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Should You Consult A Dermatologist Online?


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    No travelling to a clinic but treatment options right before you – Online Consultation! It is not every day that we have the time and energy to schedule an appointment with a dermatologist, wait until the day of the appointment, and then try to find solutions to our skin problems. What if the skin allergy refuses to go away and spread instead? Online Dermatology Consultations come to the rescue here. They are simple, easy, and hassle-free.

    What Is An Online Dermatology Consultation?

    An online dermatology consultation is a virtual consultation where you get to speak to an expert through virtual means. It helps in keeping people’s skin healthy and happy outside of hospitals. You can ask a doctor for solutions, and chat with them until you get the right treatment.

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    Should You Consult A Dermatologist Online?

    If you are looking for a second medical opinion or a quick medical advice in your busy schedule, online consultation is a suitable option. It is adaptable to your convenience and is an ideal fit into your schedule. Also, make sure you do a quick research about the medical expert or the medium (app, website, etc.) through which you are seeking guidance.

    How Does An Online Consultation Work?

    If you have an urgent question related to any skin problem, there are various ways of contact to put across the question to the dermatologist. There is also an option to upload pictures of your rash/allergy or any such problem for better examination. Depending upon the mode of contact, you will receive almost immediate medical advice and second opinions for your problem.

    Types Of Online Dermatology Consultation

    An online consultation can be done through various means. All these means of communication finally lead you to the same thing – expert medical guidance.

    • Email List out your problems in the email and attach pictures of the concern you have. This will be examined and an email with treatment options and medications will follow in the next couple of hours.
    • App There are numerous applications, which let you book an online slot with a dermatologist according to your convenience. The additional option of meeting the doctor in person is also available in some apps. The online virtual consultation through an app mostly lets you have a full-fledged conversation with the doctor through text or at times, even video.
    • Online Chat Websites that solely cater to online dermatology consultations have an option where they connect you almost immediately to a medical expert through a chat window. You can ask your questions, send pictures of the affected area, etc. through the chat window to find a solution to your skin concern.
    • Skype The Skype consultation happens when there is a need for the doctor to directly see what exactly you are going through. When pictures don’t suffice, a face-to-face video call through Skype stands as a better consultation option.
    • Phone You can choose to speak directly through a call to a dermatologist if an online chat doesn’t convey everything. A phone consultation is an excellent way to communicate your issues exactly and clearly.

    Benefits Of Online Dermatologist Consultation

    Here are the advantages of an online dermatology consultation –

    • Flexibility of time and location to ask questions directly to a medical expert
    • Response within 24 hours maximum
    • Advice is given in several languages according to preference
    • Discretion and data security
    • Saves money and time

    When Online Consultations Might Not Work

    1. An accurate diagnosis might not be possible through pictures.
    2. No options to evaluate the quality of the online health practitioners.
    3. Online consultations do not come to use in case of emergencies that require physical assistance like accidents, burns, etc.
    4. It is a de-personalized experience, as it doesn’t create the trust that is required between the patient and the doctor.
    5. A poor internet connection or technology default can hamper the ongoing medical consultation session.

    So it is up to you to decide whether an online dermatology consultation fits you or not.  It has its pros and cons but it can surely be a winner in times of need. Some trivial problems require attention between the range of googling it and going to a clinic, and this is where an online consultation can help. An expert reaching out to you without the hassle of traveling to their clinic is something to look out for. Be healthy and make the most of the options you have in healthcare.

    UPTO 50% Off on All Services
    UPTO 50% Off on All Services

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