Areata

    Alopecia treated by dermatologists

    A genetic, immune-mediated disease targets the anagen hair follicles and results in hair loss.

    Causes: Autoimmune disease history (immune system mistakes healthy cells for foreign substances)


    • Medications such as minoxidil help in restoring the hair growth.
    • Acupuncture and Aromatherapy treat this condition over a period.

    17. Eczema

    Eczema is a skin condition, which causes inflammation and itchiness due to the excessive dry skin.

    Causes: Irritants, allergens, non-suitable foods, stress, hormonal changes


    • Topical creams or corticosteroids can be prescribed to alleviate the condition.
    • Excessive moisturizing of the skin at all times is a must.

    18. Fungal Infections Of The Nails

    Fungal infection in the nails could make the nails yellow or dark.
    Causes: Overgrowth of fungi present in the body


    • An oral antifungal medication effectively reduces the nail infection.
    • Surgery is recommended if the condition is at its worst.

    19. Keloids

    These raised scars are prominent after a wound has healed.

    Causes: Surgeries, burns, chickenpox


    • Moisturizing oils to keep the skin and tissues soft.
    • Laser treatments to reduce the scar tissues.
    • Radiation treatments to shrink keloids.           
    • Intralesional injections to reduce the height of such raised scars.

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    20. Melasma

    Dark and discolored patches on the skin are associated with melasma.

    Causes: Hormone therapy, birth control pills, sun exposure


    • Creams can lighten the skin, which is affected by dark patches.
    • Microdermabrasion and dermabrasion strip away the topmost layers of skin and give birth to glowing skin.
    • Chemical peels work in stimulating the inner layers of skin and reducing the darkened patches.

    21. Itchy Skin

    An uncontrollable sensation to scratch in order to relieve the feeling.

    Causes: Skin diseases, allergies, bites, dust, eczema


    • Moisturize and keep skin hydrated at all times.
    • Over the counter medication for faster relief.                 

    22. Warts

    These bumps on the skin caused due to a virus.

    Causes: Viral infection


    • Salicylic acid helps in removal of warts at an efficient pace.
    • Electrosurgery and laser surgery remove warts.

    23. Birth Spots

    When pigment-producing cells accumulate at a spot, also known as birth spots.

    Causes: Clusters of pigment cells together


    Surgery performed by cutting off the mole and a part of skin around it, followed by stitching up the wound.

    Now that you have an idea about the type of dermatology concerns that could be a treated by a doctor, don’t wait any longer. Attaining healthier and flawless skin is all in your hands now. Be sure to consult a doctor for any concern rather than treating it yourself.


    UPTO 50% Off on All Services
    UPTO 50% Off on All Services

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