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What Is The Cost Of Chemical Peeling Treatment In Chennai?

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Chemical peeling is a quick and effective way to deal with acne and scars, pigmentation, reducing fine lines, and a whole host of other aesthetic issues. They are also used to improve skin tone and texture, and now locals in Chennai can avail the benefits of these procedures by walking into our state-of-the-art skin clinics.

Are You Searching For Chemical Peeling Treatment In Chennai?

A chemical peel is a mixture of non-toxic chemicals mixed at varying intensities and applied to the skin by an experienced dermatologist to treat a wide range of skin texture and tone issues. The mix carefully (and painlessly) melts the surface layers of the target areas allowing newer, fresher, and collagen-rich undamaged skin to show. A dermatologist will recommend chemical peels for

  • Managing certain kinds of acne or reducing their intensity
  • Reducing fine lines around the eyes and mouth, and wrinkles caused by sun damage
  • Lightening scars or treating acne scars
  • Improving issues of pigmentation like age spots, freckles, suntan or melasma

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What Are The Benefits Of Chemical Peeling Treatments?

Chemical peels are the go-to procedure for dermatologists when a surface-level treatment is required. The additional benefit for the client is that these are quick and time-saving treatments with results that appear soon after treatment.

When administered by an experienced dermatologist (as the exact intensities have to be mixed together carefully), chemical peels are effective in treating mild to moderate acne and any scars left from previous breakouts. This is also good for surface level scarring which can result in an improvement of texture and colour tone. Age-related marks and tonal difference, such as age spots, fine lines, and wrinkles can be lightened and softened to give you a more youthful appearance. Pigmentation differences due to hormonal changes (from pregnancy), skin conditions like melasma and acanthosis nigricans (a velvety texture gained by the skin due to obesity), and some pre-malignant conditions are also good candidates for a chemical peel treatment.

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Chemical Peeling Treatment Cost In Chennai

Chemical peels cost between Rs.1,500 to Rs.3,500 per session which is determined by the specific type of chemical peel that is being administered. Surface level or low-intensity treatments tend to be less expensive than their deeper penetrating and strong counterparts. The intensity of the skin condition and the recommended treatment is discussed at the consultation, and a customized price package can be arranged depending on the number of sessions that are ideally required to see results.

What Factors Influence The Cost Of Chemical Peeling?

Most often, clients will see a price difference depending on where they are located and the quality claim of the clinic itself. Oliva Clinics have highly experienced dermatologists and extensively trained therapists who maintain the strictest of safety protocols. Another factor affecting costs is the specialized equipment used for various procedures. Oliva prides itself on using US FDA approved equipment and ingredients which are the latest in the marketplace. The cost justifies itself in making sure you go through a safe treatment experience exhibiting long-lasting results.

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Before & After Results Of Chemical Peeling

Chemical peel results are evident right after the first session. Improved skin color and texture can be seen in target areas due to the presence of fresher skin. In time, these areas are not as prone to acne breakouts or pigmentation issues.

Where To Get Chemical Peeling In Chennai?

Those interested in receiving chemical peel treatments in Chennai or think they are good candidates can visit our clinics in Anna Nagar and Alwarpet for a consultation. The exact addresses for our clinics can be found here.

Your Questions Answered

  • Are You The Right Candidate For Chemical Peeling?
    Chemical peels suit most skin types and can treat a wide range of skin tones. A consultation can narrow down the effectiveness of peels for your specific issue. Generally, surface level skin problems are the best affected by chemical peels while deeper penetrating issues (sagging skin or deep wrinkles) might need a different type of treatment.
  • What Are The Side Effects Of Chemical Peeling?
    Chemical peels are safe when administered by experienced dermatologists. Some skin types can experience mild redness for two to eight days depending on their sensitivity. Other side effects could include mild flaking, dryness, acne breakouts during the first two peels, scarring, inflammation, and sun sensitivity. These are all treatable and mostly can be avoided with quality treatments and disciplined post-care which is prescribed by the dermatologist.
  • What Are The Most Popular Skin Peeling Options In Chennai?
    Oliva’s clients can choose from a wide range of low to high-intensity peels.
    1. Pyruvic peel – a medium level peel used to treat acne and sun damage
    2. Glycolic peel – a multi-purpose peel used to tackle a wide variety of skin issues
    3. TCA peel – a classic chemical peel used for improving skin tone and texture
    4. Salicylic peel – a peel that helps clear oily skin, clogged pores, and suits dry skin
    5. Jessner’s peel – a blend of peels for more prominent sun damage
    6. Mandelic peel – a peel distilled from bitter almonds that is slow penetrating
    7. Nomelan peel – another blend of peels used for epidermal skin restoration
    8. Lactic peel – a peel which is best suited to treat sensitive and dry skin
  • How Long Would A Chemical Peel Process Take?
    Chemical peel treatments take between 20 to 45 minutes with little downtime.
  • How Many Peels Will I Need?
    These treatments differ between clients due to factors such as skin type, skin issue being treated, and client sensitivity. Typically, three to six sessions are required, but a dermatologist consultation can provide a more accurate answer.
  • How Long Do The Results Last?
    Patients can see improvements within the first seven days of treatment with results showing over the following two months. The results can last up to three to five years with lighter peels lasting for a lesser time than deeper penetrating peels. This, of course, is subject to post-treatment skin care and lifestyle factors.
  • How Soon Can I See Results From A Chemical Peel?
    Results will start exhibiting themselves within the first week and then continue to do so over the next two months depending on the skin healing cycle.
  • Should I Do Chemical Peel At Home?
    While it is possible to procure and perform chemical peels at home, they should ideally be done only by an experienced professional. The nature of the ingredients can make them quite abrasive and damaging in inexperienced hands, which also reduces the chance of effective treatment.

If you are in the Chennai area and would like to improve your youthful appearance in a safe and secure environment, visit an Oliva Clinic near you and start your journey of looking forever young with quick and painless chemical peel treatments.

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