Beginner’s Workout Guide For Weight Loss In A Week!


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    Are you trying to slim down your body and looking out for an ideal workout plan at home? This 7-day full-body workout plan is ideal for beginners trying to lose weight and reach their goal weight. It will help you burn fat faster than other exercise regimens. Make sure to combine this 7-day workout routine with some healthy dietary choices, and you are good to go on a safe and healthy weight loss journey. Before we find about the workout regimen, let us read about some of the tips to work out.

    Workout Tips for Beginners

    This weekly weight loss workout plan for beginners can yield the maximum benefits if you follow these simple tips –

    • Choose a workout plan that you enjoy the most.
    • Stick to a healthy diet that includes more lean protein and fewer carbohydrates. Do not give in to cheat meals.
    • Stay hydrated and eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables.
    • If you have had any severe health conditions in the past, consult your doctor first to know the necessary guidelines or diet restrictions before starting with the workout regimen.
    • You should check your weight before starting with the workout regimen and track progress to compare by the end of the week.
    • Stay away from processed, sugary, and unhealthy food items.
    • Sleep for an optimum number of hours to increase your body’s efficiency during workouts.

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    7 Day Weight Loss Workout Plan for Beginners

    You can easily complete the workout plan at home without the hassle of going to a gym. Here are some essential requirements to carry out the 7-day workout plan for weight loss for beginners-

    • A yoga mat or carpet
    • Workout clothes and comfortable shoes
    • A pair of dumbbells or water bottles
    • 30 minutes a day dedicated for work out
    • Your favorite music playlist.

    Let’s now read about the 7-day workout chart –

    1. Day One – [30-minute Moderate Intensity Walking workout]

      Start with 30-minutes moderate-intensity walk at home on day one.

    2. Day Two – [Total Body Strength Training]

      Strength training is an excellent way to increase the number of calories burned and lose weight faster. This exercise will require a set of dumbbells or water bottles and your yoga mat or carpet. The workout includes – Bodyweight squats (12 reps), plank (hold for 30 seconds), dumbbell rows (12 reps each), dumbbell press (12 reps each), box step-ups (15 reps for each leg).

    3. Day Three – [Sprint Intervals]

      The calorie-burning pay-off of HIIT or high-intensity interval training is way more than strength training. Sprinting burns a lot of calories and pumps up your heart rate several times during the workout. This type of interval training helps get rid of stubborn fat faster and aids in weight loss. You can also use an indoor exercise cycle or any other cardio equipment if you want. Do this for 12 reps with 30 seconds sprint jog and 60 seconds of moderately paced jogging.

    4. Day Four – [Full Body Toning]

      Your body needs toning to get in shape and look its best. So, toning is an essential part of the 7-day weight loss workout. Work those arms, legs, and core with slow push-ups for five sets each.

    5. Day Five – [Yoga stretching and relaxation]

      It is essential to do balance exercises like yoga for flexibility and relaxation. Some easy beginner yoga stretches and poses like mountain pose, raised arm pose, garland pose, staff pose, happy baby pose, head to knee pose, etc., will significantly improve the quality of your workout. You will achieve increased mobility and a full range of motion.

    6. Day Six – [Easy Cross-Training Workout]

      Cross-training workout day is the most fun in the 7-day workout for weight loss. You can find Zumba dance workout or Pilates workout beginner session online and follow the steps for an efficient yet fun cross-training workout.

    7. Sunday – [Rest Day]

      Rest day is often understated. But muscles need rest and recovery to build and repair themselves, especially after strength and interval training.

      You can also follow this weight loss workout plan at the gym with minor modifications. Let us read about the essentials of the weight loss workout plan for the gym.

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    Weight loss Workout plan for the gym

    For intermediate to advanced exercisers or those who like to hit the gym, here’s what you require –

    • Training Bench
    • Dumbbell Set or Weights
    • Treadmill
    • Kettlebell Sets
    • Leg press Machine
    • Stationary Exercise Cycle
    • Workout Ropes

    The weight loss workouts will remain the same from day one to day seven, except that you can use the gym to your advantage to make your workout more effective in the following ways –

    • Day Two – You can perform strength training workouts using a flat bench press and incline dumbbell press.
    • Day Three – You can use a leg press machine and leg extension machine for three sets of 10 reps. You can also use other cardio equipment such as a treadmill for exercise cycles for 15 minutes each.
    • Day Four – You can use kettlebell sets and triceps rope extensions for full-body toning.
    • Day Six – Use the treadmill for warm-up before Pilates or Zumba.

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    Consistency is the key to getting desired results from any workout plan. Therefore, make sure to stick to the 7-day weight loss workout plan, and you will see noticeable improvements in your body. It would be best to create a calorie deficit while making the most of your workout regimen.

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