How to Remove Hair From The Bikini Area - 7 Best Methods

How To Remove Hair From The Bikini Area – 7 Methods Which Really Work

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As one enters the stage of puberty, hair begins to grow on and around the private parts. Keeping one’s private parts clean, well-groomed, or free of hair is an integral part of maintaining good hygiene. Bikini area hair removal is a process of getting rid of all the pubic hair. There are different types of bikini hair removal such as bikini line, French, Brazilian, extended bikini, and Hollywood.

With effective methods such as waxing, laser, epilator, shaving, electrolysis, trimming, depilation creams, etc., available, it is now extremely easy to keep your bikini line hair free. These methods are suitable for  both men and women. Though all these methods are effective, laser hair removal is considered to be the most popular as it results in permanent reduction of hair growth.

How To Remove Hair From Bikini Line?

Listed below are the 7 most effective methods to successfully remove hair from the bikini area.

  • Laser Hair Removal
  • Electrolysis
  • Hair Removal Cream
  • Bikini Wax
  • Shaving
  • Epilator
  • Trimming

Laser Treatment For The Bikini Line Hair

Method – A laser device which emits a beam of light, which is absorbed by the hair follicle is used to destroy the stem cells in the hair follicle below the skin’s surface, resulting in a reduction in hair growth. Post which, the skin’s pores close, leaving you with a soft, smooth, and hair-free area.


  • Permanent reduction of hair growth
  • Subsequent hair has a very fine texture and is light in colour
  • Time consumption is less
  • No ingrown hair problems


  • Minimal pain
  • Does not suit all types of skin and hair colour. The treatment is more effective for dark hair and light skin
  • Multiple sessions
  • Expensive


  • On average, it can cost Rs. 3,000 for each session.

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Electrolysis For Bikini Line Hair Growth

 Method – A micro needle-like electrode is inserted into each of hair follicle. An electric current passes through the electrode which helps in destroying the hair roots and damages the follicles. The electrode’s intensity depends upon the treatment area and the type of hair.


  • Permanent hair reduction in bikini area
  • No risk of having any ingrown hair. Existing ingrown hair can also be removed
  • Suitable for people with all types of skin and hair.


  • A painful method
  • Outdated
  • Limited availability
  • Higher risk of infection
  • Expensive
  • High time investment as each strand of unwanted hair is treated individually


  • On average, you will spend Rs. 2,500 per session

Bikini Hair Line Removal Cream

 Method – Hair removal creams for the bikini area are available over the counter without prescription, and contain chemicals like sodium or calcium hydroxide, titanium dioxide, barium sulfide and calcium thioglycolate which help in breaking down the protein structure present in hair. This helps in removing the unwanted hair from just below the skin’s surface.


  • Painless
  • Can be done at home
  • Longer lasting results when compared to shaving
  • Risk of ingrown hairs is low
  • Cost effective


  • Has a strong odour
  • Contains harsh chemicals
  • Can cause allergic reactions in certain cases
  • Repetitive process leading to high costs long-term
  • Temporary results
  • Choosing the right product is challenging as several brands and products are available


  • On average, you can get a hair removal cream for as less as Rs. 100.

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Shaving Bikini Hair

Method – Shaving is ideal for those who want to remove the excess hair growth on their own, in the privacy of their own homes. Apply a shaving cream and then use the razor to remove the unwanted hair. Ensure that you use the razor in the direction of the hair growth.


  • Painless
  • Can be done at home
  • Cost effective as you do not require any salon visits
  • Quick procedure


  • Higher risk of cuts and nicks from shaving which in turn can cause secondary infections leading to folliculitis.
  • Can be expensive due to the constant replenishing of razor blades and shaving cream
  • Subsequent stubble can cause irritation


  • On average, you might spend Rs. 300 for the razor blades and shaving cream.

Wax For Bikini Hair Removal

Method – When it comes to waxing for bikini hair removal, the best course of action is to visit a salon. You can either opt for a hot wax or a cold wax; however, hot wax is preferred. Wax is applied on your bikini line and then wax strips are used to remove the wax along with the unwanted hair by pulling the strips in the opposite direction of hair growth.


  • Longer lasting results when compared to depilatories and shaving
  • Ideal for those who want to become completely hairless on their bikini line
  • Can be performed at home
  • Regular waxing over a period of time results in finer/lighter growth of hair


  • Increased risk of ingrown hair
  • Painful
  • Regrowth of hair should be at least 1/4″ long for waxing
  • Repetitive procedure which means expensive in the long run
  • Results may vary if done at home


  • On average, it will cost you Rs. 500 for a Brazilian wax.

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Epilator For Bikini Area Hair

 Method – An epilator is a home device containing a number of tweezers which help in pulling out the unwanted hair. These are ideal for removing excess hair from the bikini line. Ensure that your skin is held taut and the epilator is at a 90 degree angle.


  • Cost effective
  • Clean method
  • Regular use results in lighter/finer growth of hair
  • Can be done at home
  • Can be used on short hair growth as well
  • Longer lasting results compared to shaving and depilatories


  • Can be painful initially
  • Suits only for removing bikini line hair
  • Increased risk of ingrown hair


  • A good epilator can cost you Rs. 1,500.

Trimmer For Bikini Hair Removal

 Method – A trimmer is another home device for getting rid of unwanted bikini line hair. Use a body wash or soap to wash your pubic area before trimming.


  • Can be done at home
  • Painless
  • Cost effective
  • Quick procedure


  • Risks such as ingrown hair, razor cuts, burns, nicks, itchy red umps, etc. are high
  • Using old and worn trimmers can cause bacterial infections
  • Newly formed stubble can be irritating


  • A trimmer from a good company can cost you Rs. 5,000.

Which Is the Best Way to Remove Hair from the Bikini Area?

Laser hair removal is the best method as it results in permanent reduction of the hair and is also cost-effective in the long run.

You can choose any method mentioned above, depending on your needs, available budget, and skin and hair type. Review the pros and cons carefully before deciding the right method to achieve a smooth and hair-free bikini area.

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